The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


It wouldn’t have to be on Nick. Avatar guys produce the current Voltron show and that’s on Netflix.


I hope we could see some sample someday. I hope we could just something they like Batman Gotham Knight anime that is just a quick episodes regarding SF memorable moments and fights. Not something elaborated so much. Like for instances an Episode with Akuma and Gouken square off just fight with few words and flash backs then Ryu vs Sagat… Gen vs Akuma, Guy vs Bison, Cody vs Mad Gears, Nash vs Ken, Sakura and Ken vs Bison.

Not something like KOF destiny, I didn’t dislike it but I prefer more immediate battle style anime for SF like how they did trailers to avoid writers to messed up with the history and just focus on the awesome fight scene choreography.

So the tension and awesomeness would be on how they animate and portray the emotions rather than recreating the story.

Because we already know what happened or who lose and who win, What we need is an awesome fight scenes and comeback/retaliation.

They could produce at least 8-10 minute video to a 30 plus episode with pure fighting and encounters with out any plot confusion and conflicts.

They could even do a different perspective for each encounters and battle.

I remember first seeing this a long time ago

and the SFXTekken promotional series of trailers were so epic


TBF a TV show could easily split into 3 plots during Alpha
Plot A: Akuma/Sagat/Ryu subplot
Plot B: VS Shadaloo subplot
Plot C: The Final Fight characters subplot

This could then be tied into the Shadaloo battle in Alpha 3. I’d say 15-22 mins is a good timing slot. Enough time to set up characters and their motivations before the fight and spend the rest of a episode with the fight and the last 3 minutes with a aftermath, plot reveal or a build up to the next fight. I’d like the fights to take advantage of the surroundings, situation etc. The closest example I can think of is the Pokémon manga.


The first time I have seen this cool… narrative flashback does work too

just pure fight with few talks we don’t need 10th version retell of everyone origin and motivations IMHO, writers will always messed up with character personality when they want to fit it to current trends. So let the personality be based on the audience imaginative perspectives of them from video games, manga or movies. So it will be less complicated than other that tries to overwrite or create another interpretations,

or something just like this

I hope more clarity in how the fight went through and how awesome was the fight gonna be animated whether it is a what if or something that did happen.

SF story will almost be likely ever changing from SF6 and so on but the conflicts and encounters will always be look in next decades or more. Its hard to top the previous stories if the newer stories would be for the current generations with less seriousness and probably be censored for other things. IMHO.


Glad to see people discussing again! Yeah, I would have loved to see this in action. I was very pleased with Avatar and Korra. The thing that excited me about the concept was the character growth potential and that international flavour. Doing a long haul series is the best way to approach a SF adaptation; you get to focus on the cast of characters and really build up rivalries and then opt for a vs Bison approach and more. It would not have to be forced into a villain of the week style the way the US toon was. You could have Ryu and Ken’s journey in a SF II: V format, bundled with a larger cast of characters and have the series show off what makes all these characters special and not feel the need to cram everyone into a GI Joe-like faction of good guy army vs bad guy army.

Also, the martial arts focus would be awesome.

@TazyryLipo It wouldn’t necessarily have to be on Nick, Voltron is a Netflix exclusive and a potential SF show could (and I feel) should live there. Having that wide appeal and access of Netflix wouldn’t limit the show to just American audiences too.

@YagamiFire I dunno if we can really blame Capcom in the end here. From what I heard, it came down to fund problems, I’m not sure if it was more of a case of the Networks giving them problems or what, but they got to the contract drawing up phase. Capcom didn’t drop them.

@mikros agreed, heck even just a mini series run for SF5 promotion would’ve been a huge boon. I honestly hope they get another chance at this, because right now outside of another anime, I can’t see SF being handled by a team that could really make it soar and also keep the multiple cultural influences that made the World Warrior’s title more than just a name.

@The_Shakunetsu I don’t want just a bit of plot and fights, I think that would be a waste of potential. We already have the games and comics for stuff like that’s heavy on the fighting. Really having a balance of a character driven journey and fights is better for a cartoon format. I mean, really getting into Sagat’s head and then seeing him hit his redemption arc at the season 3 finale would be amazing. It’s like “holy crap, look who decided to show up and lend a hand!” but if it’s just fight vignette after fight vignette, I would kind of say, “cool, but what’s the point in the end?”

I also don’t mind changes to the story for a cartoon. It’s an adaptation, some changes and streamlining is to be expected, but I don’t mind. I’m currently reading the “Previously on X-men” book by Eric Lewald, it’s a very inspiring read, but I also look at how, the 90s animated series, took liberties, but also paid tribute to the comics and made for an overall amazing product that drew in old and new fans a like. This could be done for Street Fighter to amazing effect.


