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you can hit comfirm a cr forward to super if you do it while walking backwards
Alex Valle showed me that


I didn’t put cr.forward hit confirm because it’s not practical, it is if you really practice it but it’s very tough.

Oh and I updated it a bit more.


fuck! now you know the secret.

ken’s super is so fast he can reversal your thoughts. keep in that in your memory banks freshy ken players :cybot:


I know oro and the twins can be srk -> kara srk in the corners, but dudley and alex can never be double shoryu’d?


I have trouble doing sa3 after, . I’m not doing the super motion fast enough afterwards, am I supposed to buffer the first qcf ?


ya you got it, buffering is the answer.

buffering well is really THE most important skill for hit confirmation, makes everything more consistent and lets you just focus on seeing the hits instead of having to grind out fireballs super fast.

just roll one with the first lk and if it hits roll it again.


I have a question on Ken’s Kara SRK. I’ve seen tutorial vids on it and I’m still having quite a bit of trouble pulling it off consistently. I can get it maybe 1/10 tries everynow and then maybe 3. What usually happens is that when its time for the second SRK to hit, it ends up missing and I’m not sure if its because I’m not cancelling the low roundhouse to jab fast enough or maybe too fast?


OH, lol, for some reason I’d been stuck on buffering it on my 2nd lk whenever I tried buffering. Which would lead me to do a standing lk instead. Just didn’t think of doing it on the 1st one, thanks lost.


My one question is, I have been playing Dudley/Ken forever now. After not playing in awhile I might switch to Ken. I just need to know…

What exactly do you do with him? I really have no clue, I have seen vids but I still need to know. Do you build meter, pressure, turtle, mixup, ALL OF THEM!? I just dont know, so if someone could tell me it would be appericiated.


all of them depending on your opponent, what character they play and what the momentum of the match is pretty much.

how i play ken vs. lets say like another ken is basically turtle/zone until i get an opening to initiate pressure until the situation resets and i must return to zoning.

however against urien i comparatively just go fucking nuts at the right ranges. low strong destroys him, safe to whiff at some ranges, he can’t punish your sweep with anything scary. so i play more allot more aggressive against urien.

you need to learn your normals vs. every character and you’ll feel how the matches are supposed to flow with just the character matchups, you can put your flourish on it from there.


Altight thanks man, I will take this into consideration when playing with some friends and such.

Thanks again!


mixup is a big part of kens game. try to juke them out by remembering what u did before if the same situation arises. say u do low short, walk forward and grab when they’re in the corner, next time u do a low short, if they’re smart they’ll try to poke you as u walk forward, so do a low short, down parry, and punish. ken’s dash is really good also. u have so many weapons in your arsenal that its just too fun :smiley:


Everyone has their own personal style to Ken.

I tend to be a reactive player, punishing mistakes.
If I score a knockdown, I’m going to try and put them in the corner and start a mixup game.

Another Ken player I know is VERY aggresive. He loves his Fierce Shoryu, his s.MP,s.HP chain and tends to be in your face.

I can’t really play that way because I started out as a Chun player, moved to Dudley, and started to mess around with Ken.

So, basically what I’m saying is, Ken is a very versatile character.
He’s got a bit of everything. Just go around experimenting with him until you can find a playing style that works for you.


Alright thanks guys!

One thing I need is combos, all I can do right now is…




theres so many combos in the first page

mp hp hadoken super
hp medium srk (1hit) super
cr lk cr lk super
back mk super (only on crouching, requires timing)

many more. just look on the first page


Is there anyone besides Deshiken who can actually do the kara SRK consistently? Ken players in Japan don’t even try to do it.


I’m pretty sure nobody can do it as consistent as Deshiken but I’m sure every Ken player who knows what there doing will attempt a kara shoryu, a lot of the time you wont see an attempt because it wasn’t possible to hit or it just didn’t come out.

I’m sure every top player in Japan who alts Ken can kara shoryu, it’s not hard.

I said sure alot :expressionless:


i was watching Nica K.O. play online, and he would kara srk about 8/10 times he tried it


He was probably feeling it that night. I can full keeper-jin like 10/10 some days and I’m like “I FOUND THE MAGIC TOUCH”. Goes away the next morning, I dunno if it’s just me but I’ll have random days where everything just works, kara shoryu, true kara palms ect ect.

Not taking anything away from Nica, he’s great, I could be completely wrong and he’s just mastered it.


eh its like that for everything. even in basketball, some days i can hit everything, some days i cant hit shit, sane with cs…

but yeah i wouldnt doubt if nica has that shit down. hes got a vid on youtube of him teaching it