The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

It was a toss up when they started doing the profiles anyway. Think about it, many of them are made up on the spot for background appearances of some and others were never heard from outside of their debut in non fighters.

Who really gave a damn about Dean especially in FF3?

Was Roxy even mentioned in Final Fight Revenge?

Cosplay is like a magical bridge that connect slut and nerd planets

Or at least first planet can gain money from the latter lol

Pretty sure the train thing is because you first encounter her on a train in Final Fight, but my memory is hazy.

We’re getting into som interesting territory tomorrow. Three baddie types left and we’re finally going to get characters with no extra backstory at all (save for Axl chillin’ with Abigail, J and Roxy. I think we’re getting Axl/Slash or Bill/G./Wong, the Andore will the saving the biggest, longest and best for last.

real talk: Roxy looks more like a man than Poison.

No way. Nothing wrong with a girl having guns. Plus that hip to waist ratio is all woman.

Also…dem titays

Does Roxy also have a dick like Poison?

Roxy’s got a boxy

Capcom doesn’t hint at it with Roxy like they do with Poison. But that could just be because Poison appears in way more stuff.

Actually I was talking about her Man legs but whatever. Wong Who tomorrow then I guess. Who-hooo?

New Roxy have a bit a Miesha Tate-like vibe

LOL at the cop checking dat ass

Dick confimed. Axl, Abigail and J pillow biters confirmed.


Here’s the rest of the profiles from the SFV Pia Encyclopedia Mook that I promised sometime ago.



AAC seems to say otherwise…

Which is why I had to ask about her current profile and if it was hinting at her gender being a question mark. Either way, she seems to be just as rough around the edges as Poison is, maybe even more so with her “husky voice”. It’s probably like Dr. Girlfriend off the Venture Bros.

Oh yea, here’s some concept art labeling both Roxy and Poison as “newhalfs” (ニューハーフ)

This also labels them both as “men”



okay so they are confirmed both. I guess capcom stand for that until now

I still remember Ryu’s quote to Poison in the SFXT beta like it was yesterday:

Wasn’t that Kuma’s quote?