The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

I thought Ryu hated spiders??

On a serious note, the other thread being deleted sucks. However, I’m confident that the consistent users will make this one even better than before.

Looking forward to seeing the great Fan at Capcom Cup. Only a few days to go!

bison should get what if costume dlc. What if ryu, what if cammy etc.

ROFL revenge. Q’s identity is known to no one, and it’s certainly not David who’s bald.

Still trying to find out the what, who, and why. @d3v said he knows nothing about it.

I was clearly joking.

Aw man, what, the old thread bit it? Have any of the mods said why? I really had a lot of posts that I dug from you guys. We…we all contributed and made something beautiful…

Agreed, I’ve been hoping for an iota of a trailer for story bits!

…you truly magnificent bastard lol <3

Pfft, I’m the only one who knows who Q is…my best friend’s uncle’s cyborg-nanny’s neighbour’s dog catcher’s interpol representative’s Rival works at Capcom and Nintendo and X-box and told me so in our annual, climactic battle to the death. (I got better…)

I approve of this pun.

All those pages full of juicy informations and catfights, gone. Well, another tuesday.

My theory is that during the bot clean up, the thread was accidentally purged along with them. In which case this could have been avoided if SF story got the respect it deserved and the thread was stickied.

Or @vasili10 did it. Such a lust for revenge that one.

Are we still doing win quotes? If so, I don’t know if anybody came across this one.

Rashid to Zangief: “Grandp–wait, you’re not him… You’re Azam’s friend, right? You look like my grandfather.”

Lol so Gief is old enough to resemble Rashid’s pappy, and he’s another one of Azam’s friend.

Also, anybody notice in the SFV India stage how Dhalsim’s wife and son give a round of applause even if he loses?
Although Karin butlers will start to act frantic if she loses on her stage.

Dhalsim’s family just want to see blood. They don’t care who’s, they crave the carnality of violence.

I thought that Dhalsim’s family hates violence, she would even cry in the previous games.

Wait,who’s Azam?

Dhalsim’s wife only cried when he got hit or loses. If he was winning she would cheer.

I’m curious as to why his stage is called Apprentice Alley though.

‘The Dhalsim’ business suit costume confirmed.

You’re Fired!

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Rashid’s kidnapped friend. He’s mentioned in one of Rashid’s generic quotes.

Shame about the thread being deleted. What happened?

I think it’s where Dhalsim teaches people his yoga. You can see some people in the background doing some yoga floats.