The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


Who the fuck is Gougi?


They’re from Arika’s FB:

Daemos, since Gougi is the name of the gems you have access to in-game, I’m gonna assume it’s a supernatural source of power.

Garuda’s bio says he was reborn as a demon that attracts powerful warriors with Gougi and devours their souls. In the EX continuity, anyone killed by someone wielding the SnH made Garuda grow more powerful. This Gougi might have some similarities to that.


Oh damn, Hokuto turned dark.


Think of Andore’s family but with Gouki.


Idk i used to love SFEX designs as they was 100% compatible with SF chara design and a good middle way between simple and detailed

These new ones seem just to have a +50% anime and over detailed of useless stuff like tekken wannabes

Like why D.Dark who’s supposed to hide in the shadows and stealth kill fools passed from this

to a Fast&Furious car with orange neons? lol =)


Alright, alright, alright.


So, am I crazy, or are there just no “pages” at all anymore and this is now just one giant page with 30 thousand posts on it…


Awesome. Now back to lurking.


Some of the last few comments talking A3 and MVSF’s music was cut out. I don’t think the moving has even been completed yet. I really hate having to scroll with long loading times.




What’s up SRK Story peeps?!?! WE are back!!!


That’s Psycho Power for you!

Wait until the other 4 arrive before calling it “resurrection”


spoilers tags doesn’t work well… pages seems gone and tracking past post seems more harder than the previous one


Whoo! We’re back…sorta! I don’t see any sigs or page numbers so far, but at least pms and stuff are still here.


Old SRK was Coca Cola Classic, we are now experiencing New Coke. Anyone seen Max Headroom?


Yay! The forums are back and they’re just as awful looking as the previews I saw online told me!

This is so awful! It’s nice to be back guys!



hello guys . I’m in


I’m back in! This “one long page with 30,000 posts” format is so horrible though. Yikes.


it’s hard without the pages, I hope with could adopt easily as fast… and thread following function

spoilers seems working already


Honestly, the least they could’ve done is just put the old one with a link attached.
It’s nice for most of us to be back though, just hoping that the formats change.