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Short answer: Necro and Elena in addition to Q.

More detail:


If i don’t do meaty attacks on wakeup, then how do i keep pressure on knockdowns?


Not doing anything can be a valid form of pressure too, y’know. :stuck_out_tongue:


crouch block next to them.


meh, that was the only answer i was hoping not to hear.


You could also…

-Cross up
-A non meaty attack

If you’re really committed to sticking it to these wakeup parry obsessed players, you can try doing something like meaty FP, and cancel it to srk on reaction to it getting parried. This is a risky tactic but if it works and your opponent has any semblance of smarts he’ll cut out the wakeup parrys.


^ this, plus doing things that are distracting such as:
-whiffing normals just to distract them generally
-whiffing one normal or UOH or even a special move so close to their wake-up that they’ll think you were going for a meaty and fucked it up
-random neutral jump landing as they wake up
-dash in just as they wake up and throw or parry or just block or neutral jump or SRK or…

Basically, you can do anything you want as long as you don’t do a high, mid, or low attack at the exact moment they parry or low parry. Might sound dumb or obvious, but it’s all about being unpredictable (or, in this case, simply not predictable) and confusing your opponent. As I think someone said, you can even do exactly what you wanted to do in the first place but just delay it a little bit.


For people that like to throw shit out on wakeup, either stay at a suitable range and parry punish or simply wait for the whiff and punish. Works very well when incorporated into a good throw mixup game (parrying the crouch tech, or punishing the throw whiff).


The general message that I seem to get is that shoto foosties = great.
But Im seeing a lot of characters that out footsies or dont have to respect kens cr mk, st hk, st hp. Mostly from characters I’m not really expecting it. Like Dudley, Alex, and Oro. I get counter poked a lot, I try to nudge my way into cr mk space but thats a bit difficult. Usually my opponent starts to dictate the tempo once I keep getting counterpoked and stop pressing buttons. I’m trying to think of some solutions, usually in reg sf I would fireball. EX fireball here?? Jump in? (I feel terribly predicable when Im jumping… and this suspicion is usually confirmed with being parried)


none of those characters out footsie ken, also are you just throwing out those moves?


Im not exactly super conservative with my normals. But I’m not spamming for no reason.

I can name some of the stuff thats beating it out.

Dudley:Short swing blow?(pull back punch) St Hp
Alex: St Hp? St HK, Cr mp
Oro: St Hk


Use crouching fierce. Can be confirmed to super aswell.


I was a Dudley main so I really reccomend what Womble said : crouching fierce as Ken vs Dudleys standing fierce/forward fierce


Well to be honest Im having the most trouble with alex. That and the goddamn stomp gimmicks.


personally I just think you need more footsie practice. Oro’s and his are both good pokes against shoto The same is true for Dudley’s st hp. They are also moves with long animation that are begging to be whiff punished, ideally with xx sa3, but c.rh seems to be easier for me because it outranges all these moves. A couple whiff punishes against your opponent should get them using these moves more conservatively earning you back your

The fact that the Alex normals you listed are causing you trouble implies to me that you’re playing too far in against your opponents and not trying to bait whiffs.

And again, personally I’m not a fan of fishing for counter pokes with c.hp. That move has long animation too but crappy range making it whiff punish bait.


As you keep playing you’ll react to them quicker. You just have to be prepared for them and if you’re online sometimes you’ll eat a few. Like I said though eventually youll react to them and can do a pseudo parry os where you press back or forward as soon as stomp hits and if you guess right you get parry punish if you guess wrong you get block (and then SA3 because you picked godlike Ken.)

Yeah for reals. whiff punishing dudley, alex, and oro are all pretty easy to do and blow them all up


Well since I never put up videos of myself, this might be the only chance of critique I can get.

2:00 mark

I have 2 matches against Dudley. How is my footsies? and critique.


wtf was that backdash EX MGB?? haha

Your defense is pretty good and your footsies are decent. Nice little delayed cr.MP on the 2nd round of your first match. There were so many missed Super opportunities, but I don’t know if this is because of online. Gotta learn to capitalize off your pokes. Be careful of Dudley’s jumps, and try to keep him grounded while maintaining your own desired range. Also, get out of the corner when you can(SJ EX Tatsu works well here).


Yea, I usually don’t do cr lkx2 to super because I can’t hit confirm it, other things like cr mp super or like f st mp to super I can’t hit confirm either. I don’t react fast enough, way too scared to try it. And I tried to punish those blocked supers with jinrai but it didn’t come out.
The second part is pretty much the problem I keep complaining about with 3rd strike. Pretty much every anti air attempt I tried was parried. So I’m not sure how to keep him grounded without that.


What kind of anti-airs are you doing? Have you tried doing stuff like ohhh cl.LP->Shoryu or something? Or cl.LP->EX Fireball for that little delay in timing? You could also do like SJ Air EX Tatsu and opt for air-to-air instead of anti-air. Or just stay out of his jumping range and catch him as he lands. Explore more ways to be able to keep the opponent grounded outside of just Shoryu this or MK that. Ken has plenty of good tools for anti-air, just gotta find them.