The IrOn MaN Unfly Thread



I dont know if there’s been one posted already, I didnt see 1 when I looked around… So anyway, baq to the matter at hand. UnFlY. Is there any other way to get it besides being hit out of fly mode? Are there any other uses to it other than the air inf? How exactly do you DO the air unfly infinite? How do you continue this unfly mode. Does unfly make Iron Man ThAt much better? Many more to come…

<-- just started playing Iron Man, so be gentle:D


This is a debated issue…personally, in my style of playing Ironman, Unfly sometimes makes a difference in being able to do pressure strings that I couldn’t normally do safely, but the Unfly Infinite DOES NOT IN MY OPINION make Ironman a whole lot more deadly. I mean the only use I see for it is if you land a random, any other time u should be setting up the infinite, and even random’s landed near the corner can do to the otg infinite setup.


Actually, w/ random, it’s possible to land INF set-up. AA even works. You can even get’em pretty high, possibly even if used for AA at MAX vertical range (sorry if that sounds kinda weird), I’m not sure, but I’m almost positive it still works.

From AA, jus’ do: / \ sj.*hp, AD d/f->pause,, slight pause->, pause->ad.u+hp \ / INF…

If you don’t believe me, try it in Training Mode, set the dummy to super-jump, then jus’ hit’em w/ a on the way down. If you time it right, you’ll be able to connect set-up into INF each time.

My personal style is to land INF whenever possible.

Also, IMO, un-fly infinite adds to IM’s overall game pretty well. If he catches anyone out of the sky (e.g. Run-away Storm, high-flying Sentinel) w/ a clean hit, you can continue into IM’s normal AC’s (which involve both AD and flight), then go into un-fly infinite from there, then either keep going until kill, you end up screwing up, or hit’em w/ a nuetral HP and making them land into an assist or something. The damage from the un-fly infinite outta nowhere is pretty nice, since there aren’t really any prior hits to cause damage scaling to kick in.

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo


not saying im right…just saying its my opinion. my style of IM is to bring him in by DHC to kill a character and jap GB them into infinite. i used to play IM on point first, but when i did i ran psy with him so it was easy to land the infinite if she hit. (no; im not a im/psy scrub, I just believe it is one of his best duos, better than im/doom). oh wellz, juss my opinion


lanuch, [lk, up+hp,fly,lk,up+hp, unfly , up+hp+dash up] repeat. How do you get that combo to go into IM’s normal infinite? I keep trying different variations but i cant seem to get the person low enough while doing that flymode infinite to go into his normal infinite. Can anyone help?

My main style of play with IM is like geronimo’s, land an infinite when ever possible. I usually get people with the clk,cmp, sj , lp, dash forward lp, up+hp, infinite. It is just easier for me to do it that way.


im saying, i infinite off all tri jumps and’s, haha; and sometimes off of random launchers…but sometimes they are too random 4 me to infinite off of:lol: but once again; i dun play IM first anymore so don’t mind me


I don’t play IM first usually either. He’s usually my anchor (I’m mr. OG MCI, IM is last/main assist). Or in terms of Team CF, 2nd.

ComboMasher: Your best bet would be to hit the opponent into an assist (Doom and Psylocke come to mind as best choices), unfly and land, then position yourself and start infinite.

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo


how do i practice unfly mode solo in training mode?