The issue of locking DLC to CFN IDs accounts not to the system hardware

I think this is an issue that we are going to have to address soon with the new Alex DLC coming up. What some of you may or may not know is that currently the DLC in SF5 is being locked to your CFN ID not to your system.

I had pre-ordered SF5 from account B simply because that account had more money in the PS store wallet. The pre-order Chun-Li outfit is only selectable now on this account ONLY. None of my other accounts have access to the DLC except this one.

While this may not be a big deal for some of you guys, it is a big deal to people that have multiple users per system. As of right now, it is just the outfits and these are no big deal but what would be the case when characters are on the line ?

Are we supposed to Re-buy the DLC for every account or CFN ID on the system ? That is an unheard of level of stupidity. That is some pre-release X-box one polices going on here.

Now i understand why Capcom went with this design. Obviously, they don’t want people to keep creating alt accounts and farm the easy one time Story mode fight money points. I get that, i really do. However, there has to be a better solution than this.

I fear that this is a problem that is going to surface inevitably when the DLC characters starts to roll.

What do you think is a better approach to this situation ?

Only one CFN account per system would be nice.
Annoys me to no end that people on PS4 are allowed to make alternate accounts as they please, thus skewing the rankings and fucking over new players.

This should go hand in hand with making LP stick to each individual character instead of being account wide, which is fucking retarded when you start playing a new character.

Just start the game with the account that has the DLC.

I think they might have been operating under the assumption that most people won’t have significant funds spread across multiple accounts like total hipster fuckups.

Or that some people actually have family/friends that play on the same console and might not want to use the same friends list/ranking.

Nope. Op PRE ORDERED based on one account having more money than another.

Pre-order was $60. Who the fuck has $60 loaded in a psn account “just in case”?

And besides, its a single alt costume. Those fams gonna miss it? This isn’t even a first world problem, it’s a hipster .25 world problem.

No I disagree entirely. The game begins at the character select screen, not at “Fight”. You should be judged as a player overall, not as an “X” player.