The Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Thread!


Joseph is definitely NOT top tier. The tier list from what i can remember, should look close to this…

GOD/Banned - Petshop
S - Kakyouin
A - Vanilla, Polnareff
B - Active Stand users, Chaka
C - Non active stand users
D - Jojo, Mariah

Spacing really, this shouldn’t be the hardest part of the combo, tbh. I think you may be having an issue with your dash to crouch cancelling. That would be the more difficult part of the combo which could affect the 5C > 5S link.


I posted the most updated tier list in the other Jojo topic. The standcrash/hardedge/SRK wiki tier list are outdated. Y.Joseph is not as low as people think he is but he is still botton tier.

Here is the website for anybody who wants to check the matchup chart:


Game Versus


Hello people,

The JJBAHF community is very very active now on FightCade so come and fight with us :D.


This is true. Anyone who is interested in getting some good netplay with this game visit the link here for FightCade. It’s an online matchmaking service that lets you get some good P2P going with little delay (i say this lightly)


Is Kakyoin like the 3rd Strike Chun-Li of JJBA? As in is he just a step above the rest besides maybe one other character?


Jotaro’s version of the Time Stop glitch (along with Dio’s version):

The timing for Jotaro’s setup is much more restrict than what it seems. We have a very small window to cancel his d.2C into Time Stop.

In order to get the super flash before the opponent dies the Time Stop input must be divided into two parts:

[1st part] d.3C~B~A [2nd part] 6~S

Unfortunately, the only way I found to combo into it was using a stand crash setup (I’ll experiment a bit more later).

As far as I know Dio can’t do it from a normal like Jotaro (maybe because it takes a split of a second before d.2C actually connects). The good news is that Jotaro only needs 3 bars to activate the glitch.


Hey ppl.

Im here just announcing the next jojo bizarre adventure tourney that will happen on fighcade this april 12 (sunday) at 7pm EDT. Only all america but the link provide an eurasia tournament with its own link for the rest of players.

We will try to let it happen this every week if there are more players to sign. So feel free to participate in this friendly event.

Here is the link to sign to brackets:

We hope u can join us and get some fun with this great fighting game.



Some on games glitches:

And a not so old match:


If anyone is still interested in playing JJBA, fightcade lobby has been popping recently with lots of new players, recently had a 30 player tourney this weekend (, such a big turnout for a “niche” game! :3 There will be another next month, Aug, 30th

video archive of the tourney


The JP wiki lists bird - Jotaro, Kakyoin, Dio as 5-5 and bird - S.Dio as 4-6 O_o


I guess the drugs they are smokin are more potent than what we got here.


is there a training mode plugin anywhere? i dont have a good stick for dc :x


Yes, the Japanese actually believes S.Dio kills Petshop.

I can’t say I agree with that since I honestly don’t have much experience with that matchup, I would have to ask Otojo again for the reasons why that match is favorable for S.Dio (he told me a long time ago but I don’t quite remember the details).


@Kane do you know what changes were made to HD? I remember hearing petshop was nerfed and some banned stuff was taken out. Also, anywhere I can read the banlist?


Who’s easy to play? Where I can find the combos for individual chars?


Shadow dio and standcrash wiki


what’s up with polnareff’s stand-on ray dart (charge back forward) cancel into needle pierce (214)? is there any trick to getting it to combo? it seems like you can’t piano it because the A and B versions are too slow to ever combo. i have the most luck doing 46A into 214C, just trying to time it perfectly. is there a better way, and is it worth it to learn a combo this difficult for just a bit of extra damage?


So I’m just getting into this game and I’m getting punished for landing throws. Is there nothing I can do about this other than just not throw?


Hey uhhh…
Can anyone please share their knowledge about the game and tell me why the Dio : Jotaro match up sucks for Dio ?
It’s 2:8 and when I ask around people tell me because Jotaro just does whatever he wants lol .