The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Really. Wasn’t aware of that.

Exactly. In terms of someone like Zangief, if one (almost certainly correctly) assumes his scars are from fighting bears, it means those bears are doing WAY less physical harm to him with their claws than they should. His muscles should be shredded and destroyed by slashes from bear claws like that…but, for Gief, they’re probably just flesh wounds. Dude’s THAT tough. Hell, in SFV, his V-maneuver is basically Muscle Bomber from Tenjho Tenge where he just flexes to counter-act the impact of an attack. That is an absurd amount of muscle control and strength and is awesome as hell. Plus he can plant human beings in the ground like Recoome power-bombing Vegeta.

Well everyone in the SF universe is far above mere mortals…

The alpha games portrayed her as basically fresh out of the womb lol

On the Alex topic… teenage me used to think that he was connected to Guile or Nash somehow, I think it was because they vaguely look similar in design (american blondies wearing green) and I thought that his flash chop was like him trying to do a sonic boom or flash kick except with his arms… obviously nowadays I don’t think like that anymore but I wonder Capcom can still make a connection to them.

By the way what bios are left to translate here? I think there’s been a bunch translated already, if there is a link to them (translated of course) I’d really appreciate because I’d like to know more about the SF lore in general since these probably give more insight about the characters than the games.

Any thoughts about Alex’s possible role in the story so far? Obviously illuminati will have something related to him (at least later on), but I’m talking more about character relationships and stuff like that.

I’ve compiled all of the translations so far here:

There’s still a good amount left, but it’ll be finished before you know it. bak is super fast!

The impression is that Alex is very good but not that good.

Like above SF average but not top tier, Ryu is clear superior and guys like Gill, Oro, Akuma, Bison and Urien probably smoke him.

Will be already kinda impressive if he’s Sagat tier (i believe he’s around that level)

As for Gill he likely took a dive, from the wiki

“As far as achievements go, Gill often takes a loss, sometimes in order to fulfill a much bigger goal; other times, he does so out of respect for his foe’s fighting ability.”

He likely got impressed by Alex determination/spirit and given him the fight

Gill is like a dude that ask to go full contact while he just do semi sparring, he seem so confident in his own power that don’t use fights as a challenge but as a test to see each top fighter potential.

If he consider you good he let you win or even reward you (Dudley), he want preserve strong fighters so he take the loss because he can (due his regeneration powers) and in that way none get hurt permanently.
If you don’t reach his standard he have no problem crush his opponents (Tom), and also in that case even Tom seem not so mad about that and say it was a fair opponent

Of all SF characters only Gill and Oro feel like they reached a level where they believe to be at the very top and they don’t need to gain more power.

Akuma think to be the best but still don’t feel sure about that and arrived, and search very strongest ones that may present a challenge

Bison is ever searching source to increase his own power, he probably feel that at his peak will be the most powerfull of all, but that condition require paarticular circumstances wich is almost ever his story line

Then Urien, Gouken and Necalli (and Gen?) also them seem to be very high

Then Ryu, who is the dude destined and with the spirit to become the best one day (after Oro training?).
He know that there are still -relatively- many stronger fighters and that’s not a limit but chance to improve and learn

Alex in theyr fight served more than anything as showcase of Ryu’s philosophy: he probably defeated Alex easily and still he’s humble because that’s his way

I think Alex is going to make his wrestling debut (vs Gief, Mika, and/or Laura) and/or team up with Guile (vs Shadowloo). If we get the latter, this game may canonize Alex vs Boxer, seen here:

Him teaming with Guile also sets up Guile for the next DLC character. I really wonder what they’re going to do with Guile’s story. Are we going to reexamine the Alpha series like Nash and Chun-Li’s stories? Are we going to see more modern adventures? Will Alex tie in? How about Balrog or Juri?

I really don’t understand why in all the media Balrog is depicted as a loser and Dudley is on top of him. Balrog always struck me as the stronger boxer. I’m all for gentleness in social relations, but that only gets you so far in a boxing match.

One year before SF3 this happened

I was always under the impression that Dudley is just a far more skilled boxer than Rog is. Sure, he may have the sheer power to kill an elephant, but none of that would matter if he **can’t **land a hit on Duds. Outside of being more skilled, he’s also quite strong and confident in his ability as a boxer. I could just see someone like Rog underestimating him and getting his ass knocked out because of it. Rog also seems like he can be outta control at times, whereas Duds is always chill and has his own fun way of talking shit to the opposition.

Seth can be a moron, but he has no issue complimenting great fighters. Back in Vanilla, Seth disregards Rogs skill and tells him he’s “already assimilated boxing moves much more refined” than his own. In Super, Seth says Rogs moves are only worthy of “drunken back-alley punks”, so it’s clear what *his *opinion is on Rog. Many others have said the same regarding Rogs skill in comparison to what they say about Dudleys.

Thinking back, before there were leaks about the SF3 characters, most of us in the Warriors Fate thread assumed Dudley was a given for Super based on that Vanilla quote from Seth. Looks like we had the right idea, at least. Seth actually thanks Dudley for saving him the trouble of finding him to assimilate his moves. I guess Seth was talking about Mike from SF1 in Vanilla!!

