The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Just gonna say…

Axl & Slash look fucking awesome.

And this happened.

Also you guys are showing off your Japan-bias here


Yeah he’s SLASH now


He’s even holding that pipe like a guitar. Just like Axl is holding an imaginary microphone and his picture.

Wong Who

I think there were many of you
who were surprised from a sudden headbutt charge from offscreen.
That sound, THOOM THOOM THOOM, was so scary!

Name: Wong Who
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 214 kg
Blood type: 0
Birthday: March, 8
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Karaage, Sweet Foods in general
Dislikes: Useless Efforts

A giant active in the vicinity of Metro City’s harbour.
He earned his living from weapon smuggling and contraband.
He has a big tiger tattoo on his back.

It seems he has a relative able to spit poison from his mouth,
active in an Asian organization specialized in drugs.¹

¹ So apparently T.U.S.K was a relative of Wong Who…

New Holiday New York stage basically looks like Sean’s old SF3 stage but revamped.

(Now that I think about it, they’ve been the same stage the whole time.)

Why does no fat person in SF know how to shop for fucking clothes?!

Look, I’m a large man myself. You just buy bigger clothes!! Why do Rufus, Birdie and now Wong all try to comically stretch the clothes of a man half their size around their bodies? Wtf is your problem Capcom?!

Asian cousin of Rufus lol

This is something SNK started with Cheng from Fatal Fury

When Japanese companies do stuff like this, I doubt they’re trying to be offensive or insult the intelligence of their fans, they’re just not very subtle.

When I saw Wong Who’s profile, the first thing to came to mind was, “Is that the fat nigga from Nguuhao?”

I can see a resemblance!

To put it simple is because fat peoples (presented ever as 200kg+ super obese) are there to make the cast funny cartoonish various like barbaric looking muscle men, 10/10 porndressed sluts, creepy wierdos

For what it’s worth, they got Profiled awhile back too. Can’t wait to see how goofy Kiki’s going to make Bill Bull and G. Oriber look!

Wong and TUSK being related is awesome. I love stuff like that.

Extra mode? young akuma? Fight goutetsu, gen and gouken? Akuma saga?

just akuma lol

Just Blanka’s alt from SFIV.


I guess Akuma grew his hair after SF4 then cut it short again for SF3…

At least it’s not all white.

@YagamiFire vindicated once again. SFV shows us what Akuma actually does during the raging demon. Akuma straight beating the shit out of people. No sending souls to hell.

I just came here to post: The new Akuma trailer actually shows what happens during the Shun Goku Satsu. Whoa.