The Juri Thread

The thread to discuss the purple spider breast-loving psycho. With what little gameplay we’ve seen of her’s we’ve found out that her super art is her ultra 2 from AE, and that she can combo out of her EX pinwheel into her crouching MK.

All of her moves are in tact from Super Street Fighter 4/AE/2012 but we don’t quite know all of their properties yet.

Move List (assuming nothing’s changed)

Sekku (overhead) - :f::mk:
Senpusha -** :qcb: :k: (super charge)**
[LEFT]Fuhajin -:qcf::k:[/LEFT]
Shikusen - :qcb: :k: (in the air)
Kasatushi - :qcb: :p:
[LEFT]Kaisen Dankairaku (Super Art) -** :qcb::2k::k:**[/LEFT]

Cross Art at 2:10

well Juri will have some awesome combo’s in SFxTK…given you can stil Special cancel her Jump MP into her Dive kick…this will make some wallbounce craziness with that…also…EX Pinwheel, Cr.Mk to Super=Godsend? anyways hope to see more gameplay of her in the future.

She is so delightfully sassy and obnoxious and I just want to change her ways so we can settle down with two and a half kids in Kansas.

Also you can combo off of ex pinwheel.


Sorry, to too hype to talk right now, will come back later when I’ve calmed down!

Hopefully if she wanted to do EX pinwheel -> cr.MK -> non-EX pinwheel she’ll get a full juggle out of it rather than what she has in AE. I suppose time will tell.

Hair hornin’!
Crazy eyein’!
Revenge havin’!


First of all, YES.

Second of all, maybe Street Fighter X Tekken won’t be so bad after all…

fuck yeah Juri/Hwoarang team

Hell yes! Juri is a perfect addition. Cannot wait.

I’ve always loved her U2 animation in ssf4, so glad that they used it for her super in this game. I wonder how they will incorporate the feng shui engine, if its even in the game.

I’m guessing they probably dropped FSE. I doubt they’d find a good way to implement it into her Cross Art. I’m betting that they gave her the super she has in AE with the final projectile blowing them backwards to Juri’s teammate.


No “That felt good, didn’t it” after Kaisen Dankairaku makes me sad.

It might still be there, she might say it upon landing. Paul says something after his super that we can’t see in this trailer. I’m hoping she does.

Glad to see she got added and not Crimson Viper again, Juri is so much cooler.

Ahh… so many possibilities. Juri just seemed like a natural fit for SFxT since her U1 is basically SFxT chain combo mode… without the FREAKING AWESOMENESS OF EX PINWHEEL TO SUPER. Although team Taekwondo is too easy, I would like to see something like Juri / Rose , Juri / R. Mika, Juri / Karin in the list of those not announced.

But seriously real teams that could be good… I think Juri / Rolento could be crazy good… I just have to get deeper into the Tekken Roster.

The combo into ultra looks awesome. Wish it existed in AE.

I’m actually looking forward to putting SF chars with SF chars and Tekken chars with Tekken chars. Either way, it will be hard making any team without Juri. Now, just give me Cody and Bryan Fury.

The “Go to hell!” is pretty awesome and fitting. Its cool when Juri actually gets mad. I believe she said that when she activated ultra against her Rival in SSF4.

I have a weird memory for things like that.

Just saying she can combo out of ex senpusha.

You can add :f::mk: for **Sekku **to that, we see it in the Video and there’d be no reason to change the input.

I’m use juri in this game because she fits it so well. Damn I might use everyone lol