The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Streetwise finally being confirmed canon

Guess no one cares about Gill concept art

Apparently, they were thinking about names like Ajax, Gemini, Laius, and Pantheon for him

I can’t wait to explore Kolin once she’s released. Looking forward to her story and win quotes.

Ajax and Pantheon sound badass. Better than gill Anyway

S…streetWise is canon?! Augh…

Thanks dude! Wow, I never knew that there was such an air of mystery to the G-File. Wonder what it’ll be revealed as?

Aw man, Ajax would have been cool for his name, I’m okay with Gill, but did they give reasons for why they went in another direction?

I wonder if the placeholder Ajax name was a reference to the hero of Troy?

Pantheon would have been a weird name for a person but all those names are better for his Greek mythology vibe than “Gill”. Why did they settle on Gill? So weird.

Oh honey, trust that we care way more that the color scheme goes together! Cestus is absolutely right on this one.

Just wondering, has Capcom profiled Guile’s wife yet? Christina (by herself) has been released ages ago and I thought they would have done the wife and the daughter when they did Eliza with Mel and Sally with Datta but it didn’t happen.
Oh yeah, did they profile Blanka’s mom?

I’m surprised Capcom are still doing profiles a whole year later. I thought it would have been done by now.

Pantheon is cool. It would diefy him without directly stating it. Ajax…no. Gill’s better than Ajax. Anytime some says Ajax. I immediately think of this.

Neither of them have. Assuming they do everything, the ones they have left are:

Guile’s Wife, Jane
Blanka’s Mom, Samantha
Dee Jay’s Agent, Bob
E. Honda’s disciples, Hatonoyama, Marunoumi, Yasuhanada and Nishinofuji
Juliana, David & Richard Burgman, the trio of C.I.A. Agents who are after Q
Elena’s friend, Narumi
El Fuerte’s Cook
Hakan’s Family
Luaren, Viper’s daughter
David Crislip & Joe
Jade Goat
Rashid’s Friend
Sawada (though they may not own his actor’s likeness)
Individual Profile for Sean
Cyber Dan (possibly)
The Andores
Rena Genryusai & Maki’s Father
Fat Jack
Akuma (Playable Incarnation)
Kolin (Playable Incarnation)
The other 4 Season 2 Characters
The rest of the Final Fight Streetwise Cast (though I’d be fine if they just did Vanessa and Sgt. Sims to be honest. MAYBE Father Bella.)
Shin (Street Fighter Online: The Mouse Generation)
LT. Gibson (UDON Comics)
Alpha 3 MAX Version of Ingrid

And that’s assuming they don’t make any new characters purely to pad out the Profiles, like Tom’s Friends or something. That’s quite a few left to go!

Cool info thanks

Nice to know the alt possible names, these would have made even more clear the ancient greek vibe of his design

Ajax was a good picks actually, less sold on Laius
Pantheon was a bit too complex as sound and feel strange as person name

Gemini was cool as fuck as idea considering Gill’s duality.
Also because Gill and Urien have a bit of Dioscuri myth

Maybe i will have gone with something a bit more subtle and “name” as Janus

But tbh it will have worked less, because Janus was actually only-roman, when for Gill the focus should be greek theme

They could have worked also on something that remind Prometheus name, specially considering that this paint could have gave them part of the ideas for Gill’s design


ps: said that if/when Gill become playable, give him dat Gemini helmet in one of his alts

Fun thing the Golden Saint of Gemini was also the real identity of Arles, the final boss
Who sold himself as the good guy, world’s saviour too
Gill’s intro clothes remind a bit his tunic version

Thank you. I really appreciate it!

Yeah, that seems a lot!
I’m still waiting on a Rena profile myself!

I just gotta ask (someone, anyone I guess)…is there ANY way Capcom would do a profile of Julia (aka Shadaloo Doll Juli when she was living in the ThunderFoot village and before brainwashing) at some future point (even if it ends up under Extra)??? I’ve just ALWAYS wanted to know more about that part of course! I can’t lie, I would be excited. Lol.

I accidentally double posted. I’m sorry. I don’t know how to get it out. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Can anyone help me out here, please?

That aint even the complete list. Couple of weeks ago we did a full list and it was waaay bigger. LOL.

B…but going by the info that he was almost in MvC3, so he could have creeped Deadpool out by standing too close to him and saying. “Hello Wade…my Name’s Ajax…a cleaner.”



That’s all I could recall off the top of my head at the moment. There’s bound to be more though, since they’re pretty much doing EVERY NPC EVER! On the subject of civilian Juli, I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Juni got a second Profile discussing her current life post-Shadaloo. They could easily do the same for Juli as well.

I saw the Kolin/Helen trailer. It’s cool, pun intended. I just don’t care for the character. Eh…
I’m taking a wait-and-see approach with these new characters. I would prefer more old favorites. I like the SFIV series more than SFV at the moment.
I’m not a big fan of Akuma, I’m not much for Kolin so I’m a bit cautious on the rest.

I’d love to see a Filipino fighter someday.

I was hoping more for a Pre-Shadaloo Juli(a) profile but I’ll also take a Post-Shadaloo Juli(a) profile. I’ll take whatever I can get. Unless T.Hawk becomes more forthcoming later on for Story. I would think T.Hawk would know her the best.

It was.
The names they thought about were all related to Greek mythology, Laius (father of Oedipus) included.
Conversely, Gill can be the short form of Gilgameš, as did Namco with its Tower of Druaga; or, more probably, a reference to Shōtarō Ishinomori’s Android Kikaider. They took the superhero form of protagonist Jirō, Kikaider, who is half red and half blue…

…and the name of the villain, Professor Gill, who created him along with his evil brother Saburō (who has a supervillain form that is all black, similar to Urien’s).

Gemini – or even better, the Greek “Dioskouri” – would have been cute for the brother motif with Urien, plus their sister was… Helen of Troy. So.

Laius would have been a weird choice. I don’t really see the connection. Ajax at least has a mighty warrior connotation.