The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


What I’d like to see in the second story mode:

[details=Spoiler]After the destruction left by the black moons, the United States and NYC in particular are left in chaos, with crime rates increasing dramatically, civil unrest skyrocketing, government funds meant for reform being spent repairing ASF damages, etc. A charismatic but somewhat mysterious figure named G rises from the ashes and promises to lead the US and NYC out of this crisis, should he be voted president during the upcoming elections.

Cody, current mayor of the now safer and very influential Metro City, is suspicious of G. In order to get this powerful, potential political opponent out of his hair, G secretly regathers the mad gear gang and beings sponsoring their activities. Cody now finds himself with his hands full dealing with the new mad gear (lead by Abigail), which is destroying the stability he had managed to bring to Metro City.

With Cody preoccupied in Metro City, Guile, Chun-Li and Cammy are left to investigate on G. While she is away, Chun-Li entrusts Rashid and Azam with taking care of Li-Fen. Urien, needing Li-Fen’s hacking skills for the G-project, takes advantage of Chun’s absence and sends hoards of #11s/12s to kidnap Li-Fen. Rashid manages to hold them off, but as more swarms keep coming every day, he is forced to take Li-Fen and continue guarding her on-the-run.

Ed creates Neo Shadaloo but finds himself still haunted by phantom Bison every day. Falke is particularly concerned for him. After Ed realizes that the only other host body Bison would accept is Ryu’s, he and Neo Shadaloo shift their priorities to kidnapping Ryu and giving his body to Bison. Dhalsim senses this and warns Ryu. The two, later joined by Ken, begin traveling/training together to make sure Ryu isn’t taken, but during their travels, they run into Sagat. He and Ryu have a dramatic rematch. After, Sagat is informed of Neo Shadaloo’s hunt for Ryu and joins Ken and Dhalsim in keeping Ryu safe while training/travelling.

Karin wants to join the other world warriors in their endeavors, but Shibasaki informs her that the Kanzuki family took a huge economic hit after sacrificing so much money and so many resources to stop the black moons, so she should sit this one out. Bored, she decides to organize/host a martial arts tournament and automatically enters herself and her bodyguards (Ibuki and Birde) in the competition. Zeku enters in hopes to impress Karin enough to hire him, as well as to spread awareness of his new style/clan. Sakura enters, hoping to win the large cash prize and use those funds to keep her stable while she quits her job at the arcade to travel the world fighting strong opponents. Laura enters to advertise Matsuda jujitsu. Blanka enters for the cash, since the mascot thing hasn’t really worked out. Mika and Zangief join because Muscle Spirit I guess?

Kolin begins recruiting more Illuminati members. She manages to convince Juri to join after the events of ASF proved entertaining enough for her (as well as with the promise of a newer Feng Shui Engine). Vega joins after finding out about the Twelve experiments, which he thinks have potential to keep his body young forever. The Illumnati gladly welcomes him, wanting his assassin/espionage skills, as well as the SIN data he stole at the end of SF4. Balrog feels empty after loosing Ed, so he accepts an uncharacteristically low bribe to join. Vega and Juri are sent to retrieve Ryu, who caught Gill’s eye after defeating Bison.

Alex begins his search for Tom after he goes missing (at the hands of the Illuminati, unbeknownst to Alex). The Illuminati takes note of this threat, so Balrog is sent to take him out.

Big Dramatic Final Battles:

[*] G vs Chun-Li/Guile/Cammy - Good guys win and take G down

[*] Ryu/Ken/Sim/Sagat vs Ed/Falke/rest of Neo-Shadaloo vs Vega/Juri/Kolin - ??

[*] Cody vs Abigail/MG gang - Cody wins, arrests them, and restores peace to Metro City.

[*] Rashid/Azam vs Urien - Rashid and Azam defeat all of the Twelves but are bested by Urien, who takes Li-Fen.

[*] Karin vs Sakura tournament finale - ??

[*] Alex vs Rog - ??




Best approach on E.Ryu was simply


Capcom Vs SNK 2’s Evil Ryu is my favorite version.

He wasn’t over the top. That’s why I like that design the best.

This version was creepy:

In MotM continuity, Bison unleashed the Satsui no Hado in Ryu through experiments. Evil Ryu looked more like a zombie in that version.


Now the forums work again?

This is a positively awesome storyline.


I always understood that the overtly violent and rageful SF4 Evil Ryu was because the character wasn’t settled yet inside Ryu at this point in the timeline. Birth is a painful experience, and Evil Ryu in SF4 was just getting started.

I imagine eventually SF4 Evil Ryu would become more stoic like CvS2 Ryu in time.


As of now Ed is a cool and interesting character to stay that way is too early to sacrifice him just to conclude a saga that can lead to interesting expanded motifs in the future IMHO

Bison can be also be like Night Terror for a while/temporary that will haunt and mind control telepathically multiple characters “simultaneously” like Ed and Flauke or some dolls while in some sort of what if battle or in a proto cybernetic body before returning to fully restored former self just to expand the plot without overly saturating Bison as the final boss and he as the main conflict other than a recurring character in the sidelines TBH…

Or something like the a mild version of the Joker infection/virus in Batman Arkham Knight

I prefer Bison go back to be in his full glory and finest appearance than Bison Amalgam with Ed or Flauke. That made Dr Doom cool than other villains characters because Doom stays to be Doom in his full glory!!

Since we got G(if a villain), Gill, Urien and Fang to keep everyone busy. We can even add another enhanced Seth Clones with different data under Urien or Fang disposal.


I prefer Evil Ryu from SF4 from visual, aesthetics, color palletes and movements…

It’s more natural and complementary with Akuma and SNH.

