The Itabashi Slayer


Thanks to WestAB for ‘figuring out’ the move, and loltima for clarifying on its inputs/usage.

And it’s possible on a pad; I’ve been able to do it 90% of the time.

Your pony is slow :smiley:

Ahh, I knew it was in there. Just never really had the time to look for the post. Thanks!

I think posting here makes more sense than the video thread at this point.

I just found a 10x easier way to do it.

The current input is:

cr.:mp: (:lp:)(:lp:):r:+:hk::df:+:lk:+:hp:

Now if we think back to the good old days of akuma, we can remember we didn’t always have our easy new input for our demons.

:lk: and :hp: don’t need to be pushed together.

Here is my proposed input:


This means we get a quick input after our hk has come out (which is now 3k) and we actually can pick how long we want to delay our hp. We have an 8 frame window and we really only need about 3 frames for some ranges, but for further ranges (like just outside range) we can delay it alot longer before pressing hp.

Try it out it’s much easier. This also means we can do the jabs much earlier in the whiff, as the forward+3k will do our lk input instead of the other method which does the lk during the end which means we can put the jabs earlier cause the lk input is close to it and then we get a longer input time for the hp at the end.

I’ll try explain more later if people don’t get it.

And once again I say to use 3k, to make it much simpler.

I actually do it that way cause im a pad user and its alot easier to use the 3kick button than done seperatelly

What is with all the stupid anime names “Itabashi slayer”. Can’t tell if you guys are being serious or not with that one, but I see you all using “exploding heart teachnique” on the forum. So I’m beginning to worry.

And this shit is old school. It has not been “figred out” people been buffering jabs into kara demons since 3S. This exact same kara demon (rh kara demon) I’ve used multiple times in 3S long before SF4 was even released.

You are right it shouldnt be mentioned, everyone in the world knows it by default.

About naming stuff, its the same thing as “vortex”, “kara-throw” hell even “DP” i dont see a problem. As long as people understand those terms you might as well call it xxxporncomechecktechnique.

“Hey dude can you do Ken’s thing where you press forward and medium kick and then cancel it fast by pressing light punch and light kick?”


i believe there is a japanese player that goes by itabashi who westab was going against when he thought of this. hence itabashi slayer.
kara demons have been around for a while yes, but this particular one moves you a great distance and doesn’t require some ridiculous plinking like the tsunjinrai (sp?)

3s HK is a completely different move than SSF4. And this is a kara demon where you buffer the jabs in a whiff before you do it to make it easier to do the kara demon as you have a small frame window to get all your inputs in unlike the I think 13 frame overhead. It must be nearly impossible to do a normal kara demon with in 3s.

Exploding heart technique was a joke name that either West or LordOfUltima made up ages back after seeing that Jap vid.