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Thanks Pherai, that was the kind of info I was after. What is the input for Ken’s Kara Back Throw? I didn’t know he had a useful Kara Throw.


It’s with back+mk. It doesn’t really have the range of more commonly use kara throws, but some of the guys at denjin use it to pretty good effect. From what I understand it’s pretty useful on the defensive during geneijin too. I wish I could elaborate more, but I’ve mainly seen it used well and been told about it.


Or you can check out my “in progress” thread to get the actual transcript of moves you can reversal.


Do you have the Chun version of this video by the same guy? I have seen it before but I can’t find it again.


I wish I did. I saw it years ago but I haven’t been able to find it since then




Does this work on arcade also? the guy doing the reverals with ken was doing it on a ps2 or xbox. you can tell by some of the colors he used

there’s a few on there ive never seen before. cool stuff

ninja edit: there are times when “reversal” will flash but the super can still be blocked. after a block s.RH from Ryu if you super reversal will flash on the screen but Ryu can still block it. Super reversal on a “standing” blocked UOH is godlike. Matsuken did that to that oro player at the Co-op cup


All those should work the same in arcade.

I guess I should mention using the reversal indicator isn’t the best method of knowing its a sure fire punish. This video really is just doing the work of studying frame data for you. One example I can think of is blocking alex’s ex elbow. The best punish is shippu, but I don’t think you necessarily need reversal timing to punish it.


I know for sure that I’ve punished that without reversal. Whats the deal with ps2 versions’ reversal indicator? I’ve heard that it varies from the arcade version with regards to that. My board currently has a dead security cart so I can’t check it against that first hand.


you can also reversal ken’s st. roundhouse on block


Every once in a while I like to try SA2. My reactions are pretty ok with it.

What are some ways of catching an opponent off guard with a Shinryuken? Is it really just punish air attacks, slow moving specials, and I guess people who are aggressive on wake up??


cacthing them off guard? if you can catch an opponert of guard with any super than you can do the same with sa2. once a good opponent sees you have sa2 though they will try to bait it

ken users who pick sa2 are in a way telling their opponet that you think they are free lol. Pick sa2 on me and im gonna try to embarass the guy


Pick sa2 on me and you’re eating 6 warm tackles


If anything, they’re going to try the best they can to catch YOU off guard.

Its best trait is that it’s Ken’s best anti-air and anti-throw, but Ken will have to play more on the defensive. This isn’t really a bad thing considering Ken is a very versatile character, but you’re still sacrificing a lot of valuable options, especially Ken’s mid-range game. In short, it’s just too gimmicky.


how exactly do i execute the sa3 after, do i have to do it extremely fast is there a technique behind it?


The last cr.LK cancels into SA3, and it’s one of Ken’s easiest hitconfirms. Just practice doing it over and over, there’s no particular trick needed to do it.


might help to just practice canceling short into sa3 first, then put it together shrug


thats the thing though like i can do single normal hit confirms into supers for most of the cast that can do it but when I try to add in a few normals my timing gets screwed but I see that can half ass consistently pull of into the super so i guess im getting somewhere. It kinda sucks though cuz i have no real way to practice it other than in ggpo like a real training mode would help.


Didn’t know whether to make a new topic or post here.

What exactly makes Ken better than Akuma? I can definitely see differences, but I don’t play much so I’m curious what people that actually play the game say.


Akuma has a ton of options to choose from, most of them being very good.

Ken just has better options than Akuma, takes a bit less effort to win with, and doesn’t take hits/stun nearly as bad.