In all seriousness, I *like *Rog, but at the end of the day, he’s just a brute. Dudley is not only a classy gentlemen, but he’s someone who’ll hand you your ass on a silver platter then go home to chill in his garden while drinking tea…with the gloves on.

Seeing this pic inspired me to do the next character background

M. Bison “Balrog” “Boxer” bio SF2/ SF2X/ SFZ & Z2/ SFZ3

プレイヤー の 前 に 立ちはだかる シャドルー 四天王 の 一番手。ファイト は ある が オツム は ちょ っと 弱い。 スラム 生まれ の スラム 育ち で , シチ な 生活 を 夢見 て ボクサー に なっ た。 正式 な コー チ を 受ける金 が なかっ た ため 戦闘 スタイル は 「 ケンカ 流 」, すなわち 我流 と なっ て いる 。 ボク サー な ので キック は 使用 し ない が 。 その パンチ ! 力 は 天下一品 。

以下 が 新た に 追加 さ れ た 設定 。 ーーーーー 貧しい家庭 の 末っ子 と し て 誕生 し 、 幼少時 から スラム 街 で ケンカ に 明け暮れ て い た 。 「 一攫千金 」 にひ かれ て ボクサー に なっ た が, 手加減 を 知ら ず, 相手 を 再起不能 に 追いこむ こと が 多かっ た ため 対戦 を 拒否 さ れる よう に なり 、 現在 は ラスベガス の カジノ で 賭け試合 に 身 を 投じ て いる。 エンデ ィング で は 世界一 の 座 につき, アメリカン ドリー ム を よみがえら せる こと に 成功。

ダッシュ 技 で オワオワ と 奇声 を 上げる よう に なっ た。 また, 顔 グラフィック が 大幅 に 描き か えら れ て (歯 が 欠け た の も この ころ ) , 以前 と は 別人 に。 エンディング に は 固有 の グラフィック が 用意 さ れ 、 内容 も やや 変化 。 世界最強 の 座 につき, 酒•女•巨万 の 富 を 手 に し て ゴキゲン と なる。

サガット の エンディング に 登場。 この ころ から シャドルー の 仲間 だっ た らしい。

ボクシング 界 に 身 の 置き場所 が なくなり 、 酒場 や カジノ の 用心棒 を し て い た と ころ 、 ベガ から 多額 の 報奨金 を 約束 さ れ て シャ ドレー 入り し た。 命令 どおり に 闘い つづけ て ベ ガ の 側近 の 座 に つい た が, ゆくゆく は ベガ を も倒 し て 自分 が トップ に なろ う と 考え て いる。アーケー ド 版 の エンディング は ベガ の もの と 同じ で 、 コンシューマ 版 で のみ 専用 の エンディング が 見 られる。

To be fair Seth can copy technique, not power.
So whoever was the actual more dangerous boxer, the most technical one (Dudley) was the best choice anyway

Said that there are various key of lecture about this

1- Have to hype that SF3. Capcom just genocided classic SF2 cast, theyr priority was say how awesome new guys are compared to previous guys.
New giant wrestler is bigger stronger than Gief.
New wierdos are crazier wierder than old ones.
New Boss is some flying motherfucking greek God.
So… New boxer > previous boxer
As marketing made no sense for them say any SF3er was’nt better than the SF2 counterpart

2- When possible Capcom will ever make win technique over strenght, it’s anime.
As Gief fan i’m already resigned to see theyr golden boy Alex beating him in a wrestling match this june lol

3- Capcom ever been great at do tributes to actual events of martial arts/combat sports world.
As for theyr chara design they work on a deeper level than the average audience notice.

Ryu vs Sagat fight example is a tribute of a fight happened in thailand in the 50s between the Karate legend Mas Oyama (a lot of Ryu is based on him) VS an “invincible” Muay Thai Champ nicknamed Black Cobra, with Oyama having a difficult start but then comeback and win in spectacular fashion.

Oro is a tribute to Helio Gracie wich is already something 99% of peoples don’t know, but the Oro arm thing itself is a tribute of his legendary fight with Kimura, where he refused to tap and the japanese broken his arm.

And list of tributes goes on.
As said when SF3 released Tyson was already fallen in disgrace: the prison, Holyfield 1 and 2, boxe license revoked, jail again, Lennox
Under Capcom point of view is easy see why Rog is becomed a “loser character” useful to promote other characters they like more

suplexing a truck is nothing Sabin can suplex a train.

Sabin was a boss.

Is it just me or did SF3 era feel highly influenced by 80’s - 90’s era pro wrestling? Alex was a grappler, Necro had a wrestling based arsenal, Gill had wrestling moves, then they added Urien and Hugo to the mix. SF3 was truly the era of grapplers.

More fanfic crap featuring a fanservice cameo, typical of UDON.

Alex-Hugo yes, was all about Hulk Hogan-Andre the Giant

Necro i don’t know, i never seen him as a wrestler… he have throws like he have strikes and electric attacks

Gill (and Urien) are inspired on ancient greek pankratium

This has got to be the most educational post regarding the characters’ real life representations and their background information on this forum. Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us.