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no offense man, but saying you dont do short short super or cr mp super because youre too scared is mad soft.

thats like saying “when i shoot a basketball I shoot it granny style because im too scared to do a jump shot.”

you can do it.


Well, I’m working on it. But I see it kinda along the whole “when a new person tries to play 3rd strike, he tries to parry everything instead of being safe and blocking”. I’m still consider myself beginner at the game, so I’m going to work on the easier stuff. I still can’t get the easier ones out 100%. I try it sometimes, but when I think I’m going into a tough fight, I usually don’t try the things I don’t have down yet.

I’ve tried st lp, :frowning: it gets parried as well or stuffed by their jump in. Never tried st lp to srk though. Also when I try to meet someone air to air, it usually ends the same. Parried. I haven’t been using EX tatsu either. So I’ll try that.

On the catching the opponent as his lands, there’s a Alex player that I run into online, and he consistently foot stomps me whenever I try to catch his jump or cr hp with a low, are foot stomps invincible in the first few frames? Also does cr hp for alex actually have recovery frames on the ground?


this is the kind of stuff ESN’s framedata site is for. It’s been linked a few times in general 3s discussion.


Hit that training mode on random block and practice those hit confirms… it goes a long way… I promise! Having those tools in your arsenal make Ken that much more GODLIKE


Crouching move to super isn’t that hard…

If you see your opponent crouching after the initial hit then don’t go for it, if he’s standing after the initial crouching hit complete the super…

Don’t try to confirm if your opponent blocked or not… that’s when stuff gets tough…

I forget if the can be blocked high or not… but those were always semi-easy to me…


oo, that is actually really good. Haven’t thought about that. I was always trying to confirm if the opponent blocked or not. cr lk cant be blocked high.


IMO, if you can’t confirm or x2 (easier), you can’t either “confirm” correctly if opp is standing or not.
Train gradually:

  • target
  • cr lp
  • cr lk x2
  • stand mp then (both are link though, slightly different approach)
  • (in 5 years) cr mk :d

At first, i wasn’t able to do any of those things.


For any confirm the idea is to tap the button like a snake, WHIP BLANG… as fast as lightning! This will give you more room for the motion inputs.


I can’t confirm c mp to save my life… it hasnt become muscle memory for that move yet >.<
but all the others arent bad for me except… c mk the hardest thing ever


Why do you think he said “in five years”?

I can’t link st. mp on OE consistently, however on arcade or Supercade i can get it every time. Weird…


hitconfirming off 1 hit just seems ridiculous

#192 isn’t too terribly bad. You should be buffering the motion no matter what.


imo is one of Ken’s easiest hit confirms. Just make sure you aren’t canceling it when you’re learning it or it will be harder than


I don’t get it. How is 1 hit hitconfirming here possible to do consistently in 3s, but doesn’t happen in sfiv


most of the one or two hit hitconfirms in 3S use a super. meter builds fast in 3S, and the meters can be short and hold multiple stocks. that’s why you see those kinds of combos often. it’s not that those possibilities don’t exist in sf4, it’s just that meter tends to be used for other things. plus, the exaggerated hitstun and frame advantages in sf4 lets you link normals and specials to an extent that you can’t in 3S, so there isn’t much need to hitconfirm into supers in this fashion. make the appropriate changes to sf4 and they probably would happen more often.


The number of hits doesn’t matter. It’s more about just the time you have between the move hitting and when you can do a super. In the case of its a really long time. Probably one of the longest for a link combo. Shoto isn’t a link, and has a strict cancel window so its much harder.


Thats really why I dont like SF4 the hitstun/blocktun is crazy and theres no hitconfirming. Its just tick tick tick special move.


I dunno, it just seems like cr lk x2 is like any jab/short x 2 in sf4. Which is fairly fast. 3rd strike is even faster.

Also, why didn’t anyone tell me that b. mk on crouching is linkable into jinrai??? I land that shit so much.


I have a different question. After landing a target combo, if you have meter, should you ALWAYS go into super? When is it right to go into srk instead?


I don’t think there’s really a right or wrong answer to this. But for me, it depends on how much stock I have. I usually combo in super, but if I barely have one bar I’ll probably go into shoryu. But if I do combo into super in that situation I’ll almost always go for the post SA3 ambiguous cross-up because if it lands you get heaps of meter back. Besides meter you have to consider momentum, both you and your opponent’s life, whether or not their character can be double shoryu’d after target combo in their current position on screen, etc.