The Jem Thread

Alright i’m only posting this because I want to know why so many SRK users appreciate this show. Not that there’s anything wrong with it mind you, i personally love the cartoon. I was just shocked to log in to SRK after the Great Update, and find so many Jem avatars and quotes. Even Lupinko quotes her. Was there something that renewed interest in Miss Jerrica Benton?[media=youtube]JNqrWm1M3Sc[/media]


Also, the sky is blue, water is wet, and obvious is obvious. :wink:

Because she is outrageous. Truly truly… TRULY outrageous.

I woke one morning real early and caught Jem on The HUB. Prior to I thought it was some space or futuristic cartoon and didn’t care for it. The episode that was on was the one where the Starlight girls home was burned down and Jem wanted to house them in the mansion. Then the Misfits tried to run the owner down with a bulldozer for actually considering allowing the girls to stay in the home. I was like -_- when I first got up and started watching Jem and then I was like o.0

Since then I’ve watched Jem viciously. Check this site out too if you think Jem is truly outrageous.

I actually found out about this show through SRK (second time SRK has gotten me into a show about Hasbro trying to sell toys to little girls for 20 minutes).

I’m digging it. It’s generally pretty fun and the music isn’t too bad. Some of Jem’s songs can be pretty cheesy, but all is forgiven when they pass Pizzazz the mic. Their songs are better.

Unrelated, but The Hub. Their lineup is pretty nuts. Batman: Tas, Batman Beyond, My Little Pony: FiM, Jem, plus a few other joints worth tuning into on occasion.

Hub shows Batman Beyond, the most criminally underrated cartoon of the Timm-era WB. Everything else on that channel doesn’t matter

Stupid people like stupid things. But in this case (and others) they try to do it sarcastically in the vain hope that it will make them appear to be clever.

When I was a kid I was quite the Jem fan. Never missed an episode. Me and my older sister would watch it. Had one of the great opening theme songs of all-time. We hated the Misfits, loved the Holograms. My sister even got the tapes of their songs and shit. I was about 6/7 around that time. I never really followed the stories or any of that shit. I just wanted to hear the songs.

Now that I have found the show again, I am QUITE SURPRISED at how much depth the show actually had. The show goes into the backgrounds of all the Misfits and all the Holograms (and later on The Stingers) and shows why they act how they act. The show actually can be pretty deep. I DVR every episode and I usually watch it as soon as I get home.

I never gave the Misfits any credit when I was kid but now I realize… their songs were pretty kick-ass too.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Anyway… the show brings me back to a simpler time. A time of big hair, love, friendship, buzz words, and silly songs. Watching Jem and the Holograms is like watching KPop videos. It appeals to the silly, innocent, happy side of you.

Yeah i get the same feeling when I watch it too. Love the 80’s. Also, misfits had some kickass songs as well.

When I was a kid I hated the show. It was like a long intermission before anything good comes on.

Jem on its own is not interesting, but Jiz parody makes everything 100 times better

How come I only found this thread NOW?

I respectfully disagree.

For its time, Jem did a lot of things that a lot of cartoons barely even thought of do. No wonder that the series was the mosf sucessful one of the its “experimental morning block”.

Better yet: Jem did had character development - something that cartoons (and some other shows too) are severely lacking.

All started in the UMvC3 pre-release thread. Lupinko’s hints and all - and he mentioned Jem. Master Chibi came and helped spread the hype. I didn’t even knew Jem until that point (my country barely exhibited the show [and only once in the 80’s]). Since then… I’m a huge fan.

All hail the queen (and the Misfits too - their songs are better).

haha, the thing that amuses me is how this show was a thing that guys from my generation were “in the closet” about at the time. Back then, I seriously doubt anyone would’ve admitted to watching it and enjoying the theme song. As with most old cartoon shows, that intro hooked me in right away… I even recorded the intro theme to a cassette. Now, that theme is really the main thing I remember about it.

This thread has also reminded me to try and make a “Jem” character in Saint’s Row 3 later…it should be funny to watch Jem running around stealing cars, taking hostages, shooting people, all that jazz.

I originally heard of the show through TvTropes and just knew about it. Then, there was the huge meme around her. I saw on my guide that Jem was on The Hub and decided to check it out to see what was so wonderful about it. After one episode, I fell in love with the series and could see that this show was ahead of its time. The show definitely had a crew that cared about the show. I can’t watch it at college normally so I’m gonna get the boxset later this year.

Before watching the show, I had seen the hilarious Jiz parody which I always quote.


That was the first episode.

I was dedinitely a closet jem fan when I was a kid. My friends and I would sing the song in a mocking tone and make up our own dirty lyrics but in truth we all watched the show every morning before school
Of course none of us admitted this until we were grown men.

I’m impressed with the rediscovery of the show and people’s willingness to admit they enjoy it.

Btw, my five year old nephew loves the show as well.

Jem is totally cool.
I watched about half of it I think like two years ago or so, when I remembered having seen parts as a kid. It’s a pretty weird show… She like, starts competing with her own alter ego over this guy or something… And how are the Misfits not in jail, they’re fucking crazy.

Give this IP to Lauren Faust, profit.

Man this thread is truly outrageous.

Truly, truly, truly outrageous.