The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

By the way, I’ve rewatched the SFxT Story Mini-series Capcom made during the promotion of Vita version. Still a pretty damn nice watch. Can you guys spot all the easter eggs?

Here’s what I’ve found:

[details=Spoiler]0:21 - Shadaloo’s logo on the ship

1:38 - Capcom’s logo on the Noodle package

1:56 - Megaman is chasing Pac-Man (screensaver)

1:59 - Super Street Fighter IV art/poster on the wall

2:36 - Ono’s Blanka toy inside the locker

3:43 - Brazil poster with Blanka on it

3:46 - The Arrival screen says “Nancy” (Tekken’s big battle robot) at the bottom

3:52 - Breaking news: Cody breaks prison again | Food poisoning? Another knock outs at “El Fuerte’s” | Mike Haggar is elected N. Y. Mayor

7:12 - Kuma’s figure on the table

9:57 - Kid is wearing a T-shirt that says “Darkstalkers are not dead”

10:01 - Jack’s portable form looks like the face of Anarakis (from Darkstalkers)

10:19 - Felicia poster in the back

10:23 - Ryu is casually walking through the airport

13:01 - Lei’s car number plate says “236 236P” (the motion for Shinku Hadoken)

15:19 - Juri has an artwork of herself as her phone’s homescreen wallpaper

16:59 - Another Kuma figure on the ship (to the right from Jack)

22:44 - Another Blanka toy on the shelf on the right[/details]

Just to make clear how much the two series are linked

Biff- Zangief
Gunloc- Guile, Cody
Haggar- Zangief
Tim- Birdie
Widow- Mika’s coach, Elena
El Stingray- El Fuerte

not canon

Rasta Mon- was the first sketch of blanka

I wonder what Akuma was doing the whole time during the Black Moon crisis.

Does this answer your question?

He’s training and attempting to master new techniques, after losing to his brother Gouken in SF4 and realizing that the Raging Demon isn’t so hot right now.

Destroying countless inanimate objects in order to stitch together what’s left of his SnH pride.

Those poor trees. :sad:

Akuma > EPA.

What’s Akuma been doing? Should be obvious…he’s trying to become the undisputed master of his new chosen art…


“You will be mine, yellow rodent! MESSATSU!”[/details]

He most likely did not care and was training. I like the redesign they did with him

The redesign breaks continuity and jeopardizes the very fabric of the canon. It must be stopped!

And Grater was Haggar’s tag team partner.
Moreover, Biff and Ortega were present at Eliza’s birthday party in Ken’s SFA2 stage.

yep Asterios totally makes me think of Metal Gear.

I also forgot that Zangief himself is in the crowd of a MB2 stage (he’s banned from all federations) watching the match

If Capcom is reading the jokes about Akuma I just hope they don’t try to right the situation by giving us more and badder Akuma. :coffee:

Ryu and Chun Li are in the crowd in MB1 as well.

These profiles remind me a little of how the old school games used to generate hype. The profiles are remind of when back in 2002/3 SNK were releasing profiles for SVC Chaos with some of those awesome artwork. I believe each new character used to come out every week or so, maybe on a Wednesday (?) but anyway… come home from college and see what exciting character was being revealed.

Of course the game turned out to be complete shite in the end, but its was pretty hype worthy.

I kinda like the costume redesign, but not the physical changes… Specially since we know that SF3 Akuma is ever the same, aside two stripes of white hairs

Members of Nguuhao

F.A.N.G. group, cool

Still waiting for Jade Goat here.