The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


Yay! The forums are back and they’re just as awful looking as the previews I saw online told me!

This is so awful! It’s nice to be back guys!



hello guys . I’m in


I’m back in! This “one long page with 30,000 posts” format is so horrible though. Yikes.


it’s hard without the pages, I hope with could adopt easily as fast… and thread following function

spoilers seems working already


Honestly, the least they could’ve done is just put the old one with a link attached.
It’s nice for most of us to be back though, just hoping that the formats change.


Yep, here we are. We didn’t miss anything besides Chun Li’s 50th birthday, did we?


I have made it! by the way this format reminds me of that Kill instinct forum I been to. so how is everyone?


dude did you get a new account?


I’m already starting to get hang of the new layout. It sucks that you can’t embedded videos. That’s gonna suck when the story mode stuff makes it’s way to YouTube.


The youtube embeds work just fine tho


Embeds weren’t working when the forum came back online. It must have been fixed


By the way, we’re no longer stickied like we were before the forums went down.

We back to poverty status I guess.



New site suck, but better than no site :smile:


@Cestus_II Not too shabby.



Yeah, Phantom will be playable eventually


I actually made a story thread at SRK2 for people that don’t care for this format. I’ve gotten used to for somethings but I’m still not sold on how conducive it is for prolonged discussion.



And it’s good to be back!


yes I did and I basically had to. my old account was attached to a email address I don’t even use any more. so long in fact that i forgotten what it was. so a made a new account using my current E-mail address. when I had my old account I never got around change my password or updating my E-Mail address for it.


I also notice we lost our sticky status. :frowning_face:


I anticipate a sticky and pages very soon. Patience my lovelies, we just moved and everything is in boxes!