The Juri Networking Thread

This will be a database that has all current Juri players in sfxtekken. (Subs and mains)

Srk Handle: Juri_Kills_Friend!
Steam ID/XBL/PSN: XBL: Purple eye girl and Psn: Siamsnake
Location: currently schooling near richmond, va and i live in northern Virginia.
Type of Connection: dsl -.-;;;
Skill level: Above Average
Your main team(s): LilixKen
Your sub team(s): Jurixlili, Jurixken. Still looking to see who works with who.
About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: Juri has been my main in sf4 since super dropped. I love her and enjoyed seeing her evolve into a good character. I’m a competitive player who enjoys going out to majors meeting and playing different people. I tend not to be online much because of school and if i do it’s only to play people I know. I’m a very helpful person and I’m willing to help if you make the effort. Hope to see you all as we all learn SFxTekken Juri. My goal is to become the best juri possible but also grow the community of Juri players, oh and win a major!

SRK Handle: [SIZE=3]XthAtGAm3RGuYX[/SIZE]
Location: [SIZE=3]About an hour away from Cleveland, Ohio[/SIZE]
Connection: [SIZE=3]I think its DSL[/SIZE]
Skill level: [SIZE=3]Above Average[/SIZE]
Main Team: [SIZE=3]Juri/Jin[/SIZE]
Sub Team:[SIZE=3] Not a clue right now. But they will probably include every other female character in the game. Im weird in fighting games like that :/[/SIZE]
Goal as a Juri player: [SIZE=3]Truth be told I never really had one. Borrowed super from my brother in law and when i started it up I said “That bitch is sexy so im gonna play her”. I ended up buyin my own copy and here I still stand as a Juri main. As time went on though i discovered Juri was underestimated by many so that gave me more of a drive to get better with her. I’ve been trying to contribute to the community with my own experiences but it hasnt really worked yet, all thanks to my shitty hand cam abilities. I do play on pad and have taught about 4 people the ways of Juri to my fullest extent before leaving them to their own devices. I also plan to find any tourneys in cleveland once i get a job and some gas money, and help spread the word of the almighty feng shui eye :)[/SIZE]

holy shit you’re in Ohio too and Cleveland!!!


Srk Handle: Lion_Jak
Steam ID/XBL/PSN: XBL: XBL: xxmoonm4nxx, PSN: Tr4gicLi0n_
Location: Cleveland, Ohio (go to college in Bowling Green)
Type of Connection: Cable
Skill level: I don’t know yet…
Your main team(s): Juri/Raven
Your sub team(s): ?
About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: In SSF4 my goal was to show Juri as a threat and I did that. Now that will be my goal in SFxT, although I think it’s obvious that she’s really good.

Srk Handle: Rayartz
XBL: Rayartz
Location: Evansville, IN (Southern Indiana – usually get solid connections with Midwest and East Coast, West can be hit or miss)
Type of Connection: Cable
Your main team(s): Team Churi! (Chun Li and Juri) – (subbing Ibuki from time to time)
Your sub team(s): Mostly subbing in Ibuki (my other SSF4 Alt) but I’ll be messing around with Xaiyou, Lili, Julia, Jin, Law, Asuka and Dudley when he comes out.
Goal: Always to improve by fighting tough competition and sharing with others. I want to take my two best characters from SSF4 and mold them into a fearsome team. I really hope to get a solid collection players (who use a variety of characters) to add to my friends list that I can play on a regular basis so I don’t have to fight random players so much, like I did in SSF4.

Srk Handle: Class Real
Steam ID/XBL/PSN: XBL: XBL: ClassReal
Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
Type of Connection: Cable
Skill level: Can’t say til I have it
Your main team(s): Juri/Asuka
Your sub team(s): I want to try Hugo, Poison, Kuma, and Marduk out. And when the DLC drops I’ll give Alisa a shot.
About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: In SF4 I had a character crisis that lasted from the start of 2009 to the beginning of 2011, when I finally settled on Juri. I liked her a lot and I think I was able to get pretty decent with her, but I kept getting distracted by other games and characters, so I’d end up going long periods of times (Sometimes months) without even touching Juri. Because of that I never got as good as I think I could’ve. My goal this time around is to take SFxT and Juri as seriously as I can and I want to take first place at a local with her on my team.

