The Kenyan Queen Combos



The Kenyan Queen Combo Thread

Dammit, I think its about time someone starts up an Elena tread, so here r some combos i was missin around with:

1)vs. chunli
corner, jp fp, low strg–>ex spinscythe,sht spinscythe, sht spinscythe, jp strg–>fp(air chain)

u can replace the air chain w/ sht/ex linxtail vs. alex. pretty cool 2 watch in an actual fight.

2)vs chunli
corner, jp (whatever), low strg–>ex spinsythe, sht spinscythe, ex rhinohorn, fwd scratchwheel, SPINNING BEAT YEAAAAAA!

do the fwd scratch as soon as u recover from the ex horn

3)vs any
corner(duh), low strg–>rh scatch XX saII, fwrd scratchwheel( b fast w/ da cancel)

u can embarrass ur opponent by juggling w/ another saII after the 1st one ends, but u only land about 1~3 hits:lol:

4)now 4 a classic:
any (but yun, yang, ibuki)
anywhere, low strg–>ex spinsth, ex rhino, rh scratch

5)variation to the above combo
corner, jp (blah,blah), low strg–>ex spinthingy, shrt rhino, fwrd scatch, immediate saI upon landing

if anyone out there has some more SEXY combos or resets to contribute to this SEXY thread 4 a SEXY char like the queen, holla back!

i’ll post some more strats., techniques and more wierd shit i wuz workin later

PS- ABUSE st rh/b+rh, it “beats” or trades w/ EVERTHING!! (in her favor)



Seeing as how I’m pretty much the only person I know who’ll even touch her…

st. MP (1 hit)->Taunt works amazingly well. Not a combo, just a chain. But oh so many style points.

However, my personal baby is:

st. MP (1 hit)->EX Spinning Scythe (no finisher)->EX Rhino Horn->Scratch Wheel and/or SA1…whatever.

Obviously, lead off with a j. FP/RH/MK whenever possible, and you can get often get away with a non-EX Rhino Horn on larger characters.

If you’re going for maximum dazzle, you’ll end up using something like 2.5 meters for some pathetic damage and maybe 15 hits tops, but it’s still a damn fun combo.


That’s my favorite retaliation combo. Unfortunately, the super afterwards does a depressingly small amount of damage, though more than an ex scratch wheel. Maybe if you need to conserve that extra meter, just do a normal uppercut to add very small but cheap damage, and if they’re pretty close to death tag on that other super (or if you have all three filled up at the start). I’m working on connecting a second spinning beat, but I missed when they seemed reasonably high off the ground. Maybe an EX uppercut after the spinning beat instead?


Oh your not the only one who will touch her!:evil:


i use the low mp, ex spinning scythe, ex rhino horn, reg or ex scratch wheel…but i can never do the variation, where instead of ex rhino horn, you just do a short (i assume it’s short) spinning scythe for 4 hits, then scratch wheel…is my timing just bad? can it be done on dc?


I believe you have the combo slightly wrong, it’s not 4 hits for the short spinning scythe, it’s just the first 2. It has to be done in the corner, but it can be done on the DC, and yes, the timing is very difficult.


I suggest not doing low strong into EX spin scythe on Cunt Lips.

The reason is that if she is crouching, spin scythe misses entirely.

Just a note.


Well that is what I like to see! More people that are Elena fanboys and players:D

Hear is my 2 cents some of them are repeats but just bear with me!

The Combo I like the most has to be: ( 50% damage )
J.FP, C.MP, EX spin size, EX rhino horn, and either a EX or Firece scratch wheel.

If you are SA meter consrver I like to do: ( 7 HIT )
J.FP, C.MP, EX spin size, Firece scratch wheel

If you have your opponents energy a little below the face icon do: ( 5 HIT )
In corner medium rhino horn (sweep dist.) or Firece (full screen), as soon as it hits do SA 2 Brave Dance. (only use if it is the last round or you just really want to win because it waste a meter and is a little difficult to pull off in an actual match)

Most of Elenas combos consume 1 and an inch of SA meter but she builds meter rather quickly. This has been said I know but Standing Roundhouse will build it fast and she recovers fast.

Another tip I would have to recommend is to play mind games with your opponent by doing the following:

Crossover Supers, lp. rhino horns to bait them and then hit them with SA 2, and most important Have fun! because Elena is a fun character to play when used smart and effective. She is no Ken but shes all I play and she gets the job done! GO ELENA!!!