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So I noticed that you can do a jab reset on your opponent after an air ex tatsu.Is there any potential in this?Is there any dash under shenanigans similar to Akuma?

I guess the answer is no because no modern 3s Ken players seem to be messing about with it and if there was something to be done with it,it probably wouldn’t have been found out by now.Just thought I’d try and add to these dieing character forums.


Dander: thanks. However, yesterday I managed to link cr. mp with normal execution. Drumming properly on all kicks helps a lot in any kind of cancel or link though. Now I have to train to confirm it. I’ll try to apply the down back start technique also, and try to do it with other cancel/links to see what happens.

I’ve read on Mopreme’s journal that you can link far fierce also. Then I’ve checked on ensabahnur and saw far fierce gives you only 2 frames on hit on standing character, so the link shoul’d be very strict; on crouchers, it is 4 frames but it miss on small characters, so it is better used as meaty because if you throw a meaty at the right time it is like the target has a standing hitbox. Recovery is 15 frames, so at least the confirm is really easy. Also, I read on the journal that is a setup to do it meaty on Yun after a neutral grab, but I think I’ll learn this stuff only in the future :slight_smile:
Anyways, it shoul’d be a very cool thing to do in a match, and Third Strike is also a game of style, right??? :wink:

I wanted to post this thing too. What I really think is that if you reset an opponent, you want to confuse him in order to land a super or a combo. So, if you land two shoryukens directly after the tatsu, you are actually landing a damaging combo, don’t waste meter, and gain other meter. You can reset also with ryu after the EX Joudan, but it coul’d be of an advantage only if you are using SAI and you have a full stock and a half, so you can do EX Joudan, reset, hit confirm, Super. It happens if you are midscreen, beacause in the corner there is the EX Tatsu -> fierce Shoryuken combo that inflict damage, consumes less meter and gives a bit of meter in the end. With Gouki, you don’t have to consume meter to juggle and reset, and also after the reset you can setup anpother little juggle and gain meter, so it coul’d be more useful with him.

That’s what I think, if pros want to correct they are welcome and I really appreciate :slight_smile:


anti air parry into jab lets you land first and near where they land for fun ground cross up games.


Tnx again Dander, this sounds like some free supers after air parries.


Oh yeah and if they jump in and you jab and they parry it in the air, you can dash under them usually.

If they roll in the corner you can dash cross up INTO the corner as they are rolling.

Jab Resets usually leave you in a good situation to space out a normal jump into cross up ex spinning kick. Which can lead to nice damage if you know how to do the ex kicks to dash uppercut kara uppercut combo. Make it look like you are jumping at them as they are landing but when you reach the peak of your jump, use the ex, buffering dashes as the gold flashes so that you are ready to follow up with an uppercut. It just takes practice. I’m mentioning this combo because it’s my favorite fucking combo in this whole game. It’s just beautiful.

Sorry if it’s all unorganized, that’s how my brain works.


All of Ken’s ground game on their wakeup is built around his cr shorts. The timing should be fairly easy for you to do meaty.

cr. short x2 xx SAIII
cr shortxcr.jabxcr.shortxx SAIII
cr.short tick into throw
cr.short walk back then look for hit xx SAIII
cr.short walk back out of throw range, look for whiff grab , punish with x srk x2

make sure you’re mixing up appropriately with high attacks and throw or else you’ll get down parried all day long.


Any advice on Gouki match-ups. I cant seem to get those down for the life of me


What seems to be getting you killed the most?

In my limited experience, I find that sticking to the ground works best. I use SA2 to scare him out of leaping about too much and giving me headaches. If Akuma gets caught with a fully-mashed SA2, that is damage he did NOT want to be on the receiving end of. Without SA2 filled, I try to dash under his jump-ins and jump back from his Demon Flips. I can’t give you much other general advice.

Try to avoid getting cornered in the last round if he’s got both meters filled. :confused:


im always getting caught in St.Fierce into demon flip & i always somehow end up in the corner. what are good escape tactics? & decent “get off me moves”?


