The Japan Log of Logs

konichiwa bitches.

so heres the skinny so far. we got into japan on monday cause we got served by our flight out of orange county (john wayne) airport. the flight was cancelled followed by a 2nd cancellation which totally fucked up our plans to get on the flight to kansai airport at noon 30ish. so after that shit we decided to take a cab BACK to my place in irvine which was an additional 10 bucks a piece (we took one to the airport that day) and drove my car from there all the way to norcal and arrived at my house around 6pm. we then saw a few people at MGL said wussup and then came back to my place and took a red eye flight to chi town at like 1130 to 517 chicago time. from there we had a sexy 7 hour layover til 12noonish til we got on a flight to kansai. thank god we got first/business class on the first and 2nd flights respectively so we could sleep. we arrived in the airport and the fucking train was broken so we had to take a bus-u to kyoto which was 23 bucks and about an hour and 1hour 15 min. when we got there we basically crashed cause of all the traveling. damn were badass.

so that was yesterday or whatever fucking day you wanna call it. TODAY, tuesday, we had alot of fun no mo. we went to this shopping area in kyoto called teramachi where there are a shitload of shops and arcades and food and people and we literally walked around all day. we actually woke up kinda early thismorning because of the jet lag and we walked around the kyoto trainstation (which has a big ass mall underneath it) before we headed out to teramachi/shijo dori. this area is basically the main part of the city. we took?pictures of lots of cool shit an and ate rame/rice/tempura/fish/good shit. we would just walk into a random shop that had displays of the food and pictures so we could just point and say “KORE” which means “this one” in japanese. in between walking around shopping and eating we went to the A-cho amusement arcade where we beat ass in cvs2,?3s and albert beasted on a few fools in mvc2. YES ITS TRUE. THERE ARE SCRUBS IN JAPAN. people who have wet dreams over the endless amount of competition in japan need to stop. and also. talking about cookiecutter american a grooves is pretty funny when albert fucking spanked up a cookiecutter japanese a groove today… stfu ho asses baATCH!!! anyways. people seem to be playing this fist of the north star game which looks hella fun but the meter looks like it was taken outta ggxx. there were hella people playing it everywhere as well as the new guilty gear. im sure most of the guilty gear heads know about all the new shit but it looks like ky has an air heavyslash fireball which is neat for llike setups n shit. i saw this one fool hella beasting with ky and he seemed to be using it alot. there was also this bitch with a huge fucking key as a weapon and that made me pretty happy. tekken dark resurrection is out and i did about .5 minutes worth of watching that game before i realized i dont give a shit. sorry tekken heads =/. after all this randomness we hung out with my friend yoshi (yeah i know thats a dope ass name) and ate dinner with her. she hooked us up with tickets to tokyo. OMG WINDOW SHOPPER JUST CAME ON IN THE HOSTEL. ok must focus. so she got us hooked up with overnight bus tickets for thursday night at 11 and we will arrive in tokyo at 730 am on friday. sigh. we then went to starbucks and i got a single shot caramel machiafdjksalfhd cause im a bitch and im still a little lagged. and now im?here and i keep pressing this fucking japo key. ???

heres the bazzle…
this is albert aka the jal aka the duke from the hood
im going to post random shit that ive noticed from kyoto and i cant seem to find the apostrophe key so bear with me…
-the myth is bs, there are cute as hell girls in japan that do not have fucked up teeth
-i saw a girl that looked like ayumi with a big ass, that was dope
-i bought a dope as hell jacket for cheap and there are like 129308219083901238 hip hop stores
-i beat niggaz asses in cvs2 with p-rolento, kyo, sagat…this one nigga that used a-groove hella counter teamed me with blanka, maki, sakura and i still beat his gay ass
-there were a few people using HELLA TOP TIER chars in mvc2 aka jill, spiral, morrigan…i beat the shit out of them using my top of the food chain mss-a]
-there are so many vending machines that sell crazy ass shit all the fuckin time on every street corner…]
-there was a shirt that said “HOMOS T-SHIRTS”…hahahaa…i kinda want to cop it
-i saw a random sign that said “DJ RIVERSIDE…AINT THAT A GROOOOOOOOOOOVE” lol, hella funny and random
-after chilling with yoshi, she taught me hella phrases to say to girls…want to drink together…lets hang out together…random shit to get sex…ill have to try it out in tokyo
-one last thing, any cute japanese girl that stares at me or batch ass dentron while im NOT looking and then i proceed to give her the eye, she will immediately have this headlight-deer look and look to the floor…with my new found japanese shit, im going to get at them soon…hahaha, keep you posted hos

Nice to see you guys having fun in Japan. You guys pretty much chilling together or are there plans to meet up with Buktizzle or whatnot?

