The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Yeah… but I’d still do her anyways. Horrible alt, but she’s still sexy as fuck.

Hmmmmm, well for me at least Juri’s had bad-ok alts. Never had anything that I really wanted outside the nurse alt she had in SFxT. But I never used it much to begin wtih. Still though…capcom…cool stuff please.

Oh! Because I realized I don’t think I’ve ever shared this…

My first bit of ink


All over my pasty arm

The left arm is going to be next with the Cobra symbol for the Crimson Guard

Then, finally, I’m getting Shadaloo’s symbol with Bison’s hat on the skull across my back/shoulders

No Illuminati?

I was considering the SIN symbol (which I used to have as my avatar) but Shadaloo is too iconic and awesome. I also only wanted one from 3 different mediums. Comics, cartoons and video games.

And where will you be putting the Decepticon, Foot Clan and Empire logos?

The two cartoons are straight-out since they’re redundant.

I’ll have my wife get the Empire as a tramp-stamp

Technically, Transformers is originally a toy line(although so was G.I. Joe…). And TMNT was a comic.

I’m gonna technical an Aegis Reflector upside yo head

You have a point though. I definitely have chest real-estate. Hmm. Decepticon logo is pretty fucking awesome.

You already did too much lol

You didn’t include King, you failed.

I come here expecting Dean and we get this shit?

I call bullshit. Lord Urien isn’t that pale.

Sorry, man. I’m a big part Portuguese so I tan dark as hell but my mom has a history of skin-cancer at the drop of a hat so I really have to keep sun exposure down since that shit isn’t anything to mess with.

So I end up looking like photo-negative V-skill Urien :grin:

He didn’t use V-Skill before the pic, man.

To confirm that I’m not crazy, wasn’t Urien actually…taller before SFV? I seriously remember his and Gill’s height being somewhere around 6’9 or 6’10. He’s only 6’5 now, but that seems like a revised thing. Lord Yagami, bak, someone, please tell me I didn’t create this in my mind!

No height or weight confirmations in SF3 (goddamn lazy Capcom)

Their sprites are very tall…but sprites are also fairly poor representations of height a lot of times so you can’t base anything off it.

I will point out that SF3 tended to feature smaller characters in the cast so you’d probably used to seeing Urien towering over characters like Chun, Yun/Yang, etc where-as in SF5 there’s a lot more diversity of body size along with dynamic camera motions and stuff that definitely can influence perception.

Yeah, I forgot AAC didn’t list those.

Gill’s height is listed as 6’10 in Capcom’s 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia. Urien’s height is actually listed as unknown in it, though.

Suck it, Eisbahn endorsers

Capcom: “Check out Ryu and Chun-Li’s new costu-”