The Julia Chang Thread



Made a similar thread over at Capcom Unity, so I thought I would make one right here as well. I will update it with new info. Plus she’s my favorite Tekken character.
About Her
[]Series: Tekken
]Debut Game: Tekken 3
[]Country of Origin: USA
]Fighting Style: Kung Fu (Xing Yi-based)
Street Fighter X Tekken Website Description

Nature-loving Beauty

As a young child, Julia discovered the ruins of an ancient civilization. Now, this nature-loving woman fights for what she believes in with Chinese Kempo. A beautiful, intelligent woman, Julia always approaches every situation with careful judgment.

Her moveset:


Her launcher is Tetsuzanko (Shoulder Move).
Her 2 throws are Death Valley Bomb and Calf Branding.
[*]Backdash seems good.
Video Archives:
[media=youtube]iazLol5_Cpc[/media] (the 1:00 mark)



The Julia Chang Thread

The Julia Chang Thread

The Julia Chang Thread

The Julia Chang Thread

Super Art/Cross Art


Julia lacks any kind of dive kick lol - so she isn’t a Yun/Yang copipasta. She “lunged” that way since her debut.

Any words if she retains her Mad Axes, by the way?


Nah her dp is different. Also Julia is gonna be a heavy hitter.


Maybe I should fix the first post then, since she did exist long before Yun and Yang. Not sure about her Mad Axes.


Good stuff - I was waiting for someone to make this thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks. I still need to see if anyone knows what the inputs of her moves are. All I could guess is that her Lashing Arrow might be QCF + Punch.


Julia’s Shoryuken is indeed the one that Yang also does have lolz - the EX Version also have some kind of invencibility, since it interrupted one of Hugo’s moves (here’s the video).

At the same video, we can see that:

[]Her backdash is godlike
]She’s no Yun - Lunge Punch is unsafe as shit.
[*]She did really had a tough time against Hugo. Maybe the player was bad or something, but that’s something you guys have to worry about.


The shoulder move is Tetsuzanko, and it’s her launcher done by hp+hk.

She has her Evasive Spin which dodges projectiles, but I’m not sure of the frame window, nor the command.

She has 2 throws, Death Valley Bomb and Calf Branding both done by lp+lk.

She has Tequila Sunrise Double Elbow to Tetsuzanko as her super. Not sure of the command though.


One of her command normal’s is a launcher that won’t tag her out


My main in Tekken! She looks alright so far, though I wish Capcom would include her elbow moves (wr+1 and ff1) as a safe approach.


Thanks for that. I’ll add those to my Capcom Unity thread.

Thanks for the info too. I bet once AE ver. 2012 hits, Yun will get a similar treatment I bet.

Didn’t know. Thanks.



First time I’ve seen her lunge actually look useful (though the opponent might just not have been a very good at blocking). Her movement here also looks pretty good in general.


Here is come more gameplay of her. It’s not the best but it is something.



Thanks for the videos guys. I’ll update the thread with a video section.


combo starting @ 1:02 julia hit a grounded opponent O_O…Also can someone tell me how to do spoilers so i can hide the video please



you type spoiler/spoiler with [ ] [ ]around the words spoiler


Nice! Updating right now.


My main Juila >.< can’t wait. She got some good combos I can work with and along with Cammy lol.


Here are julia’s specials some of them have odd notations.



She has a ton of moves