The internet sucks lately

I just tried to google (and bing) how to correctly do a sit-up. Looked through the first 3 pages, all I got was bullshit content farms and idiots talking about it who have no credentials. You know, ehow, yahoo answers, blogs, videos from random unqualified people, the usual.

The last 3 years this has been getting worse and worse, but it wasn’t til tonight that I didn’t get ANY good results. All BULLSHIT.

This has become a problem. 5 years ago, when you googled something, you would get (with the right search terms) mostly GOOD, helpful results. Web sites made and maintained by engineers, teachers, computer scientists, REAL people. Who usually ran their own web site, or maybe off of a university server. Or legitimate web sites like howstuffworks, REAL organizations, real government agencies, real university websites.

Here is a great example of a site that actually has the right to exist on the internet:

Since computers have become cheaper and widely available, and since the population is booming and becoming a cess pool of shittier and shittier people, not unlike the dystopia you can see in any gloomy sci fi movie, the internet has become a cess pool of shit and scum with the development of SEO - Search engine optimization. Millions of idiots competing for ad revenue.

Or maybe google just sucks lately and I didn’t get the memo and move on. Are there any search engines that block SEO sites? What do you guys use?

I just bought a discontinued video scaler for games on ebay. It didn’t come with a remote. Without the remote you can’t turn it on. So I need to simply make or buy a remote. I know the exact remote protocol and code for the ‘ON’ function. Should be easy, right? In a world where everyone was like me, I could go to the nearest store, buy a programmable remote, and enter the code on the keypad. But no! Of course you can’t do that! NOWHERE on the internet, will you find how to make a remote control to do even just one function. I get close, but the people who write web pages and data sheets these days are idiots, and don’t say HOW to use the IR code. They just babble on about the protocol. If you’re writing a web page on how to make a RC5 IR transmitter, TELL PEOPLE HOW TO FUCKING PROGRAM THEIR CODES INTO IT. Thats the problem with web sites these days, the idiots that put information into them don’t THINK about the end user.

“Im a whiny baby and I should be completely satisfied with even the privilege of accessing the internet even if all it had was meatspin” I saw your comment coming and I squashed it : )



All I had to type was Crawling in youtube

So, do you still need help on how to do a sit-up? If so, reading FM 21-20 is a good place to start.

You don’t know how to do a sit up? How stupid can you be?

You have to bear in mind that everyone with an IQ over 50 already knows how to do a situp, and sites teaching it will reflect their key demographic

Why do you need to look up how to do a sit up?

Thanks cryoh. I’ll definitely read that army document. Proof that regardless of how useful the internet is, talking to smart people is always invaluable.

These new members have been sucking lately…

What kind of cheese goes best on burgers? IMO it’s American I mean freedom cheese and no not that individually wrapped shit.

Goddamn you must be fat.

Doing situps incorrectly can cause back and neck injury due to unnecessary strain. You’d be surprised by the amount of people that can’t do proper ones.

Fuck a sit-up. Do crunches. And HIIT. Git some abs, son!! And tell Ronald McDonald to fuck off. That clown’s peddling poisonous fake food.

Whatever dog. All I have to do is type in “return of” in the Youtube search box and it knows I’m trying to listen to Mack Morrison. Google also seems to know what I’m looking for before I can type the word in.

the way to do a proper sit up is you take a lot of poop and you eat it as fast as you can.

Hit up the weightlifting thread idiot, 2012’ers holy fuck.

is that a lolita-art painting in your avatar?

I dunno why you’d ask here, but no.

Yeah it’s true

I think the OP makes some good points about Yahoo search engines and ETC but Google is solid, use it every day of course

tbh I think Op is a cocksucker.