The input system of MVC3

So far, we have a grasp of …

-Frame Data
-Hitbubbles system
-The Grand theory of HSD
-Damage Scaling

but one of the things we haven’t discussed in depth is really the input system of MVC3. What are some popular shortcuts for DPs, 360s, Charge Motion, mashy moves, etc. Is there any weird shortcut for specific characters in this game?

There are 360s in this game?

No…:rofl:, but I just wanted to see if there are any shortcuts in this game.

There are some oddities in how inputs are read and prioritized, but there are no actual “shortcuts” as far as I can tell. You have to hit every component direction of a motion in order for that motion to be registered.

There are some old threads on this sort of thing. Look around.

MvC3 has input leniency, yes, but not of the same type as SF4. In MvC3, the player as to input each direction respective to the move. The player can input more and, like Sixfortyfive said, there are some strange things, but there aren’t any real “shortcuts”. One oddity I can think of is how if you do a DP motion or a charge motion followed by a QCF motion, the game will read the :f: from the previous DP or charge and add it to the beginning of the QCF causing another DP motion to come out instead. For example, this happens when canceling Felicia’s Sand Splash xx Dancing Flash, her :l: Cat Spike xx Dancing Flash, and the infamous DHC problem.

Tricky stuff. :lame:

It’s because of the size of the input buffer, and how it carries the inputs forward. While this issue does fuck with DHCs and walking fireballs, it’s also highly abuseable with Seismos. Rapid seismos canceling is much easier if you use a F, QCF motion for the first then input a traditional tiger knee motion for all of the following Seismos.

:eek: I supposed if you want to get technical

360s are present; I believe that’s how you boost the damage of Haggar’s Level 3 and Spider Man’s Ultimate Web Throw.

To get the damage you’re talking about, a series of 360 motions are not necessary. The game only has to read a series of inputs. This means you can get the extra damage just my mashing the stick back and forth; in fact, it’s far easier to get damage this way.

Frank’s anti-air super as well

some stuff i don’t get is forward and reverse dp motions

sometimes, when i go to do a reverse dp motion i get a forward dp motion (mostly happens with ryu) and same for the other way

For example with Ryu, to cancel a Shoryuken into Shin Shoryuken, all you need to do is DP+Attack -> 2 Attacks. You don’t need another DP motion to get the Shin Shoryuken out.

That’s not input weirdness, and it’s not reading the :f: being read from the previous dragon punch. You’re just adding an extra :f: input to the end of your DP, and as a result an immediately input QCF motion becomes a DP motion.


:dp::f: + :qcf: = :dp::f: :qcf: = :dp: + :dp: + :f:

Again, nothing glitchy/strange there. Just an easier way to input consecutive DPs. It’s what I did for dante’s double-input specials in vanilla, and adding a :uf: in the for a JCC and you you’ve got Viper rapid seismos, Dante double Valcano, etc.