The Joker: party thread

Will keep this post updated with bnbs. videos, etc.

For now here is a nice 38-44% bnb that uses one meter:

**j.2, 1,1 chain xx qcb 2 mb (rolling laughing gas), b.3, j.2, 3,2 chain xx hcf 2 (flower) **

As is, this is 38%. If you cancel into flower slightly later at the end you can get an extra 2%, but the timing is a little tricky. Replacing the 1,1 chain with 3 will net you an extra 4%, but that strikes me as less confirmable. Once I am better at seeing the difference between a hit and a block in this game that may change.

Low Chains:

Overhead Chains: (in order from most to least punishable.)

Other Chains:

Meterless combos:

Joker is going to be a trap/mixup character that has some trouble getting in. Combos used are going to be selected based on positioning post combo and potential setups.

Anti airs are somewhat upsetting. Anyone finding anything good there? You can cancel d.2 into teeth, but you need to be predictive as d.2 just isn’t fast enough to be a reliable reaction anti air.

edit- Since the frame data within the game is wrong, it would be helpful for people to test strings and combos etc. in training mode to find out what is highly punishable, what isn’t, etc.

Not great, but it can be confusing for the first few times maybe?

Opponent is cornered:

j.2, 2,3 chain xx teeth (cancel at the end of the chain to ensure the opponent is stunned as much as possible), neutral j.3

if the teeth/neutral j.3 catches follow up with neutral j.2, 2,1 chain xx teeth. Go for semi-unblockable with an immediate neutral j. 3 if they tech the knockdown or a delayed/timed neutral j. 3 if they don’t.

seems to be pretty annoying in the corner, j.3 after the teeth setup seems kind of obnoxious to deal with and a pretty decent air to air overall.

Probably better traps but this is like hour 1 shit from me.

I will try your setup later- for now I just noticed that if you go for a throw (and get it) before the teeth explode both Joker and the opponent will get popped up from the blast. Interesting.

lol. I’d imagine having to block crossups/overheads along with the teeth plus the added stress of a potential throw was too grimey for Boon and co? Or is there some other reason?

Anyways, I recorded my setup and played it back on myself. although its easy to escape the initial setup I wrote with the 2,1 chain xx medium range teeth (I know its kind of ass just wanted to try something without a knockdown that can be done midscreen) just a basic meter burn juggle into something like 2,3,2 or 2,1,1 (or was it 2,1,2?) followed up with teeth and an immediate neutral jump 3 in the corner is really tough to block if you time it right. One can time it so there’s a small to zero frame window to block and then you can mix up whether they have to block the teeth first or the jumping attack.

I dare you to play the Joker computer on “very hard” – let me watch you start crying.

One thing to pay attention to- many of Joker’s overhead ground strings are hard knockdowns. Also ending bnbs with a sweep instead of more damage gives you a hard knockdown for teeth.

One thing that I am curious about is whether a human can block everything that the cpu can. If I set the cpu to “always” block they will never get hit, even when teeth and an overhead seem to be hitting together. Some games (like 3s, for example) have absolute blocking for the cpu, even during true unblockable setups.

(edited for relevancy lol)

I’d advise doing what I did and recording your setup and then playing it back on yourself to see how well you can block it. I personally found it tough.

yeah i went o-24 against him on day 1. Doing this i found out you can combo back 1 into anything super,crowbar,flower. For some reason this is harder with sf controls. Also you want to turn off release check in the controller menu or hold down 1 to avoid getting gunshot.

Really, into flower and crowbar? I will have to try MK controls and see if that is why I couldn’t do it.

Really? I swear mine is off and I was still negative edging…

after more time with him, joker seems real solid with lots of strong offensive options with good hit confirm bnbs. agree with the OP on everything.

seems like teeth setups is the future for mr. j. maybe this will work?

j.2, 1,1,2 for hard knockdown in sweep range. follow up with far/mid teeth, j.3, j.3, 3, 2 chain xx flower. also j.3 x 2 and sweep for another teeth setup.

I think maybe one can sub 3, 2, 3 as well for enders? either way 1, 1, 2 seems to be the best hard knockdown for teeth setups because of how close you end up.

lastly his trait seems kind of ass but can we counter jump ins? if so the speed (and dmg?) boost we get for stacking counters seems boss if we can anti air with it!

Yeah the 1,1,2 chain is really good- hard knockdown, overhead and safe on block. Parry seems weak because it has a slow startup, and doesn’t work on jump ins or fireballs. It could still be useful as an option parry after safe strings that are at least +2 (although it you do have to guess high/low). It’s hard to tell if the HAs are even something you want right now. I messed around briefly with HAHAHA stocked and he may be too fast to even do his regular combos.

A couple of other nice videos-

This one shows a few varieties and versions based on his 1 meter bnb:

This one shows some nice teeth combos after an anti-air d.2 cancelled to teeth:

I’ve finished adding in all of Joker’s chains, noting which are safe on block, which aren’t, and which give hard knockdowns. One nice thing is that all of the unsafe chains can be made safe by cancelling into flower.

Also I’ve switched to MK controls- JAMSMASTERP is right, it’s super easy to cancel b.1 into flower/crowbar versus SF controls where it is much more difficult if not impossible.

MK controls are boss. nvr got into mk9 but im surprisingly ok with them. qcf works and hcfs are just made easier by the mk 'charge’

edit: thx for the great comp of vids and info Chad. all this thread needs now is more Ha puns.

No problem, testing and writing it out helps me learn. The meterless combo section is outdated now, I’ll update it tomorrow. Can anyone find a meterless combo over 25%? Combos starting with b.3 or f.3 don’t count.

seems like jokers about, like you said, setting up teeth traps. Lets see, he has no high damaging meterless combos aside from anti-air teeth loops but he has lots of safe overhead untechable strings and meterless high damging teeth loop starting from teeth setups. Seems to me like teeth setups are essential for not only meterless damage but as a playstyle overall. Something like get the knockdown off of safe overhead 1,1,2 and setup teeth for semi-unblockables for high damage. Get some meter and get the opportunity for 40%+ combos ending with more teeth setups, etc.

Oh definitely. I’m just working my way up. j.3, 3,2 xx flower is 29%. Also noticed that after a b.3 you are not allowed to use another ex laughing gas.

seems like a lot of cool vids are popping up but why is there like no one here? I thought the Joker would have a ton of people on his purple nuts but even in the online vids I’m seeing and the recent WNF tournament, no Joker?

Is it just me or does it seem like he’s not going to be all too popular?