The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

I mean, you CAN rely on the hardcore audience if you go in with that as a factor in your budgeting. Did Capcom do that? I mean, so many corners have been cut, it might be plausible.

The alt color of Shin Gouki in Third Strike looks like Oni

Final Fight will never “return” to its former glory. It was never an important Capcom franchise, their only truly “succesful”, AAA game was the first one, the rest were just lesser games for the Super Nintendo.

It’s Byron’s time to shine.


Hollywood is another knife nut.
He is a cruel guy who was charged with murder and sent to prison,
but he escaped from jail and joined Mad Gear.

Name: Hollywood

Height: 202 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Blood type: AB

Birthday: January, 3

Home Country: America

Favorite things: Knives, Dancing

Dislikes: Cops

He’s surprisingly good at singing and dancing.
He earned the name Hollywood because of this.
He’s skilled at handling knives against various opponents
raising a bloodbath.
Apparently, murder is his art.

Hollywood is a better El Gado than El Gado

I’m kinda getting a Zsasz feeling from this guy.

or Voldo

He’s about to paint his masterpiece.”

Is the orange supposed to be a prison jumpsuit? Interesting.

The idea of a Jack the Ripper type of guy roaming the streets standing over 7ft tall is frightening as fuck. Mad Gear doesn’t care who they allow into their circle.

Totally unrelated.

But Happy Thanksgiving to you guys. (Even if you dont celebrate). Just wanna say thanks for giving me a place to discuss everything SF story and Chun-Li

Happy Thanksgiving to all the story bros.

Happy Thanksgiving, homies. I’m thankful this thread exists, that it has awesome members, and that it’s had consistent activity even after the previous one got sent to the abyss.

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