The Irony Is Almost Painful


Videogames > Real Life




How do you forget to feed a baby when

you know what. Nevermind.


I was hoping it was Starcraft that they were playing excessively.


“What does the defense have to say in regards to this heinous act of grievous neglect?”
“Your Honor, we needed to construct more Pylons!”

“I sentence you to life in prison, with no chance of parole.”


Ness better not have kids.


That’s just sad, man.


This news, coming out of Korea, does not surprise me in the least. Does that make me a bad person?


because it doesnt surprise anyone really


It’s like fapping to pics of your gf when she’s in the next room.


Been there, done that.

Never killed a baby, though. Very sad when you think about it, though. A baby starved to death.


Picard face palm


Warrior needs food badly.


now anima will be put into the online foster care system. everybody loses.


yeah , they play starcraft or something like that . saw the vid of the news :frowning: .


Holy shit wtf is this?!?!?


that shit is un-fucking believable i wanna punch this guy’s face in.


Prius Online?! Shit tier


I’m laughing a little too hard at this… ahem…


how come all of these mmo deaths take place in asia?


Cos in the west the hardcore mmo players we have can’t get laid in the first place so there won’t be kids to feed, and will never starve to death themselves while takeaways/their mums deliver food to them every day. The only chance they have of dying is from sleep deprivation, and owing to the laziness of our culture as a whole, I’m sure they fall asleep at some point regardless of all the redbull they’ve drank.