The Jin Combo Thread



You should take a look at the other videos on this thread. They have Similar combos and setups. I have no shame -_-


K i updated the OP, idk if there is an agreed format for the Legend so I just made my own, I also went with the spoilers format to keep it looking neat.
And i’m in a hurry so i havent gotten the notations for the combos in the vids, I’ll try to do that later today.

thoughts? missing anything? If this format is good then I’m gonna go with this for good.


So far its good. But maybe we should add some Jin specific notations like MLD = Median Line Destruction. I have no idea wtf is SS uppercut LOL at first.

And I want to start the trend with calling his SS mp its real name (EWHF = Electric Wind Hook Fist). Or at least, I will.

and if is +5 on block… I can already see possible frame traps.


so im trying to find a nice safe jump in that utilizes c.:mp: for the +5 . i wish c.:lk:, c.:mp:, b.:mp::hp: worked, but the second hit of b.:mp::hp: whiffs. anyone found any good ways to be able to hc c.:mp: and get good damages?


If out of range, I use,, It’s less damage than b+mp,lp, but very consistent at even long range.


I dunno how viable it is, you’ve got to fish for the first hit I guess. But it’s day…1 or 2 tech, so hey.



c.:mp: > c.:hp: xx SS Thrusting Uppercut > s.:mk: xx SS Right Roundhouse Punch for an “untechable” knockdown. 318 Damage.

3 Meter


c.:mp: > c.:hp: xx SS Thrusting Uppercut >s.:mk: xx EX Penetrating Fist [:lp:+:mp: VER.] > Devil Beam. 3 Meters, 542 damage.

2 Meter


[c.:mp: > c.:hp: xx EX Power Stance > Mental Alertness xx Swaying Willow] x 2 > c.:mp: > c.:hp: xx SS Thrusting Uppercut > s.:mk: xx SS Right Roundhouse Punch. Untechable knockdown, 2 meters, 491 damage. [Not worth the damage, more of a Swag combo than anything. If you do one rep of the EX Power Stance loop you get 439 damage instead.]

1 Meter


Almost to the corner: c.:mp: > c.:hp: xx SS Thrusting Uppercut > s.:mk: xx EX P. Fist > SS Right Roundhouse Punch. 422 Damage, Untechable Knockdown.


c.:mp: > b.:mp: ~ :lp: xx EX Power Stance ~ Swaying Willow > Dash up c.:mp: > c.fierce xx SS Thrusting Uppercut > s.:mk: xx SS Right Roundhouse Punch

EDIT: Better option for meterless untechable knockdown.


I have a suggestion for the notation.
You should include what is chained and what needs to be linked.
Makes reading combos less confusing.


its already there in the Legend…


I like to use this as my BnB:

cr. lp/lk, cr. mp, shun matsatsu, mental alertness, swinging fist strikes

It all combos and is really easy to hit confirm due to frame advantage on cr. mp.


A variation of the 3 meter combo Demonik posted, I think it might be the max damage jin can do.

j.:hk: > c.:hp: xx SS Uppercut > s.:mk: xx EX Fireball ( :lp: + :mp:) > Super

Without the jump in it makes a great punish.


j.:hk: > c.:mp: > b.:mp: ~ :hp: xx fbf+:p::p: > s.:hk: xx wavedash :mp:

1 meter


If you do the c.:mp: > c.:hp: link off the jump-in, you’ll get 567. I can’t get anymore damage than this so far, but I’m looking.


Oh right I forgot to put the damage in my post, It does 582 damage with the jump in.


Just got up to 596. j.:hk: > c.:hp: xx EX Power Stance xx Mental Alertness ~ Swaying Willow > c.:hp: xx SS Thrusting Uppercut > s.:mk: xx Devil Beam


Anyone else finding out that the EX stance into swaying willow is REALLY goddamn hard? It’s almost risky to attempt it.


Yeah, it’s a tough link for sure, but it’s somewhat worth the damage if you can do it consistently.


I got used to it already. Its very easy and most likely will become our standar BnB later.
Its feels just like doing a bold cancel


it reminds me more of sf4 viper’s FFF combo, if that makes any sense…certain kind of pacing between HP~EX stance and MA~sway willow


j.:hk:, cr.:lp:, cr.:lp:, b+:mp:>:lp: xx MA~:lp:>:mp:

works with 328 dmg with MA being Mental Alertness :d::d:+:k::k:. Meterless I tell ya!


LOL this is much harder than the bold cancel, I got that down consistently in a few hours. With this I’ve been practicing since saturday and I still get it like 50% of the time.