The jump

Ok post up what you think about this: Jump over opponent then low short uppercut. Is it good?/???

or Thanatos-style jump over, low forward, then uppercut.

jump over is very risky but can add some mixup options. usually though if I do jumpover I’d just into command grab

i could see potential though in low forward, uppercut XX super but I’ve never seen it done before

low short into uppercut is good but overall just risky like shit. No point in doing it a whole lot. and if your in range to do a low short or inrange to do low forward into anything, you should be kara-throwing. people naturally try to throw.

Hmm I think that jumping straight up really helps like it helps baiting the opponent to me. Like i do it on yun what do you guys think??

It works on slow characters like Q or Hugo but you want to watch it on characters that can dash under you. If you don’t do it alot they might expect you to dj backwards and they will stand still, but if you do it too much they will catch on quick.

NIce i just wanna see what you guys have to say among us oro players lol gotta stick together son, lol .


I forgot to mention that I usually do a straight upwards jump on my enemys wakeup. Do a throw once or twice so they get in the habit of teching it, on the third time do air stomp and combo it into your regular chicken combo. After that they won’t know what to expect. Keep an eye out for wake up shoryus because you have to parry them if you’re in mid air.

Good shit thanx man time for a new thread after this next tourney i am going to. I will see how i do and start posting up more stuff on oro like more matchups like necro and Q.

That would be cool, get videos if you can, I’m curious to see how you play.

Straight up jump is cool for wakeup but as sergio said any character with a shoryu can own you if you don’t tech/block… usually what I do against char’s without a shoryu (Makoto, maybe Yun… but he’s got an ex shoryu kick so watch out) is mixup with empty jump to throws or late stomp like sergio mentioned, but if they have a shoryu the safest thing to do IMO is either to dash back or block just out of throw range… you wanna play relatively safe with Oro because one screwup on your part, especially against a shoto, is GGPO for you. Oro’s pokes are amazing so don’t be afraid to dash back and see what they’re gonna do. If they shoryu, then its free chicken for you. If they throw, then hit them with a poke… at least your doing damage amirite? Better safe than sorry.

john vs tinshi - [media=youtube]5w7t-cAYM5s[/media]
Kzai vs tinshi -

I got 3rd at this ranbat take a look.

I like the way the way you seemed to switch your tactic after losing the first one to Ken, he became too afraid of your pokes and fireballs and stopped the rushdown, from then on he was screwed:lol:

Im not sure i approve of the SAIII against ken though. There just didnt seem to be as much pressure from just doing the vanilla SA from so far away, plus you were using a lot of EX fireballs, which is good. I personally would have gone for SAII, if only just for the extra gauge.

And good work against kzai, i dont think he really knew how to handle Oro :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are awesome videos. I think SAII and SAIII are just as good vs Ken but I always go for SAII, you can keep pressure on him or get him in some sick unblockables.

I liked the way you used EX fireball, that’s something I need to do more.

You probably know but you can do full chicken combo on Yun in the corner without any weird setups.

Edit: You should re-post these in the Oro vids thread.

Like i know it works in the corner but i went for the kill.