Keep beastin’ on J-scrubs…

haha good shit. keep updating!

good shit guys.

find some top japanese players and record yourself owning them with roll/activate and wakeup supers.(or get owned…???)

WTF when did the whitest guy I know end up going to Japan!???

Bring back something, cute schoolgirl, dirty pornstars, ANYTHING!

Nazi power.

you know the drill jal

you know the DRILL, jal

Sick log! Sounds like you guys are serving hella Japanese hoes. Have you been able to adjust to the sticks?

too funny, i wanna see this too.

Oh My God. Bitch, i want to be in japan. I’m gonna go cry. Fucking… IM GONNA GO TO JAPAN!!!

Honey jal needs to bring back some clothes (or hoes). (or blows) no homo. Good shit batchhh


gs jal, keep up that hustle

remember to take lots of pics and be extra random

anata na kawaii des ne (you are purdy girl)

niggaz, this is my log for wednesday…

kyoto is a pretty chill as hell place. we did the same shit consisting of walking around, going on buses, gettin at food, going to 3000000 + 1 hip hop stores, and playing video games. im saving all my energy to scoop up a lady to make me crazy for tokyo. kyoto isnt really the type of place to do this shit.
i woke up and matt was talking to the new dude (oliver) in our hostel. we all decide to go to the kyoto station to get some food. i bought this crazy as hell chocolate parfait that had layers of yogurt, fruit, yogurt, crazy soft bread that reminded me of crutons, and yogurt with chocolate sizzurp and 2 cookies on top. anyway, this would be heaven but i cant handle way too much fuckin sugar. it was good shit but im not going to get that shit again. matt had some batchberry parfait and oliver got some sandwiches.

we got on the 605 or some shit bus and headed to the tamigachi or however you spell that shit place where a-cho is at. me and matt go to a-cho and oliver hits up the temples. this place is pretty fuckin dead at 10-11 am so we just play a few games and bounce to the hip hop stores. i cop a dope ass jacket for mad cheap and matt buys some weird as hell sweater with broken as hell english that is equivalent to aklsjdfkljalsdk;fjlkasjdfkljalksdjflaksdjf on a brown sweater. after walking around for a good amount of time, we hit up a-cho and start gettin nice.

this is one random ass day. theres some duke playing mvc2 that is actually pretty good. he was using msp the whole time and i used mss-drones to beat on niggaz aka bill style. he score is like 9-2 and he comes over to my side to bow to me and say “you can have my game” after he beats me. lol. he looked like a random takayuki motherfucker but shorter. i move over to cvs2 and play some dude that looks like a reject from my chemical romance. he was using p-iori, blanka, cammy. these are the most BORING matches ive ever played in my life. he just sits on his ass and low parries everything. hahaha, it reminds me of me during evo2k3. he beats me 2 or 3 times because i get impatient and start doing super risky shit. i finally beat his ass with my dope ass r2 cammy walk up throw x10 and he walks away like a rock star. i play 3s and get worked by a dudley dude. he was too nice. i try my luck with v-akuma in a3 and get served by a v-nash. that game is stupid.

observations about random games i was watching in between matches…

the character, aba, in ggxx slash is pretty fuckin random. he looks like a sick as hell patient that has a giant as hell key for a weapon that is alive or some shit. this one dude had a good 12 streak on people with him.

johnny is fuckin crazy in slash. he has a new move where he teleports behind you. it seems super pointless until i saw this one guy do a 14 hit combo with only one frc and it took off 50%. pretty nuts.

melty blood react is one dope ass game. we should all get into it because its like cvs2 but fast paced like marvel. its dope. this one japanese dude was smoking his cig while beating the shit out of people with some girl that had moves like millia.

we got kobe beef for lunch. it is fuckin delicious. thats all i can say. its too good. lol

i bought a big as hell apple that costed 1.50. it was the best 1.50 i spent in my life. god damn, i should have taken a picture so you bitches could see it.

k, im too lazy to type up anything else and this shit is already mad long (no homo).

ill keep you posted on my luck with the ladies after i get more phrases and shit from yoshimi…the action wont happen until i go to tokyo which is friday morning.


