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I have a question.

How does this work:
cr. forward, Tastu, SA3

I get the obvious part of this combo (cr. forward -> Tatsumaki), but how the hell are you supposed to cancel a Tatsumaki into Ken’s SA3???

I’m confused :frowning:

6:16 - 6:21 shows what i’m talking about.


You just have to do it fast. About the same speed as -> jab axe xx XNDL with Twelve

And you can only cancel the first hit


unless you are just looking for pure style points (of which you would score only a few for doing it) do not use that lk tatsu cancel sa3 ever.

you probably already knew that but its not a very efficient combo.

just go straight into the super and you’ll be gravy. you could also do mp upper to super if you want its more damage. although i would say stick to just the super.


That’s not even style points, I usually assume it’s a Mexican playing when someone does that. Sorry, FFA fucked me up.




cr mk to short tatsu is gdlk vs urien. Try it out, even if he parries he cant do anything and if it hits you can cancel to super. Roku and Boss abused the shit out of me with that.



i use fierce to lk tatsu on urien in a similar way that i stole from a chinta vid. i never thought of doing it with mk cuz i normally just confirm it straight away but i think i likey the lk tatsu better for this! Good shit!


when mov was playing me with ken he got kara shoryu 10/10 times, if he missed it its because it was too far and he didn’t notice or care.
he showed me that he used his thumb to press the forward for kara, i tried it and it seems to be way easier, 8-9/10 on a good day



Players in North America really need to learn that kara srk’s are easy and should be used when applicable, however there are MANY situations where they wont connect, however it would appear that they should.

Some examples include hp xx srk, kara srk working on Chun but not shoto’s, however close mp and cr mk work fine on shoto’s.

cr mk (hit confirm) srk, kara srk will not work on shotos and urien if the cr mk is canceled on the last possible frame.

mp or cr mk srk kara srk works on twins in corner, however cr lk, close st lp xx srk kara srk does not.

essentially what im getting at is that there are many situations, lots more than whats above, where a properly timed kara srk wont work, yet the spacing intuitively says that it would.

however this also allows for the opposite to happen in some rare situations.

One example is that for the characters where close mp, hp, xx srk, kara srk works in the corner (eg: remy, ibuki, oro etc) the combos close mp/ cr mk xx srk, kara srk (in corner) allow for the kara srk to hit even if the kara srk is a bit late, meaning the cr mk/hk did not come out on the first frame after the initial srk.


i feel inclined to disagree since i practice all my kara srks on random guard hit confirming with low forward and (yes its confirmable to upper on ps2 also) and i feel like ive canceled’s pretty late and the kara still worked. but if its LAST possible frame only then i’ll just believe that cuz i dont know if i’ve ever canceled it on THE very last frame

in any event tho nice post on the ‘no connect’ situations!



don’t have anything to contribute just yet, but i’m getting back in to ggpo and i hate to see the ken forum go without any posts for so long.


There is also isn’t much a risk factor to trying a kara srk seeing as jab shoryu lands relatively quickly. if you get ex try using forward instead of roundhouse or vice versa. I mention the ex because I hear a lot of players complain about getting that instead a lot of the time.


This is my first time ever practicing hit confirms so please, bare with me. How the hell do you buffer supers when hit confirming? Also, I’m practicing this stuff in training mode with random block. Is there any other tips for a noob learning to Hit confirm?

EDIT: Im using the sound of the hit/block to tell me to keep going or to stop.


alot of people use the sound, but i have to do it visually. the only trick i use is when i’m trying to hit confirm off of a cr.short x2 and i notice their character is standing after the 1st cr.short connects then i’ll just automatically super after the 2nd cr.short connects. it’s a little more difficult for me to notice the hit animation on crouching characters.

besides using random block you just have to practice alot. make sure you’re buffering ur 2 qcf’s as soon as your normal move is coming out. that way you don’t try to input 2 qcf’s immediately after the normal has already connected.


Well for the 2x, where should I buffer?


buffer immediately after pressing the 2nd cr. short.


isn’t that not really buffering? i thought buffering is when you do the motion while pressing the first or 2nd inputs? so like, motion, 1st input, motion, 2nd.


Its still buffering because you are doing the motion while the low short is finishing its animation. (amirite?) You have the right idea as well. Buffering imo means doing the motion while your character is doing something (anything) else.


prob going to rewrite/explain things better on this, needs a new update as I’ve learned a lot more since then.


I’ve gotten into the habit of always buffering no matter what the normal. I dunno why I just posted that, btw.