The Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Thread!


I just got this game for the DC and its rather enjoyable. Just curious, what are top tiers and some good starts?

I noticed that the girl with the magnetism(Mariana or something) seems like she could have some fucked up shit, but that might’ve been just because it was really fucking late.

Anyhow, anyone play at all?

Capcom's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fighting game is coming to PSN & XBLA. August 21/22, $19.99/1600
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Jojo´s Bizarre Adventure
Hello, and an inquiry into a JJBA forum
Is anyone excited for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD?


the shoto of the game is jotaro …
the toptiers are almost everyone … most of the character has their own way being " CHEAP "

shadow dio
etc etc …

DC version of jojo is MOre broken …eeer …i dunno

B O N U S <-- the jojo community shit …plus scans !! woo hoo


mariah is annoying … eer some time … i can do some of her practical combos…all her attacks are homing

download meikyoushisui combo vid !

um…use chaca , the skinny swordman , his the guy with counter advantage , BUT his endurance is weak …

i also have some infinites , hope people around can give us more combo vids …which was old


Not really. He doesnt have a dragon punch OR fireballs. Abdul seems more shoto-ish. Anyhow, hows about some combos?

With Jotaro, therse always the simple qcb+A2, qcb+A2, super. It probably can be air-escaped… I dont have much competition. :bluu:

Is this on Kaillera or something? Then maybe I’d actually have someone to play against.

With Mariahana(or whatever her name is) I just like to sit back, sent one of those cable things, and just repeatedly send out the forks(qcf+A). Also, b+A2?(I dont know what strength it is… its the move where she tosses a fork over her head) is good once the opponent starts jumping in. Her QCF+AA can be used as chipping. Is the QCB+AA only good as a punisher? I was trying to get her little capture move to connect and do that, but it was relaly hard to get that move to work.

I’ve seen that website. Kicks ass.


mariah’s qcb-AA is useful…mash THE BUTTONS !! so it will be 24 hits …

her speciality is magnetism …the opponent is a magnet …that’s why all her attacks are homing …

considered the female magneto , but not top tier …kakyoin is the worse , he is broken as hell , 1 careless , your doom …by a japanese-kakyoin player


Why is Kakyokin top tier? Explain.


well basicly he has insane zoning and does tons of dmage, he also has inf combos.
at least he cant setup unblockable into death, near death from a knockdown, like dio can =)
chaca and hol horse are top mid also btw, if u look hard there should still be links to the old jOjO thread in fighting game discussion.


a professional-jotaro player VS a professional-kakyoin player was like a match between ryu VS makoto/urien …


um forget it , we made the official 1 here …


how to …well how to Cancel Stand-user’s attack then chain to Stand attack ??? vice versa !!

example , star platinum jump and ma , XX jotaro’s turn and do , la , blazing strike , jump ha , la, , , than star platinum’s blazing strike x 2 …

and how to cancel star breaker

example , s.ha , star-breakerxx , s.ha , star-breakerxx ,la,ma , star-breakerxx ,la,ma , star-breaker!


I’m afraid I dont know the answer to your question, but I found this meikyousisui video of Jojo. Unfortunately, its too much cutting out to early and manga panels flashing everywhere.

On a semi-related note, I read the entire manga. Great comic.


yeah …is a good comic …

could you search another combo vid …of jojo ??


match vids



oh …avdol matrix style


Those match vids dont work! Does anyone else have em?


get it through MSN

but my msn is down


What makes Midler top tier? She seemed alright to me, but not top.


i dunno , i don’t use her


midler is not top tier =/ last i checked


yeah i do feel so … she sucks in eeeer tandem


i just want to know how the people that put out that combo vid, those eltie jap combo editers…how do they manage to make every crouching attack seem to move the mfwd a bit?