The kara-game!

Here’s the deal, I think the kara-technique is a great technique. But just how much so, and how many of the SRK members know? Let’s find out! :wgrin:

List ONE kara-techinque per post… I’ll go first:

Building meter (kara a fierce move into special in A2 for example)

karaing a normal into a fireball in ST to change its speed

kara-throwing (including command throws, like R.Mika kara 360s in A3).

Kara ROLL in Cvs 2 to give moves invincibilty or in some cases make them go much further EG - Kara roll into kyo orochinagi, when certain characaters are waking up for tricky to block cross up orochinagi (IF YOU DO THIS IN A SERIOUS MATCH AND RECORD IT YOU WILL BE MY GOD (the kara orochinagi as cross-up))

i did kara-elbow slash with alex , but is pointless… extra range for a few Centi :sweat:

Kara palm.

Kara Command Grab.



we’re getting repeats already?!

C’mon people! There are many more than that! :wgrin:

Here’s another :

Kattobi cancelling in A3


THE GREATNESS !! …oro and remy XD XD XD !!

kara UOH with chun. hella range yo.

kara ken’s shoryuken

Kara stand D into qcb + A/C with Grant in Garou for more range. :razzy:


kara-UOH with Oro !! hella range too ( if not too close )

kara-shoryuken ?? fuck that …

Kara-cancel-overhead-chop-into-shoryuken with AKUMA in 3s !! beasty !!!

You can Kara supers in JoJo’s. Pointles but it’s there.

Buffer neutral AB into down+Bx3 with Janet in Garou: Motw to cover horizontal spaces.
whoa, new smiley :angel:

CvS2 kara standing 720! Just drum the punch buttons during the middle-to-end of the second 360 rotation and the standing punch frames just before the super starts up give you enough time to complete the 720 standing. Booyaaaaa, P-groove Zangief.

Extended the range on throws and specials is a good one…

Here’s another one:

proximity cancelling (misleading name but…) in A3

Kara-rock into paper/scissors to beat out whatever they throw. One frame advantage!