the log of logs day 2:

today we met this fool oliver who is in our room from dallas. so we started the day off by buying some?bus passes to show him how to do it. then we went and got breakfast aka parfaits icecrame-y goodness. then we went back to teramachi and did some walking around. we went back the A-cho (this is not THE A-Cho, but rather just another arcade run by a-cho amusement, similar to TILT arcades). we played some fools but discovered that the best time to go play games is whne school work is over at about 2 or 3 to whenever. so we left there and got the best steak of my life at this tempanyaki place called “misono” which is apparently a chain that claimed to have invented tempanyaki. tempanyaki is basically the kind of resturaunt/cooking where they prepare the food in front of you on a big metal grill a la benihana, except benihana does all the tricks n bullshit. we ordered it medium rare and lemme say that i have never had better more tender meat (no homo) in my life, plus the resturaunt had somewhat of a view of the surrounding area. after food we walked around and bought some stuff, i got a fuckin pimp ass shirt that has random?gibberish on it from?this place called “octopus army.” while we were walking around we kept walking into different stores with their own dope little twists. the people here are super nice, one dude tried to help me buy shoes even though my feet are fucking huge ogre feet compared to the japanese standard (i wear a size 12). sigh. theres this one really cool brand, i think theyre called like dragon shoes or something that are only available in japan that look hella dope. we also went back into this store that albert bought a jacket from and the same cute girl was working there and she gave us a big ass grin when jal bought the OTHER jacket he was deciding between when he bought the first one.

so anyways. when we got back to A-cho it was pretty happenin. I played cvs2 and 3s vs some more people, including a pgroove player that beat albert and i a few times a piece before albert beat him?and he left. apparently we dont know shit about turtling in japan cause this guy was a turtle beast. he landed alot of low parrys even though i was trying really hard to do shit like s.fierce with blanka to throw off his low parry shit. whatevar. I watched more GGXX slash and that game looks pretty fuggin dope. i watched more of that bitch with the huge key. the dude that was playing her always did this activation shit which used an icon down by her super meter (kinda like the coins with johnny, they would go away with each activation). when she did this she got another mini meter up top by her life bar. i really dont know what any of that shit meant but the dude always did it so maybe she sucks without it. if someone could exxplain how it works tthat would be great. I also played some tekken 5 DR and lost to this armour king fool who lwas using this mid hitting move that fucked up my shit hardcore. normally i use d/f 3 to hit mid/high moves after i bait them but this thing would just hit me out of it so i was at a loss for what to do so i just died. i forgot to mention that yesterday i played this game called ARCADE cobra. its basically timecrisis 2 except hella easy and with a card system and this shooting lockon bullshit. i beat the first level with only getting hit once and then it wants you to put in more money. fuck that.

ok enough about games. TOMORROW!!!

tomorrow we go to the thousand bhudas/meet up with noah and yoshi/go to tokyo at the end of it all. YAAALLLREDDYKNOW

fuck this japanese key bullshit gay i keep gettin fucking dumb charsdjklafjsa
ok thats it bitches!

i’m sorry dentron but you either need to post first or be hella more crazy than albert. his posts just makes me laugh.

hella random.

Bitch without mini meter = normal form like the rest of the cast except she’s slow as fuck and can’t exactly do shit since the rest of the cast (except Potemkin) can run circles around her. Use a Blood Pack or land her command grab (if you got the balls to try) to go to her PMS form.

Bitch with mini meter (PMS form) = fast as fuck, damage gets beefed up like crazy, gets new moves. However, she loses life everytime she attacks the opponent. Something like 40% of damage she does to opponent, she does to herself as well. But you can regain the life you lose by using a Blood Pack to revert to her slow-ass form. Note that she doesn’t regain life from damage done to her by the opponent, only from her doing moves. Oh yeah, knock her on her back 3 times while she’s in PMS mode, she’ll revert back to normal form WITHOUT regaining life. Oh, forgot; while she’s reverting back to normal form after getting knocked down 3 times, she’s COMPLETELY open to anything, even Instant Kills.

How do I know all this despite never touching a Slash machine in my life? By being subjected to the atrocity known as Isuka…

Be sure to hit up More amusement(tokyo) in shinjuku. Its like 7 hours away from where you guys are now though. But I think you guys were saying you planned on going there anyway. You guys will love it there cvs2 wise. If you guys need to contact bas, let me know. PM me or something.


i’ll be in tokyo on tuesday
for 4 hours when i transfer from my flight from taiwan to LA. I just wish they had an arcade at the airport.

