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talk about shit




Add cr. mk to the hit confirm list. Just make sure to Astrix it with “*requires exceptional reaction time on arcade/PC, **requires significant dosage of methamphetamine for ps2”


you ask this in the third strike forums… little lost are we? lol


Fantastic thread Metric, Helps alot to know all your options in a situation , that can only come from experience listed in such a good format also . Especially When learning the game from ground up , sure everyone can hit confirm and combo, but this is the real stuff that lets me win matches just from knowing these situations and cool little setups combined with decent execution . Great work


a lil note on ambiguous crossups and testing them if anyone wants to do this : they work by having ken overlapping during the rising frames of your opponent. the timings are based on their non quickrise wakeup speed. with this in mind the best time for it is after a super since you cannot quick rise afterwards. ken has a medium speed , chun slowest, dudley/necro fastest.

using that as guide you can prolly figure out different ambig crossups for different characters and play around with it.

its best to try to find one like the one metric listed in which the timing of the move + superjump ensures maximum character overlap to make it more confusing to block. if done rightly and tightly it is literally impossible to tell what side you (ken) will be on when you land and so you are going to have to react to do the super the right way.
obviously when you don’t even know, your opponent sure as shit doesn’t :slight_smile:

i’d like to encourage anyone who reads this to test out and postup when you find one that works so that we all can also test it out and make adjustments or praise you for your dope discoveries.


Ken can ambiguous crossup every time he hits with a SAIII by walking forward and doing a super jump MK at the downed opponent.

Also about crossing up as they’re rising:

It’s also good to crossup that way considering it’s a perfectly timed meaty crossup MK which is harder to reversal.


option select parry beats out option numero dos jeremiah.




You need to practice with your stick more, learn double motions (down forward down forward) ect ect. Every player has a weak and strong side, for instance when I started playing on a stick I could only super on P1 side. Practice makes perfect.


thanks i will try


remember that if you push a button and then move the stick around the character won’t move. Sounds simple, but for some reason people always wait til the last minute to start moving the stick.

Another possible problem could be the square gates on your stick. Rotate the stick you use for 3s and check to see if there’s a huge difference between them. There are three I think, the digital perfect 360s, square (TE), and octogonal ones. But I’m stupid so I dunno.


in corner uoh to SRK SRK, is there a trick to landing this? I find if I do a meaty uoh I can land the srk only 70% of the time at best yet I’ve seen in a video where ken did uoh -> shoryu shoryu on chun but it wasn’t a meaty on her wake up but during regular corner mixup. [media=youtube]R3Te83rI-io&#t=4m4s"[/media] video here

2nd question, ken vs chun matchup, are there some very obvious things to look out for against chun as a ken player? because I find I get hit by low mk or back hp into super if I try to dash or walk closer and jump attempts very often put me in bad situations where chun can dash under and low mk to super again or she can jump straight up and hk which can catch you off gaurd a lot, I find I can only dominate a chun when I have her in the corner, and until I manage this getting close seems to be a struggle for me.


Doesn’t this only work if the opponent is hit while crouching?*

*edited, just realized how badly I originally worded that due to something in JD’s post…


nvm. i dont know how he connected that. just tried it on the ps2. maybe if u uoh to kara srk it’ll link on crouching chun


If you land it meaty then you should get the SRK 100%. The trick is just that, landing it meaty/deep. Though on Chun and Oro I believe it doesn’t have to be meaty.

Ken vs Chun is all about doing as much as you can before she gets that super bar. Zone with sweeps and dash-in attacks (lowforward, short short, strong fierce, ect) Most chuns will spam forward and down while zoning so she can easily guess right if you dash lowforward, so if you think shes going to tech it cancel into a short hurricane to throw her off.

Once you close the zone gap it’s all about keeping that pressure and mixing it up, throw loops, high low setups, setups for whiffs ect ect.

Once she has meter it’s a whole new matchup, play slow and zone with that lowforward. Lowforward super that standing RH on whiff, same with toward fierce. Spot the opportunity to dash in, you want to try and close that gap, esp when she has meter.


Hey does anyone have some advice for the Makoto matchup? I keep getting owned by Kara-Karakusa and her pokes for free.


makoto’s have allot of tricks you’ll have to get used to seeing but the basic flow of the matchup is actually very simple.

c.short is your BEST friend vs. mak because it stops her ground movement, i wouldn’t really sweep her too much because that lets her get free mixups. just use c.strong and low forward to punish dashes. try to stick with c.strong more tho since its safer to whiff.
her best pokes are all high parry cept sweep which you can reversal on block. that should solve the poking problem.
eventually she is going to go to the air, just shoryu when you see her do a move and get out of there if she doesn’t.

karakara is just a matter of paying attention to the ranges and setups, just jump out and if you get reset watch out for her setups after that.
SA 1 makes it harder to avoid since she can just meaty you but vs. SA1 just try to kill her before she gets meter and that will be easy once you push her to the corner.

ken will destroy mak if you play tight. shes only gonna get you with really good tricks or if you whiff something or get guessed on so just play as tight as you can.

#19 is your friend and remember that she has no high priority wake-up move so abuse grabs, just watch out with the meatys in the corner because she can parry->karakasa->sa2


I just threw Chun out of her super. Wtf