The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


I’m here! Apparently the new forum mangled my nick and substituted all the ð’s with normal d’s, and I’ve found out this fact just today, after days of inability to log in. That’s… disappointing. It irks me to see my name written incorrectly. I’m going to ask @Preppy if there is a way to fix that; it’s a minor issue, but any help would be appreciated.


Glad to you see you around. Hope they get your name fixed.


The squad is back


Sorry, those characters aren’t currently supported by Discourse. :\


Where is @just5minutes?

The guy with eagle or anakaris av?


He was unfortunately accidentally assassinated by Delta Red operatives during the transfer to the new forum. It was very unfortunate and accidental.

An accident, I swear!


That’s exactly what I feared. :sweat:
On top of that, I noticed that the old posts have had problems adapting to the new code, and consequently they’re sometimes horribly ruined. My post about Menat and her moves was mangled to the point of being unreadable, with all the Egyptian terms disappeared and left as URLs, and without all the spoiler tags. It’s a fact that this new forum doesn’t allow images immediately after text, so every time you post a gif you have to start a new line, lest your gif remain as a link. The spoiler option similarly doesn’t permit an image, so if you spoiler an image you get its link instead.
I can handle a miswritten name, but not being able to post properly is another thing… :disappointed:


It sucks you can’t spoil to keep posts condensed anymore. I believe the new software has a character limit on posts as well.


Thank god, now I can actually mention you properly without typing in a konami code for those characters you had before


Can we get a re-sticky pretty please? <3


Character limit is 32000. I tested it out when I was considering fixing my character concept thread. Not sure what the previous limit was but my best guess is at least double that amount.


So this is what the Russian spy assassination thing is all about!
No doubt it looked like this.


and @PVL comment

I just missed the lol function haha


Man, I can’t get used to this new forum. Is it just me? I keep getting lost.


Me too I missed the pages since it’s easy to navigate and convenient to follow and backtrack previous post on certain topic but trying to worked around the new system as possible


I have always thought that a SF anime would be AWESOME! If Madhouse (or even Pierrot) animated these games, the SF anime would be a great success IMO.

Seasons and games: Final Bosses

Season 1: PreSF-SFI Sagat
Season 2: SFA1-SFA2 Akuma
Season 3: SFA3-SFII Bison
Season 4: SFIV Seth
Season 5: SFV Necalli/Bison
Season 6: SFIII Gill/Urien


Hey @Daemos , check out the stage for CPT 2018, “Ring of Power”:



Looks like it is inspired or either the modernized version of this stage


Season one
Can be about adult Gouken and Akuma
WIth glimpse of Bison, Oro, Gen and Rose
Season two
Can be about Nash and Ken
Season three about Ryu
Adon Sagat and etc


I know those are meant to be the 3 kings under Bison but I can’t quite recognize them from their color palette in that image.

Not a fan of the Bison bust statue also. He looks like a toy bust that was recently made of him. Too fat. Unrecognizable also.