The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


Thanks for the info! So it is a variety of Capcom ilustrators then; for a moment I thought Udon had a hand on the endings.


Most of the endings are drawn by UDON’s Jeffrey Cruz, Long Vo and Joe Ng. You can see Bengus’ hand on Abigail’s SF1 ending and Kiki is behind some of the SFV ones as @SagatryuX stated.


Udon did some work on the endings. Alex’s SFV arcade ending definitely looks like their work.


Really? I quite like Joe Ng work in the Udon comic. Do you recall specific endings done by him? I’d really like to check them out.


The SFIII and SFIV end scenes are largely made by him. Joe Ng is quite proud of this specific panel.


Well gents, it’s good to be back. I posted this in the discord, but I’ll post it here too.

During the downtime, I discovered there was a Street fighter Cartoon pitch by the executive producer of Voltron. It looked like things got kinda far, but ultimately funding fell through. They had multiple sit down meetings with Capcom and even a CONTRACT!

Here’s the only art I’ve seen of it:


Someone behind Avatar series wanted to do a Street Fighter series and it didn’t happen!? Profound sadness


That art ain’t no 90s SF2 Animated Movie, but it’s pretty crisp. I think I could dig this interpretation of the characters for an entire series.

I hated SF Alpha art style, but Alpha Generations anime was pretty good albeit different.


I meant the SF Alpha anime movie’s art style, not the game which I think rocked for its time.


This was a huge missed opportunity. Despite outside interference effecting the story they want to tell. Voltron is still pretty good. I like both Avatar series.


If the Airbender people want to make a Street Fighter series, YOU FUCKING LET THEM!!


That pitched animated series that never went anywhere. My heart…

I would love a Street Fighter animated series made by competent people SO MUCH.


Further proof that Capcom is stupid


@Phantom_Miria It’d be great to see a SF show because through a 22 minute format they could put more emphasis in characterization and plot. Though I’ll be honest, I don’t really like the Avatar style maybe if they changed it to resemble MVSF or SF2AM style but that’s just me.

But think! If this was suggested by the Avatar people that means the SF show would be at Nick. You know the channel that puts any shows that don’t reach numbers of 3 million into NickToons (read: deathbed) and dump the last few episodes online. Nick are also known for their stupid censor policies.

Considering how dark SF can be, I’d suggest putting in Adult Swim in the US not sure about the UK or other places though?

@Daemos Oh, then again the SFA OVA was just… bad in most things. It literally seems like a edgy fanfic some 13-year old wrote in the mid-00’s.

BTW can you still do spoilers in this new version.


Yeah, I mean, just for promotion purposes it would have been wise to make it happen. You don’t have people able to do good media knock on your door every day. Hell, I’d have lent them the license for free if I were Capcom!


It wouldn’t have to be on Nick. Avatar guys produce the current Voltron show and that’s on Netflix.


I hope we could see some sample someday. I hope we could just something they like Batman Gotham Knight anime that is just a quick episodes regarding SF memorable moments and fights. Not something elaborated so much. Like for instances an Episode with Akuma and Gouken square off just fight with few words and flash backs then Ryu vs Sagat… Gen vs Akuma, Guy vs Bison, Cody vs Mad Gears, Nash vs Ken, Sakura and Ken vs Bison.

Not something like KOF destiny, I didn’t dislike it but I prefer more immediate battle style anime for SF like how they did trailers to avoid writers to messed up with the history and just focus on the awesome fight scene choreography.

So the tension and awesomeness would be on how they animate and portray the emotions rather than recreating the story.

Because we already know what happened or who lose and who win, What we need is an awesome fight scenes and comeback/retaliation.

They could produce at least 8-10 minute video to a 30 plus episode with pure fighting and encounters with out any plot confusion and conflicts.

They could even do a different perspective for each encounters and battle.

I remember first seeing this a long time ago

and the SFXTekken promotional series of trailers were so epic


TBF a TV show could easily split into 3 plots during Alpha
Plot A: Akuma/Sagat/Ryu subplot
Plot B: VS Shadaloo subplot
Plot C: The Final Fight characters subplot

This could then be tied into the Shadaloo battle in Alpha 3. I’d say 15-22 mins is a good timing slot. Enough time to set up characters and their motivations before the fight and spend the rest of a episode with the fight and the last 3 minutes with a aftermath, plot reveal or a build up to the next fight. I’d like the fights to take advantage of the surroundings, situation etc. The closest example I can think of is the Pokémon manga.


The first time I have seen this cool… narrative flashback does work too

just pure fight with few talks we don’t need 10th version retell of everyone origin and motivations IMHO, writers will always messed up with character personality when they want to fit it to current trends. So let the personality be based on the audience imaginative perspectives of them from video games, manga or movies. So it will be less complicated than other that tries to overwrite or create another interpretations,

or something just like this

I hope more clarity in how the fight went through and how awesome was the fight gonna be animated whether it is a what if or something that did happen.

SF story will almost be likely ever changing from SF6 and so on but the conflicts and encounters will always be look in next decades or more. Its hard to top the previous stories if the newer stories would be for the current generations with less seriousness and probably be censored for other things. IMHO.


Glad to see people discussing again! Yeah, I would have loved to see this in action. I was very pleased with Avatar and Korra. The thing that excited me about the concept was the character growth potential and that international flavour. Doing a long haul series is the best way to approach a SF adaptation; you get to focus on the cast of characters and really build up rivalries and then opt for a vs Bison approach and more. It would not have to be forced into a villain of the week style the way the US toon was. You could have Ryu and Ken’s journey in a SF II: V format, bundled with a larger cast of characters and have the series show off what makes all these characters special and not feel the need to cram everyone into a GI Joe-like faction of good guy army vs bad guy army.

Also, the martial arts focus would be awesome.

@TazyryLipo It wouldn’t necessarily have to be on Nick, Voltron is a Netflix exclusive and a potential SF show could (and I feel) should live there. Having that wide appeal and access of Netflix wouldn’t limit the show to just American audiences too.

@YagamiFire I dunno if we can really blame Capcom in the end here. From what I heard, it came down to fund problems, I’m not sure if it was more of a case of the Networks giving them problems or what, but they got to the contract drawing up phase. Capcom didn’t drop them.

@mikros agreed, heck even just a mini series run for SF5 promotion would’ve been a huge boon. I honestly hope they get another chance at this, because right now outside of another anime, I can’t see SF being handled by a team that could really make it soar and also keep the multiple cultural influences that made the World Warrior’s title more than just a name.

@The_Shakunetsu I don’t want just a bit of plot and fights, I think that would be a waste of potential. We already have the games and comics for stuff like that’s heavy on the fighting. Really having a balance of a character driven journey and fights is better for a cartoon format. I mean, really getting into Sagat’s head and then seeing him hit his redemption arc at the season 3 finale would be amazing. It’s like “holy crap, look who decided to show up and lend a hand!” but if it’s just fight vignette after fight vignette, I would kind of say, “cool, but what’s the point in the end?”

I also don’t mind changes to the story for a cartoon. It’s an adaptation, some changes and streamlining is to be expected, but I don’t mind. I’m currently reading the “Previously on X-men” book by Eric Lewald, it’s a very inspiring read, but I also look at how, the 90s animated series, took liberties, but also paid tribute to the comics and made for an overall amazing product that drew in old and new fans a like. This could be done for Street Fighter to amazing effect.