The Kazuya Mishima Thread



The first Tekken character to be revealed for this Street Fighter X Tekken, he rivals Ryu in the story and trailers, he uses Ryu to bait Jin.


Some misc. moves
:f:+:mk: is a lunging forward kick, has alot of range on it, similar to Ken’s kick without the step forward.
:f::lk: Is his Axe kick
Tatsumaki-like can hit up to 4x, anyone know the notations on this one? is it u/f+:mk:?


Shining fists, :lp: :lp: :mp:/:hp:?
Entrails Smash :df:+:lp: into extentions, a overhead, and a high kick.
:b:+:lp::mk::hp: his 3 hit combo-string, used for combo-filler.
:lp::mp::lk::mp:? his 4-hit combo string


Super Art and Cross Art

Gameplay matches
NCR '11







I believe Hell Sweeps should be :qcb:+:k:


I’ll look for the video in a moment but kazuya is able to combo his electric god fist at least 4 times in a row. 3 which are from the ex variant.


I wonder how many hits his super armor move can take and who else have super armor moves?


At about 2:22 Kazuya was able to combo his ex move 3 times in a row.


Do you guys think Kazuya will be top tier, because from the footage we’ve seen he looks great.


Is that the notation in SF X Tekken?


Anyone know what kind of properties are on EWGF? Does it hit or whiff crouchers? Safe/unsafe on block?


It should whiff on crouchers, it’s a high move in Tekken, and it should give +frames if they do the Tekken style, but being a launcher and all I don’t really know.


But then again this is a 2D fighter. Crouch blocking is the default response in SF, unlike Tekken where that would just get you hit by mids and launched all day.

ff+LK is his axe kick? But wouldn’t the ff input result in a dash first?


it’s probably f+lk, his axe kick is a overhead, looks like Ken’s overhead kick. About EWGF, I can’t see in the video’s if it hits crouchers or not.


What I do know is, EWGF can be used as a AA, and if you do the dash into EWGF it goes under certain high moves.
EWGF does not go over crouching opponents, in my 2nd NCR video around 0:55-0:58 you can see Julia blocking it crouching.


Kazuya’s special moves were listed below and were closer to his actual Tekken notations (the mist step moves anyway).


  • EWGF tags crouchers
  • Spin kicks look good for tagging in partner, so for once it’s a good move for him to have
  • f+lk should be his f+3
  • overhead axe kick should be f+mk (his f+4 from T6)
  • he has b+mp mk lp (b+2,4,1 from T6)
  • he has both lp lp mp (1,1,2) and lp mp mp (1,2,2)
  • he has lk lp mk (3,1,4 from T6)
  • he has d/f+lk mp lp (d/f+3,2,1 from T6)
  • qcb+lp second hit is an overhead and EX version bounces


Thank you very much, that move list I was looking for


Could anyone test if you can link 2 or more EWGF’s? so, :dp:+:mp:,:dp:+:mp:, :dp:+:mp:
Then do :df: :lp: :mp: for bound if that is the notation in SF x Tk?


Here is kazuya’s complete special attack list


I’m not too familiar with his move names, but I’m assuming QCB+K is his u/f+4 series from Tekken. I remember seeing someone burn all their meter doing EX version of his d/f+1,2 a bunch of times in a corner combo, so I’m guessing they made his d/f+1 series his QCB+P moves. And that leaves QCF+P as his d/f+2, which should be obvious since it’s the move that people always seem to try first.