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It’s not always the best choice to burn a Super if you have a bar stocked. Ken’s EX moves are very helpful tools for Ken, so it’s best to at least have half a bar, or a bar and a half on you. Like most other characters, if you have a bar and you’re both about to die from a Super, then burn it. A round is a round.

Meter management is a huge part of 3rd Strike. Learn when you think it’s appropriate to burn meter and when not to.


THanks for the advice. I tend to use super when I’m at midscreen or in the corner, to build and break momentum, I tend to save it when I have them in the corner.


you can also consider if they’re crouching. srk benefits more from the damage bonus than a super does since shippu forces standing after the first hit. the rest mostly boils down to generic round-to-round management and how badly you want to close out the round based on stuff marble mentioned. if you have a maxed bar then obviously clear some out with a super since you won’t gain meter from the uppercuts (or anything else, for that matter). matchups are important too. yun gets up fast and doesn’t get hit by srk if target combo hits crouching, so supering and using the hard knockdown to stay on him is usually a good idea.


I’ve had learning how to Kara-SRK on my to-do-list for years, but never actually took the time to learn it. Are there any execution tips to pulling it off? I’ve seen the vid for it, but I’m having a little trouble getting started in terms of actually doing it. I’d really like to integrate it into my game, saves meter and all that.


The ~ signifies that you press DF+MK(or HK) and then kara-cancel into LP.

The timing is the same as a kara-throw. Practice doing the kara-shoryu by itself first, then work into LP SRK->kara-LP SRK.

There aren’t many occasions where you’ll use it though, since despite the extra range kara-SRK gives you, you still need to be very close to the opponent to do so. Still something worthwhile to know, but just know it’s not the best solution all the time.


make sure you’re holding df while doing roundhouse and then shoryu.
i usually let the stick sort of go after doing a shoryu input which used to make it impossible to kara shoryu.

you may not realize you aren’t holding it there long enough.


Well, you technically CAN do double DP to Chun and Makoto by letting go of DF. But those two have fat hitboxes so it’s only possible on those two. Learn to do it with DF. lol


I would really appreciate if anyone could contribute to a list of safe super jump>meaty timings off SA3 (or please direct me the appropriate thread).

For example, after landing sa3 on Urien, the timing is standing strong>super jump>meaty…

“Correct timing” list:

  • Urien: st. mp

“Maybe correct timing”: list:

  • Chun: cr. mp

Cannot safe jump list:



I dunno about most characters, but for shoto’s it’s st mp then take a tiny tiny step back (you wont even see yourself move back if you did it correctly and im being serious here). If done right you won’t cross up, don’t take the step back to crossup.

On another note, I found a pretty interesting shoto option select. Everyone knows you can crouch tech right and if you do, cr lp comes out. Handy, but obviously it can be parried high and low. Well, I found out you can crouch tech and get cr lk to come out if you kara the throw itself. Essentially it’s like a kara only you press and hold down, then press lk and then a split second later press lp. If done correctly cr lk will come out instead of cr lp. The advantage of this, is that you can tech a throw whilst going for a short short confirm (or even short jab short or short short short). Pretty insane tbh.

I’m guessing this could also have uses for other chars aswell though, like cr lk (the os) then into shoulder into aegis for urien, or er…Well, I can’t think of any other practical ones atm…


what do you ken players do to get out of the corner vs alex?? i find myself guessing…


Im always watching game versus japan and I got to know, how do they just know their crouching forward is going to connect? They just use that into super like they did it on reaction. Its not like they punished something or the opponent is max range of the poke, they literally throw out crouching forward with no counter hit or anything. Can someone explain this to me?


it’s probably DED technique. if their first stock of super was almost full and they cancelled the early, it was DED. if not… well, some people think if you’re really on point (especially in the arcade version), you can hitconfirm if you see the opponent standing up or beginning to do a move, it can make it easier. can be hitconfirmed raw? nobody really knows.


I see. Because I know Chun li’s can be hit confirmed because of the late cancel but I never seemed able to cancel it late with Ken or any shoto. It makes sense to confirm whether your opponent is standing or not but yea thats just crazy for the amount of concentration needed to pull this off


how do you do ex tatsu cross up, dash lp shoryuken,kara shoryuken


it can be done manually. ex hurricane, f, f, dp+lp. it can be hard to do three forwards in a row quickly, but if you’re getting a fireball, you’re probably missing a forward. you can also take advantage of crouching dp by dashing the doing df,d,df+lp. also, i think telesniper found a shortcut for doing dash into dp more easily (something about dashing with f, df?), but i don’t know where those posts are. check the frame data and system mechanics thread and you’ll probably uncover it.


Also, dont’ forget to consider the fact that most of these guys almost exclusively play online with lag and are happy that way.


Is there a place to get info on charcter match ups? Wiki says ken is at an advantage vs Akuma, but it doesn’t explain why.