It would really change the impression on each characters personality in how we knew them, KOF destiny did really change impression even they aren’t really a canon. SF cartoons was really messed up not just the animation but the personality because it was aimed to a particular audience (western). The best I could remember of Ryu properly depicted was SF2AM and SFA1 movie. I could add SF Ties that Bind but I don’t like cheesy Ryu. Curious and confused Ryu should be around SFA days because he was teens or early 20s but SF2AM Ryu was the best even better than SFV Ryu in terms of character and believably. SF2Am Ryu was matured.

SF2V Ryu was okay because it was set in a very different parallel from everything he was there is something that is growing is fitting but re doing another Ryu to be followed that is curious and confuse in near 30s with a parallel very similar to in game canon isn’t something to be followed by current generation because he isn’t a teen looking boy, that would worked with Kyo but not Ryu.

I remember reading an article about why Goku is has been turned youth again in GT and why there was a time Gohan was supposed to be the lead. Another example is Ben 10.

I think the best way to do it for the current generation is make it written in a perspective of Sakura’s adventures from following Ryu, So the narrative will be also by Sakura and it can still kept a adorable and fun environment for the current generation without messing up epic battles other than Sakura narrating and imagining it in a different perspective/vision as a third party not being involve directly. I’m not a fan of Sakura but the clummy and corni joke of the current youth probably would work.

Ratings is a factor that should be considered because it would make any show shutdown early that end up to rushed and messed up stories, that happened for SF2V also…

Unless it was exclusive on netflix that is geared for a specific audience.


@The_Shakunetsu What do you mean by “current generation”. What age range? People between 14-19 years like me would be fine with a series with a tone like SF3 because that’s the sub-culture we had (especially for people from non-western countries.) Kids born after 2003 would want a more character and episodic show etc.

The thing is that by trying to appeal to them, the show would end pandering to things that will fall out of favour in a few years and age, terribly. If you know Shark Tales and PowerPuff Girls (2016 version) then you can see what I mean. Going by SF characters age’s Alpha would’ve taken place in the late 80’s. With Sakura, yes she’s a teen but no-one wants to see her say #GucciGang and listening to Trap music.

I understand what you mean though. No kid will say they like Ryu compared to other characters because no-one will relate to a 20-something-year-old hobo. No, I’m not asking for them to pull a DJ Ryu or some cringe but maybe make a few re-interpretations with the character like SF2V.


I can’t wait to see Falke in action. Not just in-game, but also her story and win quotes. I want to see what her personality is like.


Go more younger, What I’m saying is that younger audience are more accustomed to stories like what you mentions with “light” themes and a protagonist that explores, So that isn’t a show designed to be follow a World Warrior Character because characters should be about growth and understanding…

Ever wonder why every comic book turned TV series nowadays also is not centered to the main heroes.

it’s easy to assume but the reality of a TV show cartoon is different, Ever wonder why some decent, cool and awesome show get cancelled in the past but we consider them Gem of those era it is because the designed target audience isn’t into SF and the younger audience have different humor

So Ryu or any world warrior character isn’t the main guy, SaKura has a lot to explore


Feel like i’m the only to not give the slightest fuck about the avatar-peoples project did’nt come to reality lol

Pick SF2tAM-peoples, make them do SF4, SFV and SF3

Now that’s some wet dream lol


I remember a while back talks about the SF wiki out there and how they didn’t want to update their info. Someone should make a new wiki, something like “”.


When I was young I enjoy watching and following characters that are mid 20s and 30s, Some thing that I want to grow old like them in some way. I still prefer that way.

Nowadays children want something to relate into so I don’t think SF TV series cartoons would be less seriousness and would do Ryu poorly. Other than Sakura that is more on exploration concept they could go making Chun li the center protagonist since she had strong motivation plot since alpha, She can be a slice of life character making that working people in a normal society can follow, Something like the current Flash TV series, Since she is a very modern character that was raise in a normal world unlike Ryu. IMHO


@Cestus_II I hated Avatar as a child. Honestly SF2AM is the way to go with the best artstyle for all characters. What does everyone have against this artstyle.

@The_Shakunetsu Young kids don’t like silly jokes. Look at the recent Pokémon XY anime, Steven Universe and other shows they are very dark and action filled shows. Yes, some shows nowadays (Teen Titans Go etc) have jokes only kids born between 2004-present day will laugh at but is that the humour we need for a SF show?

Maybe they could Ryu more younger and give more new protagonists as the series progresses like SF3’s Alex. But I’m not asking for a complete overhaul into some chain-wearing 17 year old who says “Lit” all the time


The difference is probably that the Avatar people’s project was very close to become real while new movies by whoever made The Animated Movie years ago is exactly that: just a wet dream.

Do those people even work in animation anymore?

@AriesWarlock Having two wikis sounds kind of pointless, especially since both would talk about the story. I didn’t have problems making changes to existing articles there anyway.


Why not just take the Udon comics and adapt them into animated form? I think they got a good pace and for the most part I don’t think they misrepresent the characters or something. Notice that I said “adapt” as I am sure some things would need to be altered in the transition from comic to tv series.


