The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


@Daemos - I think the only reason why they would go all out for a second story, instead of waiting for SF6, would that it would serve as an official transition from SF5 to SF3, and the SF6 story would go beyond SF3. The SF3 games have bee Street Fighter’s bookend for twenty years now. SF4 and 5’s lore has served as a great transition between SF2 and SF3, providing us with load of information, new characters, expanded lore, etc. But maybe Capcom would like to venture the lore past SF3.

If they do plan to have SF6 be right after SF5, then the legitamacy of Ed’s Neo-Shadaloo group would be validated. His group would be taken seriously, if they were the main key antagonists for the story of the game. I do believe that Neo-Shadaloo seems more like a flash-in-the-pan. Bison had the power, and resources to have his criminal empire last for years (dating up to SF Alpha, and even before). Neo Shadaloo will need some more time to develop as a global threat that could match its predecessor. Therefore, that’s why I think they would be better suited as a SF5 story extention, instead of a focus.

Also, I love and (85-90%) agree with your plot outline. I think, however, that the second story would focus on the building of Ed’s Neo-Shadaloo, with the clashing against Gill and the Illuminati slowly rising to power.

Plot line - Young Commander Ed leads his newly formed organization into a new direction. With public fear of the rise of another Shadaloo, Fighters (new and old) enlist their services to bring down this new threat before they become an unstopable force. But what is really at stake here? And exactly whom can you trust when no one knows who is pulling the strings? Deception, vengeance, lust, and justice all packed in this continuation of the Street Fighter V story.

Subplots -

Learning that Ryu was the one to finish off M. Bison for good, Ed seeks to kidnap Ryu and extract this power for himself. With the aid of his second in command Falke, Ryu’s abduction is the first step to total domination.

Falke, possibly more attracted to Ed than she wants to admit, willingly bends over backwards to ensure the success of Neo-Shadaloo (possibly leading to downfall?)

Sakura and Blanka join up with Sagat to help find Ryu and bring him back

Chun-Li, Guil, and Cammy are asked by Kolin to investigate and stop this new Shadaloo group before they become too powerful. (Group still trusts her due that she was in charge of Rashid’s group in ASF, but hesitant) But While Chun-Li is away, Urien and Kolin kidnap Li-Fen for Illuminati experiment.

Reformed criminal Cody runs for Mayor but fierce opposition comes in the form when a new political opponent G announces his candidacy

G actually is funded by the Illuminati, a step into spreading Illuminati influence to the world leaders

I think menat will either serve as a guide for the good guys, or will be a vessel of consciousness for Ed (menat tells him one thing, while Falke tells him another, leading to conflict)

Chun-Li becomes the one to “end the organization” (Neo-Shadaloo), thus fully accellerating the Illuminati’s plans into full gear.


Chun-Li, Cammy, Ryu, Guile, Sagat, Blanka, Sakura, Abigail, Zeku, Menat, Reformed Dolls,


Ed, Falke, G, Urien, Kolin, Illuminati, Neo-Shadaloo,


Ending - Cody is elected mayor and pardons the Abigail of his crimes for helping to save the world. G is arrested for conspiracy to commit treason, accepting bribes, embezzling, etc. But G was only a pawn in Gill’s master plan. Sagat and Ryu have another rematch. Chun-Li comes home to find Li-Fen has been kidnapped.


@Daemos bro does’nt hates the idea of a second story, he’s terrified of it leading to a third one

Third arc got multiple potential death traps for @Daemos bro

Simulation of @Daemos bro reading vs quotes involving a Gill over-hyped by Capcom as SFV arc ender

If it happen, i promise we will not leave you alone @Daemos bro


Everywhere, watching :frowning:



A 3S Aftermath video would resolve all of this.

No it isn’t quite a retelling since Urien kidnaps Li-Fen in General Story 2, but she wouldn’t be rescued til 3S.

What sorcery is this? @Cestus get the fuck out of my head, you witch!


My motivation for getting Ed to go after Ryu is that since Ryu was able to vanquish Bison from the physical realm, Ed hopes to forcibly use or extract Ryu’s power to rid himself of Bison. It’s an ends justify the means situation, since for Ed it’s a race against time and his life is on the line. Menat’s role would be getting Ed and Rose in the same room so that Ed relinquishes himself of Psycho Power. Will Ed choose power and risk his own life, or will he choose his soul and lose all the power he inherited from Bison? Also the Menat/Falke/Ed love triangle is a great idea.

