The Joe Bray thread

lilasnromeo: who is joe bray
lilasnromeo: thats the new phrase

RouletteDare: who?
RouletteDare: joe bray
Tha Deezo: hahaha
RouletteDare: 206-330-8004

Tha Deezo: no wonder joe bray is an empire legend
Tranc3motion: sup guys
Tha Deezo: he’s already a legend to us
Tha Deezo: and we haven’t even met him yet

Tha Deezo: Joe Bray is a legend of the hidden temple
RouletteDare: hahaha gross
RouletteDare: Joe Bray has Global GUTS

HAHAHAHAHA! Best thread in the NW’s history!

RouletteDare: i’m reading zachs post in the empire arcadia thread now
zachdms: well, that was before i knew about joe bray
RouletteDare: haha
zachdms: if i knew about joe bray, it’d all be different
Tha Deezo: hahaha
RouletteDare: zach your sig is great
RouletteDare: ====> WHO IS JOE BRAY <=====
zachdms: it was “Empire Jeffia: Soldier 372”, but Joe Bray is cooler
zachdms: sorry Emperor Dares =
RouletteDare: joe bray > me
RouletteDare: i’ll say it first

(12:38:47 AM) IcarusDownworks has left the room.
RouletteDare (12:38:59 AM): oh trace is too good for our chat
RouletteDare (12:39:01 AM): and joe bray
Tha Deezo (12:39:28 AM): apparently Trace couldn’t stand not knowing about Joe Bray
Tha Deezo (12:39:31 AM): Jeff Bray
RouletteDare (12:39:34 AM): nasty!
Tha Deezo (12:39:35 AM): Super Joe Bray
zachdms (12:39:38 AM): who is
RouletteDare (12:39:39 AM): nasty!!
RouletteDare (12:39:39 AM): hahaha
zachdms (12:39:40 AM): joe bray
RouletteDare (12:39:42 AM): who?

Officially, this thread isn’t spam since it’s actually about a PNW player.

Joe Bray is also officially invited to my place next week as the guest of honor.

LiLAsNRoMeO (12:42:08 AM): whos the mod in NW?
RouletteDare (12:42:12 AM): zach is!
zachdms (12:42:15 AM): joe bray!
RouletteDare (12:42:20 AM): joe bray should be though
zachdms (12:42:27 AM): yeah, if i could, i’d share with him

LiLAsNRoMeO (3:30:31 AM): jmar vs ducjr
LiLAsNRoMeO (3:30:33 AM): OWNED
RouletteDare (3:30:38 AM): duc deezo
Tha Deezo (3:30:41 AM): send me that video Jason
Tha Deezo (3:30:43 AM): man
Tha Deezo (3:30:46 AM): why can I have like
Tha Deezo (3:30:50 AM): the tightest nicknames?
Tha Deezo (3:30:54 AM): Duc Deezo
Tha Deezo (3:30:56 AM): Vin Deezo
Tha Deezo (3:30:59 AM): Mandelo Anthony
Tha Deezo (3:31:00 AM): I’m bomb
RouletteDare (3:31:02 AM): Jeff Bray
RouletteDare (3:31:03 AM): > *
Tha Deezo (3:31:12 AM): Jeff Bray is gay
Tha Deezo (3:31:15 AM): Super Joe Bray
Tha Deezo (3:31:17 AM): is the best one
zachdms (3:31:19 AM): ZachD? =
RouletteDare (3:31:20 AM): haha
Tha Deezo (3:31:25 AM): because
RouletteDare (3:31:25 AM): ZachD eezo
Tha Deezo (3:31:31 AM): that could actually be Joe Bray’s nickname
RouletteDare (3:31:46 AM): Joe Bray would have that nasty nickname too

Tha Deezo (3:41:35 AM): hey Zach this is random but I need to know
Tha Deezo (3:41:38 AM): I’m takin a survey
Tha Deezo (3:41:43 AM): only with white people
Tha Deezo (3:41:51 AM): for my own personal information
Tha Deezo (3:41:53 AM): but anyway
Tha Deezo (3:42:00 AM): do you think Jennifer Aniston is bomb Zach?
zachdms (3:42:20 AM): how could she not be?
zachdms (3:42:30 AM): you ever see ‘she’s the one’?
zachdms (3:42:44 AM): smoking ==> unfavorable in women
zachdms (3:42:53 AM): but: jennifer aniston ==> a+
Tha Deezo (3:43:22 AM): I haven’t seen that
Tha Deezo (3:43:24 AM): I was just curious
LiLAsNRoMeO (3:43:26 AM): u got hella vids zach
LiLAsNRoMeO (3:43:30 AM): how big is ur hard drive
Tha Deezo (3:43:34 AM): because I don’t really find her that attractive, yet I do
zachdms (3:43:40 AM): 2 x 250gb
Tha Deezo (3:43:41 AM): because all black men secretly like white women

I’ll go to Zach’s only if Joe Bray is gonna be there.

I slept with Joe Bray’s sister

Joe Bray=A NW Brian Peppers?:confused:

Yes He Does exist!!!



Marysville Pilchuck High School is top tier.

Oh shit. Someone needs to contact Joe Bray. Add him to your friends list.

^-- Done. :tup:

Sup guys lol?
Whats this about? lol

LOL Preppy, now that he’s here, isn’t it a little fucked up that he can see himself in your av?

Anyway, tons of people need to rep this man.

Joe Bray, we need to know why you are in Empire Arcadia.


Do you not like empire arcardia?
Its a cool thing to be with I think.
They sponser me and have a lot to offer.
Plus my clan is involvled with them.

Yeah that is kinda weird u have my picture as your avatar,
but whatever its cool lol.

so why do you guys care so much about me?

^^ twenty bucks says that’s not really him lol