Thats why I believe in a combat centered animation like SFxTekken trailer would work like wonders. I believe even in the next 20 years those promotional trailer series wouldn’t be gets outdated easily compared from what KOFdestiny, SFAssasinsFist or Tekken 3D OVA.

Animation fight is something that even in the next decade is rewatch for the animation thing along with good OST powerup song. It wasn’t meant to reinterpret and complicate everything but to show us what we never seen before in games.

Steven Universe’s dark isn’t SF vibe either… Samurai Jack is more better for a SFvibe but when it returns to another season it never made into the TV series because the audience’s mind set is differ because of the current trends. Im not a follower of avatar I don’t dislike or like it but I think its okay.

So o believe for a decent SF series to be fleshout satisfactory should be for netflix kind of audience not for a TV series.

I dislike Udon take on Akuma Origins, but I like some of there earlier take and other series like Chun li and Cammy.


@Doctrine_Dark Yeah, I’m insanely curious how Falke’s gonna be. I do hope she brings something new personality wise. With the little smirks I’ve seen of her, I don’t think we have to fear she’s some emotionless Rei Ayanami, but I hope they don’t try and do cackling mad or try and make a Juri-redux. I’d be down with a rather cool and laid back type. Either she’s just happy to have something to do (fighting, chasing Neo Shadaloo’s dream whatever it may be) or she was another organization’s fighter/weapon/something and Ed freed her, so she’s ecstatic about having a new, freedom-filled, path in life.

The difference is probably that the Avatar people’s project was very close to become real while new movies by whoever made The Animated Movie years ago is exactly that: just a wet dream.

That’s why I was excited and discussing this. We’d all love it if Japanese studios got hyped and wanted to do more Street Fighter anime projects like SF2AM, but outside of stuff for the games, there’s been absolutely nothing to our knowledge, nothing planned, nothing brewing, but this show, love the team or hate them, was close to getting something up an running. A real, tangible show with art and probably some notes.

Another reason for the excitement is that it’s not a 100% fully dead idea, the producer said that he’d love to try again someday.

I’ve long been hoping for enough hype to get started and a new set of OAVs or even full on series for SF to get greenlit since SF4, but sadly things have been quiet on the adaptation front for a while. Legend of Chun Li popped up and bombed, SF Assassin’s Fist made waves and was a nice passion project, but sadly no news on World Warriors as of late. I was really hoping that by teaming up with an anime studio to make cutscenes for SF4 would have resulted in a partnership blossoming into a show.

Also, on the topic of kids shows, if you make it interesting enough, they’ll watch. Sometimes shows are killed off just when they’re getting good, but that can be tied to the smothering atmosphere of required merch sales (look how it hurt Young Justice) or, enough people just aren’t watching.

Kids will watch shows with adult protagonists, kids or teens. They just have to connect with the concept. I mean, afterall, kids still love super heroes. Though, in the end, they’re a varied audience, so you’ll get some kids that love wacky stuff, you’ll get kids that love something light that starts to delve into something a bit darker and darker like Harry Potter and Avatar. You can and never should underestimate kids as an audience; the X-men book I mentioned, really showed that kids who weren’t talked down to really connected with the show and that solidified it as a success.

With Street Fighter, the show doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to cater to very young audiences, ideally targeting a teens and up audience but in a way the doesn’t completely alienate kids/younger teens can meet with success. Doing it for Netflix/Crunchyroll is the only sensible option to me since you could have the show flourish without some network tv blockades. I’m not even talking about blood, guts, and nudity either. You’d be surprised how even simple thematic elements would be rustled up by standards and practises. Again, the X-men book showed me how insanely oppressive the Standards and Practices team could get back in 1992, though things have slowly shifted over the years, it can still be crazy how rigid the system is.

Anyways, I do hope we get something again soon, be it from Japan or from the West, I’d love to be able to see some Street Fighter media on TV again.


What are you? 12?


ATLA happened 13 years ago. He could perfectly be 5 then and 18 now.


I’ll used 2 anime that is closer to a young Ryu.

Young Ryu/AKA Ryu Alpha is more workable as something closer in terms of motivation and personality to
“Baki the Grappler” character than the likes of Hajime no Ippo.

SF2 Ryu is more Rurouni Kenshin without the corni jokes, clumsiness and romance. His something that is trying to hide, escape and deny his past. His more calm, wiser and not easily provoked while resisting what he felt before in his youth like Kenshin younger days being the Batusai the slasher.

While some after him because of being aware how brutal his former self is, Something that would work for Ryu being aftered because of SNH like Adon and etc.

I like both Ryu and Akuma to be seen as nobody in public not something like a wrestling superstar or a famed fighter.

I like this one in Udon, but I prefer him not more literate.

Goku has been many times bastardize just to please younger generation non-japanese audience for local TV.