Personally, I see G as an autonomous and independent entity playing all sides for the sake of it.


@Daemos I guess the “Li-Fen has been missing since SF5 vol2” would make sense. I never looked at it that way. I just assumed that Li-Fen was one of the children she had in her care until she got kidnapped. In SFV I was beginning to question it.

G should be a “jack of all trades” in that don’t know what side he’s on. He’ll assist characters on different sides but he’ll make it clear that he works for his own agenda.


At this point, I’m just open to any new story content. Doesn’t matter if it’s supplemental material or in-game.

I don’t care if it’s a story based around Cammy investigating an evil British slumlord that abused his cats, Ibuki going on a date, Peter taking up martial arts to avenge his pathetic defeat, or whatever. The F.A.N.G story got me amped for future stories.


This is me, but replace Cody’s Japanese voice with Ed’s Japanese voice.
Elena’s from IV too.

As for Story Mode vol. 2…

Before that cinematic trailer for Arcade Edition a second story mode was wishful thinking for me, I would have liked it but I wasn’t counting on it. After that trailer though I think that the chances of a second story mode are much higher: why would Capcom show Ed capturing Ryu if they had no intention of doing a story about that? If all they wanted to do in that trailer was to show the new characters why not just have Falke prancing around Ed and then close the trailer with Ryu fighting Sagat? If the Neo-Shadaloo’s stuff in SFV was just to build up stuff for a new game why are they showing this kidnapping thing?

If Capcom ends up not doing anything after this buildup in the trailer I’d be surprised honestly. Also, I’d be worried if they decided to make SFVI about Neo-Shadaloo because it would give Capcom another excuse to make yet another game set before SFIII rather than finally advance the plotline and conclude the Illuminati’s arc which has been hanging since Third Strike.

Both Daemos and Chun-Li_Forever’s ideas for the story mode are pretty nice.
I’m actually not so sure what would be my take on it.


Thats the most cool story i have ever seen,and its good for me.


Btw jokes aside

What i will like/expect… trying to involve characters that were left out ASF


-G as a very invasive villain role, kinda like Fang in ASF… will also to see him covering (connected to MGG or not) a “Belger” role.

G also to be (like SSFV graphic hint) the promoter of a tournament, pretty much a la KoF Antonov

Will like G to be a very powerful treat, not on par with Gill/Bison, but close to Urien

Also have good part of SFV good guys involved at fight G’s gang, but as minor roles, like vs punks and shit… just to give them something to do

Can be cool if he (G) did something to Haggar (wich will explain the whole need of Cody to step up as new Major/Hero) and Zangief join Cody and Zeku to help his old friend recreating in some way the FF1 trio: Cody, Zeku=Guy and Gief=Haggar

-Abigail to become G’s right hand/bodyguard like he used to do for Belger.
The fact he hate Rolento/Sodom for leaving hint he needed something to stick to (MGG/Belger) to have a meaning in life… can see him leaving his new “normal” life, if G can offer him a return to the good old days glory

-**Cody **to be “the hero”, kinda like Rashid in ASF
Cody to be the dude that bring down G, i can even see him fucking up him to the point that somebody (Illuminati) take what’s left and using theyr tech like they did with Nash… “resurrecting” G into Q
Just a reminder, last time Cody fought a villain (Belger) he killed him… FFR (not canon) even had him returning as a zombie years and years before Frankestein Nash lol
They took Nash because he was a powerful fighter dead with strong motivation, maybe same can apply to G, but shit-gone-wrong version

-Zeku to be at same time Cody’s Guy bushinryu sidekick and a mentor wise figure
Zeku vs Abigail to happen as a remembrance of Guy vs Abigail, keeping the same easy straight rivalry of the numbers 2… pretty much Abigail stopping them and Zeku be like “go i’ll take care of him”

-Ed’s NeoShadaloo to be the other big arc of Story 2, running parallel to G’s
Of course involving Falke
Knife/Gorilla as NPCs, like dolls, shadasoldiers and so on

-Sagat vs Ryu to be HYPE as fuck but at same time a very short part of the arc, going pretty much like in the intro, with kidnapping at the end
This kidnapping will offer the chance to keep Ryu out for good part of the arc while Ken, Chun, Cammy, Guile, Sakura etc will fight NeoShadaloo to free him.
This can counter a lot of ASF whining giving them some spotlight on the show offering them an opponent they can actually fight (Ed & Co) instead ask for bullshit like “Chun defeating Bison!”