Srk Handle: Demerson
Steam ID: Demerson666 XBL: Demerson13
Location: Westchester, New York
Type of Connection: cable
Skill level: Completely average
Your main team(s): Not sure yet.
Your sub team(s): I’m going to try out a bunch of different characters at first. Juri, Poison, Akuma, Ogre, Asuka, Raven… and more when the DLC characters are released. I’ll judge who will be my main team when I do that.
About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: I’ve been playing fighting games casually since Street Fighter 2 on the SNES. It wasn’t until SF4:AE came out that I decided to get competitive. My goal as a Juri player is to simply be the best that I can be.

Srk Handle: Ramma
**Steam ID/XBL/PSN: **PSN: RammaCricket, XBL: xRammAx
Location: NJ, USA
Type of Connection: Fios = Great
Skill level: Average
Your main team(s): Juri x Hwoarang
Your sub team(s): Will involve Sagat, Asuka, Ryu and eventually Cody and Bryan
**About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: **Fell in love with her at super and never looked back.

**Srk Handle: **Fatal Error XI
**XBL: **Fatal Error XI
Location: New York
**Type of Connection: **Cable
**Skill Level: **Below Average
Your Main Team: Juri/Akuma
**Your Sub Team: **Raven/Jin
About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: I have been playing fighting games casually for a long time. I was never any good. With Vanilla SFIV, I decided to take it more seriously. I mained Akuma in Vanilla. I picked up Juri at the start of SSFIV. I continue to play them both in 2012. My goal is to get better. I usually get online later than most, around 12am-5amEST.

Srk Handle: pfft
**XBL: **none
Location: Baltimore MD
**Type of Connection: **
**Skill Level: ** Junk
**Your Main Team: **Juri/Hwaorang
**Your Sub Team: **none
**About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: **Ex juri player from Team Juri. Just looking for matches and to play. Please revive Team Juri.

Srk Handle: Eternal Blaze
**XBL/PSN: **BlazeSRK
Location: Oregon, USA
**Type of Connection: **Cable, 25 mbps (i think lol)
Skill level: FRAAAAAY
Your main team(s): Asuka/Jin and Vega/Hugo.
Your sub team(s): Poison/Juri, and Alisa/??? when she’s out.
About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: Juri has been my sub since her debut in SSF4, she’s just an awesome character. I’ve had the game for a few days now and I was planning on having Juri on one of my main teams but I honestly dont like how she feels in this, at least for now. I’m still having her in my sub team, who knows maybe people will find stuff that’ll make me use her as a main rather than just a Sub. Goal is to have fun with her coz I dont plan on using her serious enough to be on my tournament team ^^

Srk Handle: Afraid
**XBL/PSN: **Texas eye
Location: Wisconsin, USA
**Type of Connection: **att uverse 18mps
Skill level: medium
Your main team(s): Juri/Ken?
Your sub team(s): ?
**About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: **Liked what she had in practice today and decided to make her my main.

Srk Handle: Gepeyo
Steam ID/XBL/PSN: XBL: Gepeyo
Location: SF, CA
Type of Connection: Comcast T-Play
Skill level: Mid
Your main team(s): Juri X Hwoarang (Juri X Alisa in the future)
Your sub team(s): Juri X Cammy
About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: Has been playing Juri since Super, never changed away from using her as my main and im going to stick to her as my main good or bad.

Srk Handle:ShinMaruku
Location: NYC/Orlando/L.A
**Type of Connection: **Fios
Skill level: arse
Your main team(s): Juri/Hwowang.
Your sub team(s): Asuka/Juri and Lars/Juri (When that Mishima comes out)
About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: Tired of losing all day and I want to actually get good.

