The internet is a fractal!11


ok guys… i dunno if this has been posted before… but i am drunk… so here it is!!!

its a map of the internet!!! and its fractal!!! as you can see, is a small satellite around but we’re tied in size to

for best viewing experience, hit that MJ first


def need the motah to fully enjoy this. super interesting find tho


I knew this was you posting as soon as I saw the title. I also knew you’d be drunk. :tup:


As the prophet Jonathan Coulton said of the Mandelbrot Set*, so to is the internet “one bad-ass fucking fractal”.

*R.I.P., Benoit.


and these countries don’t get along anymore…

More in common between you than you think, guys!


no porn sites=fraudulent



Xvideos so far down.

This is so deep, good find.


i am worried that its surrounded by and


Huh. You get turned on by something new every day.


the yellow parts are china and the red parts are russia. stereotypical map.


whats really shocking is how big myspace is. way larger than i expected. people still use that? amazing.


Oh, that would be me. Probably. :tup:


Doesn’t really resemble a fractal to me. Lol at the cluster of porn sites in blue near the bottom.