The Justice League Presents-818 Street Fighter IV Vol.1 (North Hollywood, CA) 4/24/09


Date: Friday April 24th, 2009


No Cap!

Where: -MAC- Miguel?s House/Garage
6848 Atoll Ave., North Hollywood, California 91605. (MapQuest it)

It will be held inside my garage it is pretty big it can hold well over 35 people, and if it gets a little crowded space can be made. Technically on the right side of the house there will be a side door specifically to enter the garage.(So do not go knocking on main door…) Bring your OWN CONTROL.

I believe my house will be easy to find once you are there because it is the one with the most cars parked
Don’t forget about the sidedoor to the right…Please try to bring exact change…

Singles Fee: $8 ($5 to the pot, $3 venue)

Right now I need Set-ups
Please tell me if you are bringing one through a message please.

Of course if you bring a full set up you get Venue fee off.
If you just bring the system plus game you get 2 dollars off.
TV is a dollar off by itself.

Set-ups/sign ups will begin:
Friday April 24th
at 3:30 pm-4:45pm

Tournament begins at 5 pm

We Have At Least 12 PPL coming Already…

No Character Bans…
Best 2 out of 3 matches and rounds…

Playin on Both ps3 and xbox 360…
NEED one of each please…
OnlineTony213: Providing “PS3” (If he’s Not Working =/ )


i can possibly get 1-2 xbox360 setups.
but i still dont know if i can go to this event, i ain’t working howeverrrrr i have very very personal matters to take care of this friday.

but i’ll keep you posted Tony, i can ask futile and chaz to bring their shit, or maybe even kouryuu.

so make that 2-3 360s :smiley:



o alright cool!!
let me know nigga!!

but yeah venue fee’s r off when u bring a set-up


your sig is gay. :]