The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

TAIL and TUSK look like those other two character concepts shown in with FANG’s concept art.

Anyone happen to have that image? I believe it showed TUSK with fans and TAIL with mechanical spider arms.

Members of Nguuhao¹

This time we speak about the members of an organization
active in the past in Asia, the Nguuhao.
Are you asking me if they once came in our Shadaloo base?
I wasn’t enrolled at that time yet, so I don’t know.

Name: Nguuhao Soldier
Equipment: Uniform, Notepad
Duties: Info Gathering, Market Research, Various Negotiations
Techniques: Dokujakyaku²

Name: (right) T.A.I.L (left) T.U.S.K
Equipment: Uniform
Duties: Assassination
Techniques: (right) Dokubenpatsujakōryū³ (left) Dokugiri Funsha⁴

It seems that, as a rule, Nguuhao’s members
can’t expose their true names.
Moreover, they can’t reveal what sort of techniques
they are learning.
It is said they all start by learning the basic use of poison,
and then each member begins to hone his personal techniques.
Speaking of which, we’ve come across these images.

Hmm, he resembles someone…
Who could he be? He seems scary, doesn’t he?

¹ Thai for “cobra”.
² “Poisonous Snake Kick”.
³ "Poisonous Queue Evil Dragon Hair"
⁴ “Poison Spray”

Insightful as always. When did you get an avatar? Glad to see something more worthy of you.

Do all the Nguuhao members have an abbreviation as their name?

pretty sure that’s the case

Thanks. It was a few days ago, when I happened to stumble upon that image while browsing my favourite writer’s Twitter . I simply couldn’t resist, as Tiffany has always been my preferred literary character since I first discovered her series.

On a side note for wrestling fans, “Dokugiri” (lit.: poison spray) is the original name of what is known to Western audiences as the “Green Mist”. Most of US fans would know it as the usual foul committed by TAJIRI, even if its true originator was The Great Kabuki.

Hm, okay then. Just seems like a weird gimmick. They could’ve just use nicknames as well.

I wonder if they’re waiting for Urien to be released to do the DLC characters profiles.

When they did the Yoga masters i thinked ex Fang crew was coming

At least they done them all at once

Last story relevant orgs left are

Illuminati members
C.Viper’s CIA
Chun’s interpol

I’m still hoping that they would canonize gouken’s daughter, polin, dean and lucia… Then know more about shadaloo scientist and project
In the future

Aside from Jade Goat, Rahid’s friend, David’s co-worker Joe and Biff and Gunloc (via SFV relationship

Oh, I know about the mist, also used by fighters like Fatal Fury/KOF’s Raiden and the obscure Exodus from Fighting Layer. And like Lucky Charms Marshmallows, they come in different colors:

Green: Standard Issue Mist/Disorienting Mist
Red: Burning Mist
Black: Blinding Mist
Blue: Sleeping Mist
Yellow: Paralysis Mist
Purple: Temporary Amnesia Mist (The Rufus fists of Poison Mists)

I’ve been shipping for Gouken’s Daughter and Ryu for years, but I guess I’m stuck with Ken for now.

I’m also more interested in the fabled Goutetsu’s Daughter, SAYAKA, Mother of Dragonpunches.

Gotta say I love the Nguuhao

Same, I always find it cool to see more parts of the SF world – in this case another organization. Even though absorbed into Shadaloo, it was cool to see how different they were. Kidnapping kids and training them in poison arts is a creepy and interesting concept. It’s why I want to see a future SF still be dynamic but have a focus on a smaller scale threat. Maybe something like a tournament being hosted in China (to change things up) but having a mysterious group (not Shadaloo level) manipulating things from the Shadaows. It’s why I’ve always loved KoF alongside SF. I LOVE the saga system and feel SF could greatly benefit from such an approach to storytelling.

It actually wasn’t absorbed into Shadaloo, so much as Bison killed them all but spared FANG because he was strong.

For as short-lived as the Nguuhao cartel were in the story, they really left a lasting impression on me.

The idea was nice but theyr uniform design is soo fucking SFV goofy

Too simple, too flat details and bright colors

I’ve the same problem with shadaloo

They should look all 90’s anime badass intead they look cartoon goofy


He was going to absorb them as Shadaloo seem to be strong in the asian area… Then they tried to assassin him so he killed them all and keept alive the only useful one (Fang)

So nobody has a link to that concept art of the movesets of the other two Nguuhao members? I know it was shown here at one point.