-Sakura and Blanka just to be part of the team that will rescue Ryu


I don’t know how the story would play…
But I really want Ed’s story concluding in a very dramatic/tragic way. Such drama was absent from ASF, and they could have done it with Nash and Guile. The slight drama that we had was Rashid with his friend and März when she snapped from her brainwash and attacked F.A.N.G…
I really would like to see something like…
Ghost Vega/Bison would appear in Ed’s dream. Ed fights with Ghost Vega and loses… Ghost Vega would make a bargain with Ed “Bring me Ryu’s body so he can finally be my permanent home. Otherwise… your body will be mine.” Ed would have XX hours before an tatoo with the Shadaloo insignia forms on his back. Once the tatoo gets completed, Vega would have full control over Ed’s body. What Vega wouldn’t mention, is that, the more he uses Psycho Power, more quickly the tatoo would appear.
In the end a 95% possessed Ed kills his beloved Falke and… realizing that his total possession is inevitable (even with an failed attempt to transfer Vega/Bison’s soul to Ryu and Menat) Ed would either kill himself or have a sad Mike Bison/Balrog do it (Ryu would be too weak because of the possession attempt).
After the credits, Ghost Vega would possess an defunct body (his story alt). Mentioning that he is immortal and that soon this world would be his.


What I want is just a decent Ryu and Sagat match that end in a draw in a way.

Then G as a the main villain talking orders from Urien and using Shadaloo resources and turned it into live stream tournament entertainment.

Flauke and Ed as backstory building neo shadaloo not the spotlight.

Gill and Kolin spectating and monitoring activities preparing for the prophecy while also looking into another Nash body.

Fang gets a preview in the ending communicating with Bison via computer or some sort of a portal, then Fang finds a solution to restore Bison to former glory without the need of Ed or anyone else.

Abigail into the good guy side.

No Ryu spotlight, more on Menat, Chun li and Guile then focus main on Alex, Sakura, Blanka, Laura and Abigail as a team.

Karin and G rivalry in corporate and financial standpoint.


Story Season 2:
Karin throws a tournament and we just have a normal goddamn shounen tournament arc!

The end!

At a minimum, there would be more scenes with ghost Bison inside Ed.


@“Doctrine Dark” Just so you know, everything about that AV is right.

I need to read in on the concept behind “Violent Ryu” (the original concept). Because, Ryu (even with the Satsui no Hadou) is not really considered “evil” from a stereotypical perspective (that seems like something that Capcom of North America thought up). This is also part of the reason I could not stand “Evil” Ryu’s interpretation in SFIV. Because, in the previous games, “Evil” Ryu is shown to be a lot more calmer but still a tad insane. Look at the (non-canonical) CVS2 “Evil” Ryu and then compare him to the SFIV in their personalities. Back then, he was not constantly roaring or the like. He handled his subjects in a silently pissed-off and exceedingly arrogant kind of way, not too far off from the likes of Gouki, the overrated Master of the Fist.


All that Ryu need is a stale match between him and Sagat while having something new to understand, realize and see to his flaws. He doesn’t need spotlight, recognition and a role or any form of conclusion between the connection to both of them.

Sagat will always be a requested character. Sagat is interesting with his bond with Ryu that’s it not with Bison and Adon.

The moment that they make Sagat to be connected to shadaloo again is a meh direction, The same if Sagat would after Adon.

Shadaloo related characters like Ed, Claw, Juri and Sagat at their current characterization and personality is interesting enough that no need to change their motivations and plot.

The only character that needs revamp was Boxer before and it’s done.

The only character that is interesting to be hated and annoying is Fang and that’s it.

Ed is an interesting character to stay for a while. I hope they reserve ED after SF3 Saga, then proceed to Bison resurrection Saga.

Both Fang and Ed character should remain as is.

The ASF role of Birdie is fitting for Abigail but in a bad ass manner with anger management issue that can knock a multiple shadaloo or secret society soldiers or a SF character in one blow as soon he catch and realize his being fooled and trick, but making him so slow.


What I’d like to see in the second story mode:

[details=Spoiler]After the destruction left by the black moons, the United States and NYC in particular are left in chaos, with crime rates increasing dramatically, civil unrest skyrocketing, government funds meant for reform being spent repairing ASF damages, etc. A charismatic but somewhat mysterious figure named G rises from the ashes and promises to lead the US and NYC out of this crisis, should he be voted president during the upcoming elections.

