The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

It’s always fucking Shadaloo, man

S.I.N.? Just a weapon departmen of Shadaloo

Nguuhao? Absorbed/destroyed by Shadaloo

United Nations? Probably shitting their pants at the thought of Bison unleashing global warfare by Shadaloo

Illuminati? Essentially set up this big plan with Charlie as a pawn to bring down Shadaloo


God I’m just so glad Bison was killed and hopefully we’ll never see him again

Oh fuck you, Darc T.T

@Fatal1ty_93_RUS I think you triggered @Daemos

Sorry bro, you are on your own.

@Fatal1ty_93_RUS has went too far.

He’s already dissed two of the most electrifying villains ever:

This nigga’s in need of a chokeslam.

on Monday I will try to post several artworks , I’m pretty busy.

So, can I talk about KoF 14’s endings for a minute?

[details=Spoiler]So, something that apparently happens in general at the end of KoF14 is that, when the final boss is defeated, there are at least 36 people thought dead that were suddenly resurrected. They literally just appear in fireballs that come crashing down all over the planet. And a lot of them are supposedly past tournament participants. Orochi and Ash have been shown to be among them.

Now, this is obviously a really poorly explained and cheap way to bring back a bunch of characters the story killed off in the next without having to make it a dream match.

…and I’m totally okay with that.

Really have my fingers cross that we’ll be seeing Rugal and Orochi Team in KoF15.[/details]

No hurry man. I finished my masterpiece weeks ago.

[details=Spoiler]1. It’s not 36 people, it’s an undisclosed number.
2. The reason for the mass resurrection as of current is that the entity Verse is made up of “lost souls” aka the deceased. Many of these souls come from different points in the timeline, which all came to a single point in time then gathered into a vessel. When Verse was defeated, his body was destroyed and he released those souls in the form of fireballs. The souls then came back to life.
It’s suggested that the reason for Verse’s existence (for some reason) is because of an error in the in the space-time continuum, implying the ending of XIII played a role. It’s still bullshit but whatever

Edit: I’m not sure whether the souls come from different dimensions or just from the KOF one. Nakoruru vaguely states they come from “the past, present and future,” I’ll just go with that.[/details]

I’m the only to hope that if (when) they add second Ultras, they will take abilities we seen in Story Mode?

My picks

Ryu- the “nothingness” punch he used on Necalli (but standing,not on his knee)
As his new big ass dmg ultra as was shin shoryuken

Gief- MUSCLE POWER ftw. Make it a counter ultra… Like he tank whatever strike you can throw at him an reply with a huge dmg shit kinda like his old U1

Necalli- something related to his mud-trasformation powers (surprised he does’nt have a special related to these).
Maybe do it “trap” like was Hakan’s U2

[details=Spoiler]1. Well, in the Ikari Team ending, they said they’d found 36 so far.

  1. I wonder if something similar could happen in SF. Necalli explodes, and suddenly Nash, Goutetsu, Gou Hibiki etc. come out of his body and are all alive again. :p[/details]

So Verse is basically the Shang Tsung of KOF universe now?

P.S. @Daemos

Come at me, brah

145: Zeku


Zeku is Boss as fuck

Jade Goat?


He’s so Bushinryūish.
It seems he was the master of Guy and Maki.
Then he must be fairly strong, huh?

Name: Zeku
Height: 181cm
Weight: 89kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: December, 29
Country of Origin: Japan
Favorite things: Potato Chips
Dislikes: Stiff Shoulders

The 38th Master of Bushinryū. A master of taijutsu.
In his heyday, he was called "Zeku the Godspeed"¹.
Nowadays he has taken a bit of a backseat, and watches over Guy from the shadows.
The Bushin style of the Genryūsai, who are the head of the family,
focused primarily on jutsu (ninja arts),
but Zeku imported various other taijutsu
to sublimate Bushinryū and make it a practical way of fighting.

¹ Literally.

I’m pretty sure AAC mentions that Zeku and Guy had a fight to the death in SFA2. @Miðgarðsorm would you mind confirming this for me?

ガイの 師匠。武神流第 38 代正統継承者 で あり 、 すなわち ガイ の 先代 にあたる。 チンピラ 少年 だっ た ガイ の なか に 天性 の 素質 を 見いだし 、 武神流 を 伝授 。 渡米直前 の ガイ に 「 すべて を 乗り越えよ 」 と 喝 を 入れ 、 直後 に 姿 を くらまし た 。 『スト ZERO2 』の ガイ の エンディング で はじめて ゲーム 中 に 姿 を見せ、弟子 と 死闘 を 開始 -----という こと は 、 ガイ は 『スト ZERO2 』の あと はじめて 真 の 後継者 に なっ た の かも しれ ない。 ボサボサ の 長髪 に 緑 の 胴着 の オヤジ。

[ 人 の 世 を 乱す者現れる時 、 武神 の 影 あり 」 と いう 謎 めい た 言葉 を 残し 、 ガイ と ベガ と の 決戦 を 予見 し た 。 ゲーム 中 に 姿 は 見せ ない。

I could take Zeku if he’s still alive and he combines Guy and Maki toolsets

Dat Zeku. Thats more like it.

It mentions they started the fight in Guy’s SFA2 ending (and that’s how I remember it, too), but doesn’t mention the outcome. It adds that, after SFA4, Guy might¹ thus have become the rightful successor and master of Bushin.
For all we know, Guy could’ve won but spared his mentor. After all, a “fight to the death” could well mean they’re fighting with their lives at stake, not that they must absolutely kill their opponent.

¹ I swear I didn’t notice it at first, but I kept it for all Naruto’s fans around here :tongue: