The JoJo's thread

Post up, if you play this joint.

Trying to get more comp out of it…

Will love to get in if my system can handle it (only got 250 megs ram)

looks fun but i dont know what the hell im doin in it.

i played this for a bit on Dreamcast about 2-3 years ago with some friends. Wasnt great though but i enjoyed the game. I would love to learn this shiz and play people online. Is there a forum where i can look up info on chracters in this game?

I Play this game on kaillera when I can, any sort of input delay makes it alot harder to play. I defintley suggest (like most of the cps3 games) just excellent or better connection. Oh and I only play on west coast servers or sometimes daroms.

Game has hella advanced stuff in it but alot of the really basic and yet cool looking combos can be picked up rather easily.

This game is totally fresh. I have a good basis in it; if you want a challenge, find me on west wonderland.

I’m learning to play the game seriously now, after watching the anime and starting to re-read the manga.

However, from reading the Jojo thread in “Other games” aren’t there a few really cheap characters?

ya i play this online to

im usually in the afternoon/ latenight

Aight good to see there is some comp on Kaillera for this I’d like to do Ranbats in the future for this game would anyone be interested???

i cant get this game working at all myself… my 3s works but jojo doesnt even show up

Aight if anyone’s up for some games I’ll be available to contact from now till 3:00 A.M PST at DaRoms

What emulator do people use to play this online?

I think its Kawaks either that or just plain old mame.

mame plus plus 117

i play this alot play mo jojos

So this game die out on kaillera already??

I’m so playing this when i get back from china.

Not died out so much as never got off the ground. Most of the matches I’ve played have been very one sided as well, since not a lot of people know how to play. There’s some videos up on youtube showing basic combos.

i’d play… but theres no scene for it on kai so it doesnt seem that worth it to learn it…