The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Hopefully its just him and not streetwise entirely.

Yes, but resisting what… ???



A young man living in Metro City.
He’s cool and serious.
He has an older brother with particular issues, you say?

Name: Kyle
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: Unknown
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Beer, Motorbike, His Girlfriend
Dislikes: Police

A young man with military experience
who spends his nights in and out
underground fighting clubs.
He’s currently training in a gym
and lives from the money he gains
by knocking out his opponents with his quick punches.
A rookie who might have yet to show his true strength.
It seems he likes billiards.

“I was born in a country with long winters…”

“Then, I lost my country, so I threw away my name as well.”

The Final Fight protagonists are finally complete!

They’re wisely adapting different stuff from non-japanese sources, like UDON’s Gō Hibiki and now Cody’s brother. Who is just Kyle, not “Kyle Travers”.

Kolin’s partisan days when she was younger. Funny spoof of the Soviet flag. I guess Shadaloo = Nazis.

It say “The Strongest”

meh, kiki turn everything into platinum blond

otherwise good piece

Kiki is just trying to give characters a chance to get added to the SFV roster.

but are they going to do final fight 2 thugs?

We don’t know. They probably decided to do the bosses first because they’re far more interesting. One thing’s for sure: nobody expected to see Kyle today. My guess is that they’re trying not to be too predictable.

In my opinion they will, but not for a good long while. Between Poison, the Andore Family, Bred (OMG/OMCar), El Gado (FF Revenge) and the rest (most named after rock groups) there was something special about the original thugs that the FF2 thugs didn’t have.

The kanji on F.A.N.G’s back

This time we’ll speak about the characters on F.A.N.G’s back.
We’ve thought about various ideas about them.
What were those ideas…?

Mirror Version


A mirrored version of the character¹ he has on his chest.

Easy to understand Poison Version


This is easy to understand. He’s a poison user, so “毒” (poison)! Simple is best.

Ateji² Version


Both versions 呂ハ須 and 羅哈斯 read “LOHAS”.
At a certain point, there was actually this idea of F.A.N.G as a poison user since his birth, and that he was an ecologist poisoner who loved Earth (WTF)³.

Seven Dragons Version


A design inspired by the “seven dark moons”. Somewhat cool, don’t you think?

We’ve had various ideas about that.
But what was the ending result?! Just check the game!
You can see it in his standing MP!
Well, what I actually mean is…
I must confess that his final design is “There’s nothing written there”.
It just ended being the best design, so everything disappeared.

¹ Aka 貳 ni, archaic version of 二, “two”.
² Kanjis used like hiragana, for their phonetic value rather than meaning. We’ve had various examples in SF already, like that 愛羅部優 Ai rabu yū = “I love you” in Sakura’s SFIV Underpass stage.
³ Good thing they laughed at this idea themselves.

Lol this crap was terrible

It will have completely broke Fang’s color scheme, wtf they was thinking

Kolin move list

CA with jap voice

At least that fang would have appealed to lgbt lol

“Icy what you did there, but I still will not forgive your failure…Charlie Nash”

If they launch Azam,i will kill them for wasting my money,Launch Blanka Please

Kolin’s Unknown country of origin makes more sense, then – she’s from a fictional Soviet Bloc type country that was destroyed (presumably by Shadaloo)

Another way that she’s set up as the opposite number to F.A.N.G.; both are from countries that were ruined and lost to time.

The government regime which was in place at the time Kolin was young