A calm Evil Ryu is more Akuma that natured already SNH which isn’t the cased of Ryu in the current parallel that struggles to resist and battle it from within.


I prefer Evil Ryu never show up again. Ryu surpassed Satsui no Hado 21 years ago SF3. It’s pure pandering at this point.


Please please tell us how you feel about Kyle Hebert’s Ryu! Lol


Agree it should never be visited again, It makes Ryu more like a teenager and Capcom would probably sell him out badly that would ruin his character traits they already messed up with the current direction of Akuma and Ryu personality in MVCi and SFV promotional stuff, the best Ryu story line for mature Ryu is SF3 that is better than SFV Ryu and SF4 Ryu.

Breakdancing Ryu, B-Boy Ryu, Scientist Ryu and etc… Ryu’s character lately have been trying out sellout for a while.

Chun can be everywhere in promotion stuff but not with Ryu.


Some great points here.

I’d like to clarify that Ryu is useless to Bison now that he has surpassed the SNH. He isn’t a suitable host unless he gives in to evil or is infused with it - both of which have been very difficult to do. Ed doesn’t know what he is dealing with in Ryu (or that Ryu isn’t as suitable a host for Bison like before). It would be a nice twist for Ryu to take pity on Ed while he is imprisoned and reveal at the end that he could’ve escaped anytime he wanted (and wiped the floor with Neo-Shadaloo), but chose not to because he wanted to help Ed who Ryu sees a younger and much more lost version of himself. I think this unexpected act of mercy on behalf of Ryu will show Ed that the world isn’t as Shadaloo painted it for him growing up (Survival of the Strong, power is power).

I like the idea of Tom being introduced as an NPC and goes missing, forcing Alex out of his trailer to find him. We will probably see him get beat off-screen (like much of Gill’s interaction in General Story 2) then Alex finds him and Tom tells him what happened.

I’d like to see Karin and some of the S1 characters, but only in passing for a scene or two.

Not a fan of Ryu catching Gill’s eye, or Vega joining the Illuminati. Too much of a redux of the Shadaloo arc. Let the Illuminati develop their own team.


Personally I think it would be extremely lame and it would make me actively hate Ryu.
I generally don’t like OP protagonists, at least not an OP protagonist that looks like Ryu. You either pull a Saitama or keep OPness for the villains in my opinion.


Ryu isn’t an OP protagonist, but let’s be frank, Ed and his goons are just not in the same league. Them going after Ryu is no less idiotic than the SIN Scientists and Viper going after Ryu in TTTB. The point I was getting across is that Ryu knows he is OP relative to them, and chooses to not act on that fact. Therein lies the moral of the story that Ed could benefit from, not everything can be taken by force.


Just let Ryu be on the sidelines with Sagat and that’s it. IMHO.

Ryu x Sagat interaction is what we need… I hated what happened with Guile and Abel x Nash in ASF because emotions in writing and acting were bland nothing special… too much Ryu x others would steal a special moment with Sagat, we all know Sakura x Ryu is inevitable also… so adding another is kinda go in a worst interaction and it would be all about Ryu stealing a huge part of spotlight again.


@Phantom_Miria I thought the forums were down? Now I have all of this to catch up on.

My 2 pence on the E.Ryu thing: It can be good to show what happens if Ryu doesn’t fight for himself and can be good plot/character motivation but I feel that at this point of the timeline, E.Ryu should just disappear. If he ever comes back then they should pull a CVS2 where he’s in control but isn’t a screaming evil character. More chaotic neutral. Ryu in the post SFIV era should be a “main character” but not a “protagonist” like Alex or Rashid were in their respective games. His main arc is nearly to the point he was in during SF3, maybe one more time the SnH gets too much but at a less volatile and uncontrollable extent.

@The_Shakunetsu Ryu’s main character interactions have always been Ken/Sakura/Sagat/Akuma. I doubt that Ryu will steal anything if he has little interaction outside these characters. If this is a post SF3 situation, I’d add Oro/Alex to the list.


I’m talking about the possibility of another cinematic mode and why Ryu X Ed should not happen.


Sagat’s character story will likely give us ample interaction with Ryu IMO. We wouldn’t need a redux of that in General Story 2, especially if it in no way ties the two to the general plotlines.


As much as possible to avoid Ryu all over again is by avoiding multiple interaction with his character because attentions cannot be avoided.


And that would make Ed and his gang feel pathetic and completely worthless while Ryu would come off as patronizing and insufferable and the story they’re in as entirely pointless, or at least that’s the impression I would have. Why bother writing a serious story about Ed and his group when they’re hopeless from the start? Indeed, why bother with 90% of the cast when they’re all Dan tier compared to the people that matter?

Which is why I ultimately reject this interpretation of Ryu as some extraordinary being that is above the rest of the cast: Ryu is actually very average, his ability to tap into the Satsui no Hado before SFV and into Mu after SFV is what allows him to temporarily level up and take on boss level fighters like Bison and Akuma, most of the time though he’s just as skilled as most of the other protagonists and side characters.
Only by being an underdog who’s constantly on his way to progress Ryu can stay an interesting character in my opinion, and this is also the only way to avoid this series from slipping into Dragon Ball nonsense and dumb power-creep.


Agree with Daemos that Ed isn’t in the same league with Ryu and Bison, they are just people with growth hormone cheated, Ryu is trained throughout almost a life time with one of the most lethal fighting techniques in their fictional world that is almost the same level with another most dangerous man Akuma existed along with Bison, Oro and etc.

but I do agree that Ed establish potential and appeal should not wasted quickly in this current game plot.