Cody, current mayor of the now safer and very influential Metro City, is suspicious of G. In order to get this powerful, potential political opponent out of his hair, G secretly regathers the mad gear gang and beings sponsoring their activities. Cody now finds himself with his hands full dealing with the new mad gear (lead by Abigail), which is destroying the stability he had managed to bring to Metro City.

With Cody preoccupied in Metro City, Guile, Chun-Li and Cammy are left to investigate on G. While she is away, Chun-Li entrusts Rashid and Azam with taking care of Li-Fen. Urien, needing Li-Fen’s hacking skills for the G-project, takes advantage of Chun’s absence and sends hoards of #11s/12s to kidnap Li-Fen. Rashid manages to hold them off, but as more swarms keep coming every day, he is forced to take Li-Fen and continue guarding her on-the-run.

Ed creates Neo Shadaloo but finds himself still haunted by phantom Bison every day. Falke is particularly concerned for him. After Ed realizes that the only other host body Bison would accept is Ryu’s, he and Neo Shadaloo shift their priorities to kidnapping Ryu and giving his body to Bison. Dhalsim senses this and warns Ryu. The two, later joined by Ken, begin traveling/training together to make sure Ryu isn’t taken, but during their travels, they run into Sagat. He and Ryu have a dramatic rematch. After, Sagat is informed of Neo Shadaloo’s hunt for Ryu and joins Ken and Dhalsim in keeping Ryu safe while training/travelling.

Karin wants to join the other world warriors in their endeavors, but Shibasaki informs her that the Kanzuki family took a huge economic hit after sacrificing so much money and so many resources to stop the black moons, so she should sit this one out. Bored, she decides to organize/host a martial arts tournament and automatically enters herself and her bodyguards (Ibuki and Birde) in the competition. Zeku enters in hopes to impress Karin enough to hire him, as well as to spread awareness of his new style/clan. Sakura enters, hoping to win the large cash prize and use those funds to keep her stable while she quits her job at the arcade to travel the world fighting strong opponents. Laura enters to advertise Matsuda jujitsu. Blanka enters for the cash, since the mascot thing hasn’t really worked out. Mika and Zangief join because Muscle Spirit I guess?

Kolin begins recruiting more Illuminati members. She manages to convince Juri to join after the events of ASF proved entertaining enough for her (as well as with the promise of a newer Feng Shui Engine). Vega joins after finding out about the Twelve experiments, which he thinks have potential to keep his body young forever. The Illumnati gladly welcomes him, wanting his assassin/espionage skills, as well as the SIN data he stole at the end of SF4. Balrog feels empty after loosing Ed, so he accepts an uncharacteristically low bribe to join. Vega and Juri are sent to retrieve Ryu, who caught Gill’s eye after defeating Bison.

Alex begins his search for Tom after he goes missing (at the hands of the Illuminati, unbeknownst to Alex). The Illuminati takes note of this threat, so Balrog is sent to take him out.

Big Dramatic Final Battles:

[*] G vs Chun-Li/Guile/Cammy - Good guys win and take G down

[*] Ryu/Ken/Sim/Sagat vs Ed/Falke/rest of Neo-Shadaloo vs Vega/Juri/Kolin - ??

[*] Cody vs Abigail/MG gang - Cody wins, arrests them, and restores peace to Metro City.

[*] Rashid/Azam vs Urien - Rashid and Azam defeat all of the Twelves but are bested by Urien, who takes Li-Fen.

[*] Karin vs Sakura tournament finale - ??

[*] Alex vs Rog - ??




Best approach on E.Ryu was simply


Capcom Vs SNK 2’s Evil Ryu is my favorite version.

He wasn’t over the top. That’s why I like that design the best.

This version was creepy:

In MotM continuity, Bison unleashed the Satsui no Hado in Ryu through experiments. Evil Ryu looked more like a zombie in that version.


Now the forums work again?

This is a positively awesome storyline.


I always understood that the overtly violent and rageful SF4 Evil Ryu was because the character wasn’t settled yet inside Ryu at this point in the timeline. Birth is a painful experience, and Evil Ryu in SF4 was just getting started.

I imagine eventually SF4 Evil Ryu would become more stoic like CvS2 Ryu in time.