last update from?kyoto =( Today we started the day by going to shinsangendo (sp?) hall. basically its this really long ass building filled with carved wooden guys and they all have hella hands, i think 42 on each one. from one end to the other there are 1001 statues in all, it is quite a spectical indeed. in addition to the 1001 koban (kobeN?) there is 1 big ass bhudda statue in the middle of them all with 40 arms?and 11 faces or something. its supposed to be 1000 arms but they say that each arm has the ability to save 25 worlds thus the effectiveness of 1000 arms. Also?there are 28 statues of deities in front of the koban all?of which have their own story however japanese story telling is fucking broken and 1/2 the statues dont even have good explanations of their origins. so i really tried to learn something but came away with little of the actual religion but the artistry was enough to make it worth visiting shinsangendo hall.

after that we took a bus and met up with Noah, my friend from p-town and we went and got conveyer belt sushi. its fucking awesome. its like 105 ??a plate and i ate like 9 plates of sushi. damn that was good. especially the tempura sashimi and the tempura rolls. after that we went to acho for a bit and slammed on the locals some more. I managed to take some pictures of the arcade which i will upload when i get back. Shortly after we met up with yoshi and we shopped around for some shit for alberts family and noah suggested some shit we should do while were in tokyo. We went to this random bakery and chilled for awhile then said goodbye to yoshi after i gave her a big bottle of baileys irish cream (she has a thing for it) as a gift for helping us out with the overnight bus. we went back to a cho for a little longer and played more games. i played noah in this crazy bustamove?meets tetris meets lumines game like 10 times. that was dope. noah won a grimlin in one of those crane games after spending 1000? but i would say the prize and the victory are well worth it. now were at a random internet place and we are about to go eat okonomiaki so ill let yall know how that goes. peace!

oh, the boy is nice…

so yeah, this is my log for thursday. im doing this shit super early because were going to tokyo via bus at 1130 pm and i wont be near a fuckin computer.

my favorite new word i learned from yoshi is…popcherry…you pronounce it like that and it means “chubby”. <3

k, theres a dope ass chain thats like ampm here in japan. its called lawsons. they sell dope as hell food for cheap. the previous night i bought a box of food that contained…rice, fish, a fried fish patty, potato salad, veggies, some other fish thing, and tempura. it was only 450. shit was fuckin good for my breakfast. i took my shower and packed all my shit because we have to check out of the kyoto hostel by 11am. we check out of that bitch and go out to peep a temple.

while walking down the street towards the bus station, i cop some cigz called “echo” which were the cheapest cigz in the vending machine. i smoked 2 cigz to be a badass japanese nigga and that shit is gross. gah, after smoking that shit, i kept coughing and coughing and coughing. being japanese isnt all out what its made to be.

we hop on the bus and head towards the “thousand buddhas” temple that has really neat preserved artifacts about japan. its a very interesting place that had over 14 statues of buddhist deities(sp?) and captions to explain what theyre about. the only statue i found to be interesting was BISHAMON aka that crazy as hell character from darkstalkers. it turns out that bishamon is one of the top buddist generals that takes care of the people…i have no idea how hes so crazy for blood in darkstalkers but whatever. we get out of the temple and walk outside of the temple. the scenery is really nice and i had to be a fob and take 12380912890905 pictures. it was a really nice place.

at around 11 40, we hop onto another bus to go meet up with matts friend noah. we go to a nearby starbucks and just chill there for a minute until noah gets there. being the slick bazzle i am, i charge up my ipod while waiting. in between conversations with matt, there are super cute japanese girls that wear short as hell skirts chillin in the starbucks coffee place.
in the japanese society, as far as what i have seen, people generally dont communicate with each other. they just stick to themselves and shit. it is like watching 2 people literally always staying 5 feet away from each other and not making eye contact.
----end sidenot----
i cant wait for tokyo. hahaha. time to get at popcherry batches instead of window shopping at a starbucks. lol. noah finally comes and we go eat at the BEST PLACE ON FUCKIN EARTH. bill, im sad that you arent here because we went to go eat at a sushi joint that serves the food on a conveyor belt. nearly every item on the conveyor belt only costs 1 dollar. yes, sushi for a dollar. place was mad good. i was still full from my crazy as hell breakfast so i only ate 5 dollars worth while matt beasted and ate 9 items.

we go to a-cho to play games while waiting for yoshi to come chill with us. i play a lot of 3s and get beat by a really good urien player. 3s action is crazy. luckily, i dont suck balls and can hang with these fuckers. i was able to land low forward super with anything he whiffed but this guy charged partition like a fuckin monster. blah blah blah, after playing, we meet up with yoshi.

she teaches me more pick up lines for japan while we eat at a pastry shop. the food is pretty good.

now, im at some random internet cafe typing this shit. noah is at starbucks studying and were about to go eat some “have it your way” style japanese food soon. well be in tokyo tomorrow and im pretty sure these logs will be more hype.