The JS Master "Welcome to Playscape!" Tourny - Toronto, ON - 8/7/07

Date: August 11th 2007


Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Third Strike

$5 entry fee per game, prize split 60/30/10, you guys know all the rules for the game. Show up please, we need some directors also, g3nn? Tommy?

Lol, what the fuck.

yea i’ll try to take the day off
IF tommy comes i’ll help run 3s maybe.

lol wtf? stupid scrubs using my account trying to attact ppl. JS Master will NOT be attending dis tournament

But it’s till happening regardless if JS is attending or not. Everyone go to this tourny.

ill help run 3s, pretty sure im not working

or we can just start ranbat 2.0 on this date instead

You’ll get more turnout if you keep the JS Master branding.

this already sounds like a flop

What’s the time?

Console or Arcade?

Arcade, Jap Cabinets, this is Held at the Arcade located in Pacific Mall.

Registration starts at 12:00 PM, and Tourny will liekly start at 2:00 PM, Double elimination.

Dee, go fuck yourself, k? thnx. :sweat:

i’m coming but i rather not run it

if i do end up running it i’m taking everyone’s numbers so if they’re not around i can call them, and if i can’t reach you by phone you are DQ’d.


This tourny is being renamed

“1st EVER Southwestern Ontario Regional Street Fighter Championship - Fighters Edge Held in Toronto”

Flapp and Mikeheart just might be there.

Better watch out JS, i hear Mrs. Johnson is comming down to fuck you up. Shoulda known better than to dick up her son’s play date.

so is this shit going down at pmall or at windsor.

Obviously this is going down at P-Mall.

Get hype, everyone come to this shit. How can you resist not going to a JS Brand Tourny?


:tup: Good luck with this tournament everyone. :tup:

:rolleyes: We all know competiting with The Johnsons will be a real challenge :rolleyes:

WTF is witht eh date in the title? This tourny hasn’t happened yet, it’s happening the 11th of this month.