The Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Thread!


Hopefully there’s a big turnout for the Jojo’s tourney. My cpu is ass and doesn’t like to support GGPO. =/


good games to everyone that showed up! here’s the results footage will be uploaded this week so check out the yt page


Hurray I got fourth due to massive dropouts!


Hey Roukyou, I think the time constraints on these is always a killer. I had to go once it hit the 2hr mark, though usually my sundays/vacation days are more open.

What do you think about letting the games run in parallel until you get to, say, the quarter finals or something AS LONG AS each of those games can get someone to spec/record (or not have this requirement at all, too).


I just wanted to post on page 100.

and now im done!


The only constraints I have is bandwidth which happened last night , or I’m not on the computer.

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Good games last night to Geezer and MattCA, though I didn’t play much. I actually played VS a bunch yesterday, needed a break from Jojo’s…but then just talking about Jojo’s with people made me need to play a bit.


Hey guys. Here’s some information that might interest Dio players.

I bet some of you already know this stuff, but if not, I hope it’s informative.
I was watching this video ([media=youtube]RgppBJi4fa8[/media]) and at 0:45, I saw the Dio player somehow forcibly stop the 214C from moving out its entire range after he saw his dash 5C whiff. I’m guessing that it’s some sort of glitch (and I don’t know how to do it).

For these two I’m using the notation j. for jumping, s. for a move with stand on and d. for dashing moves.
I remembered this article ( by Xenozip and just realized that this could lead to some interesting 50/50 games. I tested this on Gamegeezer and it seems that the window to do this is very small, but possible. What I’m thinking is that you can do something like jump-in j.B or j.C and then jump immediately after the opponent blocks to low jump, instant stand-on j.s.5A and combo to air muda. I know for sure something like this could lead to fairly damaging combos in the corner and when the opponent has their stand on. I’m not so sure about its potential midscreen though and to do this is really really hard.

Lastly, I figured this out a couple weeks ago. Jump-in j.B and j.C (I haven’t tested j.A because I never use it) combo to d.2A. The interesting part about this is that you can do something like jump-in j.C>dash>1A>[2A]14A>bnb for a completely react-able way to combo to the bnb without having to do 214A. This is particularly helpful against opponents (roadapple) who are good at pushblocking the jump-in attack and punishing with a combo or against opponents who are really good at doing Guard Cancels.


hi everyone, been mostly a lurker since back in 04, only joined now thanks to Fayk who made a thread about this amazing game in another forum and a Jojo community is a hard thing to come by
I mostly play as Joseph, and I’m on the old continent, but competion seems fierce here as well

are there any recent games that are as varied and fun as Jojo though?


Either of those is a good idea in my opinion. Run everything parallel til the Quarter Finals and losers finals. Also I’m not sure if GGPO has some built in recording thing, but I can record with fraps and it should turn out fine so I’m available to do that too.

Now to figure out the portforwarding stuff, blah…


FBA (the emulator GGPO uses [a port of]) can record (‘record inputs’ or similar) BUT(!) it has a bug so you can’t simply record your own match.

You need to record as a spectator, though speccing your own game + recording in that window works I believe. If you don’t do this, your input recording will basically be garbage.


i would say that it’s just the low framerate of the video, you can’t see jotaro’s stand flash because if it ^^

yeah, that’s a nice 50 50 that can be used from time to time. i see it a lot against stand ON or big charas like joseph, that will get hit by instant j.S.A crouching.

nice, i gotta try that one, it never occured to me to try that with stand off ^^
by the way: i never use j.B, always j.A, since the hit stun of all air normals is the same (12f iirc). IMO it’s more important to be able to do the normal as late as possible for a better mixup between ultralate j.A and land, 2A, that’s why j.A is better than j.B, since it’s 4f vs. 7f. No idea about the hitboxes, though.


the play 2010 took place last week from wednesday to sunday, and the usual bunch of hardedge members showed up like every year. we actually managed to play jojo on a screen in the open - and also watched a crapload of old he-man episodes.

and some heman for good measure:


God damn, now THAT’S a scene. What exactly is the play though? I have been seeing enough Californians come into the GGPO room to think that something like that is possible in CA, USA.


Yeah, I don’t know how many would actually show, but if everyone I’ve seen appear on the map who is in Northern (Central?) california went, we’d have well over a dozen. That wouldn’t happen, but we could always try something else. Just need to find a good venue that people can make it to, and a good time.


the play is the annual nexgam meeting, which is a german video gaming forum. some of the hardedge people show up there as well since we know each other etc., although they treat us as if we were their antisocial neighbours at times (which is justified) ^^


Do most people play this on PS2, DC or emulated on PC?


Most of the people here play it emulated on PC (FBA/MAME) or with online multiplayer using GGPO (which uses a modified FBA).

DC version is 98% arcade perfect port (known differences are some tweaked damage numbers and tandem entry time).

PS1 version is completely different.


So you are playing the arcade version of JBA:Heritage of the future?


Correct. No one here (to my knowledge) bothers with the previous game, known sometimes as “Jojo’s Venture”.

You can tell the games apart in screenshots/videos by the different super flash and lifebars. Venture looks like this with the green lifebars:

Where JJBA:HftF looks like: [media=youtube]o9G3BJZllEg[/media]

Edit: Seriously, check out GGPO. Even if not for Jojos, if you’ve never used it (venture isn’t supported there anyways) it’s awesome. You could play passable games against people even in the US (if you have a good connection), but it’d be great to much of the UK/Europe for you.