The JACK thread



Jack-X Thread.

Will update this thread until more information comes up.

JACK-X Movelist


All signs in the heavens and the earth says, that there will be new model of Jack, updated by Capcom. Jack-X, just sayin’


Guess we’re getting Jack-6. Shame, wanted a new model for the cross-overs.


Can’t wait to see Jack in action, wonder if he will have a projectile? His alt costume looks pretty cool to. Glad to see you got another thread Slayerslice, your Kazuya one is really informative.


Dude streaming live Jack-X gameplay in training mode. Archive will probably be in the same place:


Jack-X + Hugo is going to be one hell of a scary team. Super intimidating chars.

I would crap my pants if I had to go against them irl. Actually even online I’ll probably still crap my pants.


Wow good find! Must be easy to hack the dlc characters into the game, seems like everyone’s doing it and its still day negative 1.

Edit: I guess it’s harder to do then i thought. Seems like it’s all just one guy doing it also. By the way Jack- X looks freaken awesome, think i seen him use a projectile.


Did you see Jack’s super from the stream? Its the machine gun punches that he does ending with the extendable one with electricity. Pretty cool if you ask me. I hope someone upload a vid on yt.


This guy looks way op. Not liking him so far.


Anybody have a link to other videos of Jack? I only caught about 30 seconds of him on the stream.

What I did see of him, though, looks awesome. Gameplay looks about what we probably all expected, and his animations and voice are amazing. Hope his damage is as crazy as I would imagine it to be.

EDIT: Found a couple.


EDIT 2: Another video from the GD thread. That damage.



Hahahaha! They gave him speaking voice now!
And made it extra robo-generic.

Dear god he’s even more awesome than I hoped.
Too bad I’m sitting out until I find an el-cheapo used copy of the game @_@.




Haha too sick.






Jack looks really fuckin cool. Ughhh DLC hurry up.


omfg dat teddy bear AHHAHAH!


this character looks like serious bizness


If Jack had some way to cancel his specials he’d remind me of a certain other character from SF4… :confused:

(Not that that’s a bad thing. Jack’s a beast.)