The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

You mean that one dude from the game where Guy uses a gun?

So what’s next?

Street Fighter I is done
Street Fighter II is done
Street Fighter III is done
Street Fighter Alpha is done
Street Fighter EX is done
Street Fighter IV is done
Street Fighter V is done
Final Fight is done
Slam Masters is done

Feels like all that’s left are Rival Schools and minor NPC characters (family members, friends, etc)

Fingers crossed for Shen Long.

They haven’t done Streetwise yet.

How is Slam Masters done? They’ve done one SNSM character.

They don’t have the rights for the Muscle Bomber characters.

I don’t know, maybe Jin and Cyberbots?

Citation needed

20 years of evidence is enough. No MB characters visible in cameos (other than the contemporarily released Street Fighter Alpha 2), artwork, books, crossover games (Capcom vs SNK Card Clash anyone?).

Should be obvious at this point.

Give me proof not bullshit.

What more proof do you want than being the only franchise Capcom has never represented again ever in crossover games, artwork, not even in cameos?

I want Slam Masters stuff so bad.

And yes, Skull Cross has always been a thing


Full disclosure: I’m a life-long wrestling fan and one of my first super clear memories is sitting on my grandparents living room floor on my moms lap watching Andre vs Hogan when I was 3. Slam Masters is MY SHIT lol

That can said for a lot of Capcom’s IP. Doesn’t mean no longer have the IP. CWF, the wrestling promotion of Muscle Bomber is present in SFV. Seriously, try harder.

For example…?

What they don’t own is the character designs, which were made by Tetsuo Hara. Of course they can do name-dropping and such, they mentioned Black Widow in Street Fighter III IRC, but they didn’t show the character.

There’s still a chance we can see the character artworks and profiles, Capcom doesn’t own Street Fighter EX but they shown their profiles, so they either had to ask permission to draw them or technically being “fan art” no one can sue.

You don’t see Strider, Captain Commando, Arthur, Firebrand, any character from Breath of Fire , Ammy, Gene, etc popping up all over the place.

Hara was an illustrator on Muscle Bomber not a character designer. Again, you haven’t proven anything.

No, that’s not how SF EX works.

Capcom is more than likely legally able to use images of EX characters and talk about them because they are part of their branded merchandise. While they are the intellectual property of Arika, meaning that Capcom can’t make video games with them in it, Capcom still fully licensed those characters as part of the Street Fighter franchise and, as such, should be able to represent them in supporting media that is different from how Arika has enforceable copyright (again, in-game)

This is the same reason someone can use images of Superman (trademark DC comics) when discussing Superman in an informational way…except that Capcom 1. has more legal right via their licensing agreements and 2. Japan has far less strict copyright laws than us. Hence Doujin-ftw

I don’t think so. There would be more appearances of those characters, at least in cameo form, along the years if Capcom was completely able to use their image. So, I don’t think so.

You had him recently on UMvC3.

Card on UMvC3

He was also playable in Namco x Capcom along with the rest of the Commando team.



Ryu’s card in UMvC3:

Also this year there was a Breath of Fire 6 game, developed by Capcom.

Gene’s card on UMvC3:

Oh shit it’s @Magegg

Why the fuck am I bothering

Capcom vs SNK Card Clash cards:

Not a single Muscle Bomber or Street Fighter EX original character…

To make, that makes pretty obvious Capcom doesn’t have the rights over them, just like they don’t for Lin Kurosawa for example. One can’t explain how characters like Toon Pooh, Saki, Michelle Heart, Devilot or the Power Stone characters keep popping up, but not a trace of Muscle Bomber of SFEX characters.

All I’m saying is: You better get used to the idea Muscle Bomber characters won’t cross over ever again.

How does all those characters being cards in UMvC3 prove that Capcom doesn’t own the Muscle Bomber characters?

Because they’re literally the only Capcom franchise missing?

You can find Three Wonders, Dino Crisis, Star Gladiator, Cyberbots, Power Stone, Breath of Fire characters being represented, but Muscle Bomber NEVER. Curiously their characters have NEVER been represented again.