Well you just confirmed part of what I was talking about: Demon Flip headaches. I’ve already given you some solutions.

Apart from blocking, the two most useful options are:

1 - Get out of the way (dash under, jump back, etc.).

2 - Bust his chops when he can’t avoid it (Shoryu, SA2, etc.).

Half of the problem is knowing when to anticipate them. You already said that your opponent keeps cancelling in to them from FP, so you just need to find which of the above strategies works best for you and work on your reactions.


ill hit the streets & practice. experience is the best teacher


Good luck amigo. And don’t forget to think outside the box and look for alternative solutions to problems like that. That’s what 3S is all about! :wink:


Is it just me or does it seem much easier to hit confirm a link over a cancel? Being able to get stuff like back or st. mp seems like routine, where as trying to eye a super cancel off cr. mk or cr. mp. seems much harder at points.


It just varies between people. Many people feel that links are easier to hitconfirm off of(as they should, given the time to see if it hit), while some people can hit-confirm off of super cancels…while an even smaller group can hitconfirm off cancels better than links. I’m kind of in the latter, because I can hitconfirm off stuff like Chun’s b.HP 100% but can never really get cr.MK down for the life of me.


I kind of want to open up a discussion on the use of Ken’s fireball. I want to get some perspective from other Ken players on the proper uses of it. Personally I feel that his regular fireball isn’t of too much use, though I could be wrong here. I feel that it travels too slow and outside of a combo, leaves you way too vulnerable for counterattack. The EX fireball on the other hand I feel is a different story. I like to use it after a cr. MK and feel that at mid range its a pretty decent poke and can really help keep an aggressive player off of you. Thats what I think atleast.


You cant count normal fire ball out. Once you start playing higher level players things start to slow down drastically, meaning you will spend a good amount of time just dancing around ranges trying to zone each other out. Normal fireball is great for getting some extra free damage because they are looking to counter your pokes, a lot of players don’t respect kens normal fireball and ignore that it’s even there, this makes them respect it, and also gives them another thing to look for; opening you up for a better high low zone.

EX Fireball can be used as the above but it’s obviously better as you get a knock down, it’s also great because you can use this to get in, dash lowforward fireball is good to apply close pressure, note that if they have meter I don’t recommend dashing unless you reactive dash a whiff poke or something.


imo the reason projectiles are somewhat viable in 3S as midrange pokes is because they can guarantee at least a trade. that’s a pretty valuable concept in a game where people are looking to land pokes for hitconfirms and so on. ken’s ex gives a knockdown on trade (and can punish whiffs if it doesn’t) and prevents a hitconfirm on trade. it’s an unorthodox way to use a projectile but this is 3S we’re talking about. also, the shoto fb stance hitbox is unhittable by certain moves (eg. urien’s headbutt).

reg fireball is too risky to apply the above concept though. if you get stuffed before the actual fireball leaves your hands or if the opponent happens to jump or do anything at the right time, you can’t move. the odds are just consistently bad when you use this thing. i hate sounding like a theory scrub but the frame data is probably the worst for a generic projectile in any sf game.


What are some good options for Ken when you’ve got a life lead and want to switch to defense so as to minimize the risks you take. Is this even a good idea? Also whats some good stuff to do when you’re just flat out of ideas and need to buy some time to get your stuff together and take another shot at it?


There’s not much to know. Ken has excellent everything and can play a good game of keep away. A lot of them use EX Tatsu to escape from the corner and hope they get a crossup. Honestly there’s not very much to know about Ken aside from experimenting in-game and learning matchups.

A better question would be if Ken is a natural blond or not.


Of course it can be a good idea. I’m not sure what you mean by options for playing defensively, but I would recommend practicing a lot of Ken’s stronger reversals with sa3. Check out [media=youtube]WuHVIP5dytQ"[/media]. A lot of that stuff is going to take some practice, but Ken’s defense becomes a lot scarier when the player can reversal blocked UOH or shoto low forward.

That’s kind of context dependent, but I’d look for any way to reset the spacing and give yourself some breathing room, whether its jump ex tatsu, kara back throw etc.