SRK handle: Wolfwood I AD
XBL: Wolfwood l AD
Location: Texas (home of the mashers)
Type of connection: Cable
Skill level: Average/above average
Main team: Juri/King
Sub team: Rolento/ Julia
About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: Make use of her new tools in SFxT (been my main since SSF4)

Srk Handle: i forgot
**XBL: **Slipsmoke
**PSN: **truglin
Location: minnesota
**Type of Connection: **cable
**Skill Level: **low-mid
**Your Main Team: **Juri and Xiaoyu
**Your Sub Team: **none yet
**About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: **I’ve been playing a ton of AE as Juri main, and I’m excited to learn her and xiao in sfxt. I really like executing tough combos in live matches. I’ve only recently started playing fighting games (I picked up AE after last Evo) so I’m still pretty fresh, trying to get better as quick as I can.

Srk Handle: ||SSJTRUNKS||
**PSN: **Bloodyxhawk
Location: New York City
**Type of Connection: **Cable -_-
**Skill Level: **Above Average
Your Main Team: ** Nina x juri or Juri x Asuka
Your Sub Team: ** Working on it…
About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: I’ve been a Juri player, for a long time ever since super. But, I really wanna do is help the Juri community, and help the newcomers as well. I wanna learn my Juri and train with her, hopefully enter my locals tournaments and majors. Also, want to join the community and meet a lot of new people to have sessions and casuals. Enter hyperbole time chamber and win a major. There is still so much more to learn and I need to focus.

Srk Handle: vampyreinabox
XBL and PSN: vampyreinabox
Location: Baltimore, MD
Type of Connection: Cable
Skill Level: Above Average
Your Main Team: Juri x Hwoarang
Your Sub Team: Kazuya x Juri, Cammy x Juri
About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: Juri was the first fighter I actually managed to win any ranked matches, pull off links, or any serious combos with in SSF4, which was also the first fighting game I took seriously. Learned how to use arcade stick with her too. She was visually just plain cool, and her moves were unlike what I was used to in a fighting game. Managed to win a lot of ranked matches online, which isn’t saying much, I know, but made me feel like 2D fighters were something I could learn how to play. Now I’m working hard to attend my first local tournaments soon. Gotta give the girl who got me into the game her respect. :slight_smile:

Srk Handle: xXAgeXx
Steam ID/XBL/PSN: XBL: XBL: xXVAgeVXx PSN: vxXAgeXxv
Location: CT
Type of Connection: If I’m at school… crappy DSL, if I am home amazing DSL
Skill level:Below Average
Your main team(s): JurixSteve
Your sub team(s): JurixLili, JurixAsuka. Still looking tho
**About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: **I was originally a ken player, but I felt as if my skill level wasn’t that good I met a few people who were pretty good and they began to teach me. I eventually went to Juri and fell in love, I’ve been using her ever since.

**Srk Handle: **Darkphyre
**Steam ID/XBL/PSN: **Steam/PSN: Darkphyre Windows Live: Shaniril
Location: Hagerstown, MD USA
Type of Connection: Cable (Usually solid, sometimes not)
Skill level: Fraud Detection Alert.
Your main Characters(s): Juri, Asuka
Your sub Characters(s): Lili, Nina, Alisa, Raven, Hwoarang, Ryu
**About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: **I’ve been maining Juri since AE and continue the trend here. Always looking to play against new people so if you’re on PSN or PC feel free to hit me up. I’m not the greatest around but I can guarantee I’ll give you a run for your money :smiley:

Srk Handle: BrandX
Steam ID/XBL/PSN: XBL: PSN - KingdomKeyGX
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Type of Connection: Cable
Skill level: Above Average
Your main team(s): JuriXAsuka
Your sub team(s): Totally love Poison and may put her on a team with Heihachi, not sure yet. Gonna play Sakura and Elena when they come out.
About yourself and your goal as a Juri player: I’ve mained Juri since Super Street Fighter 4, originally a Sakura player, and I absolutely loved her, but I was never really good with her in Super. Now playing SFXT, I’ve gotten much better with her and put her on a team with Asuka, my favorite Tekken character. My goal mostly is to become good enough to enter tournaments and survive most of it (Not ending up as one of the bottom ranks), to show that I actually have skill. I also want to be good in general and help the Juri community grow :slight_smile: